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  1. To use Workshop, one needs Steamworks. Steamworks can't be implemented due to conflict with GPL license.
  2. Both. It should run on my PC with 670 GTX at 30 fps
  3. Although I lost programmer to UE4, I think I am gonna stick with id Tech 4 for now.
  4. Aye, thanks for digging it out. UE4 doesn't feel too awesome any longer If anyone interested / has time, try Unigine's Valley demo: http://unigine.com/products/valley/ My GPU is 670 GTX (the rest of the hardware is like 9 years old) and yet that demo runs fine on it. That makes me wonder about UE4 optimization.
  5. That's how HL3 got "confirmed" Here is _the_ source: https://www.unrealengine.com/blog/epic-kicks-off-gdc-with-more-news
  6. Lol, I "love" this kind of comments :/ Thief in the Shadows was rendered on Titan X. Kite description only says 30 fps. No word about hardware.
  7. Unfortunately you can't find my repository as I haven't released the engine yet. I am currently debating whether to go with UE4 and drop my BFG-based engine (then I'd release source pretty soon) or keep working with it (then source won't be released any time soon).
  8. LOD switch is made to be seamless in UE4.
  9. We fixed recording and playback of demos in Doom 3 BFG, but I can tell you it was broken to hell. There are still a few number of issues to be fixed
  10. You should probably play Crysis 3 to see how detailed interiors are. As for AI, I am sure any game with a lot of thinking smart AI will bog down performance. So I don't believe it's relevant to the engine.
  11. I am thinking you just made a bad joke, dmagogue
  12. BSP/CSG at this moment is crappy in UE4. DR rules in that field.
  13. Lol, what's wrong with registering? I am sure you had to create account for games or some other software. Epic needs to track usage and whatnot. Kinda a no-brainer to me - I will require some sort of registration for my games just so I could track people back for feedback and whatnot.
  14. What do you mean by "half the job done on GPU vertex skinning" ? What BFG has for GPU skinning is one of the good performance oriented techniques available (coming from another engine author). I'd like to know what would be the other "half" of the skinning I believe it's not possible to do all these things BFG currently does on CPU, on GPU. If that was possible, it would have been done on GPU. Afaik, shadow volumes (in any engine) are CPU bound by design. None managed to move all that to GPU.
  15. Heh, why would I want for TDM to go for UE4? Like HMart said, it's _a lot_ of work. Nothing is impossible with UE4, but _a lot_ of work. It's not feasible, nor necessary to port TDM to UE4.
  16. It happened as unexpectedly as Unreal grants - Unreal Engine 4 is FREE now!
  17. Aye, will try "comment" for meanwhile, but I guess eventually I will need to make it reusable entity (.def file) to make a proper use for that "show help" checkbox in DR.
  18. Right, but can I add that to the map entity ? I know I can do that for entities in .def file, but this is something that should only pertain to a particular entity that was created as func_static / func_mover, and then then adjusted to work with certain gui_parms. If I use that on the root func_mover/func_static, all of the entities I make will have the same description / comments for gui_parms, when in reality those gui_parms can serve entirely different purpose.
  19. Is there a way to add a description for entity's spawnargs? (so it's visible in when using entity in DR) I have an entity (func_mover / func_mover with gui screen) which has 12 gui_parms. I'd like to add some sort of comment / description for each of those so that when someone else will use the prefab with that entity, that person would know what those gui_parms are for. Thanks.
  20. But, no, there is not a way to store missions as pk4 files (or any files for that matter) on Steam servers and have TDM download it directly from Steam servers. Anything that goes on Steam servers needs to be authored into depots and Steam app will be the one downloading it in the form of DLC or updates. As I already said, the best way to go about it is to release with all missions, and have new missions downloaded using usual way of TDM from your servers, not from Steam servers. Once critical mass of new missions is accumulated, you can push it as free updated to reduce load on your servers. I don't see another way of doing it, unless you have the capacity to serve swarm of users who will download missions from your servers upon release.
  21. I am referring to general attitude some people exposing about unwilling to adjust to what Steam requires. Yes, there are some games that do things non-Steam way, but generally there is a reason behind it and not everyone can do such things on Steam. I already said there is no way to store missions on Steam servers without resorting to Workshop / DLC format (which means you can't use in-game downloader as is).
  22. There are a few games with their own login systems and by-pass of Steam's in-app purchase, but those games from top publishers that have special agreements. You can't expect to pop up on Steam and do the same as a few mighty can do. Again, do you know how to store content as-is on Steam's servers? I don't. And I suspect it's not possible. The only way I know of is to make use of Steam Workshop feature and package each mission as DLC / mod. Which again, eliminates the downloader. Or you can package all missions and release TDM as normal game that doesn't require any extra external downloads. This way any new missions released will be downloaded using downloader, and since it's not going to be whole a lot of missions, no one will overload your servers. Eventually you can push new missions as an update. Also, I would be surprised if you can't have player browse and read up on already downloaded (the ones that should be bundles with TDM release) missions before playing them.
  23. If Steamworkshop was that bad, Valve would have changed it already. But apparently it brought $50M to mod makers already, so... You can't be naive and say "we'll use Steam as free platform to gain more users and do whatever we want". There is gotta be a trade off. There are certain things Valve won't let you do, and that's why I suggest reading more about Steamworks (it's a general documentation for Steam, not just Steamworks). There are certain things on Steam people already used to. No need to make negative image just because you unwilling make certain adjustments. Anyhow, if TDM devs can make a list of questions / concerns, I'll ask Valve if it's all ok
  24. Well, that's something you want to read on Steamworks. The documentation of how Steam works is free and extensive.
  25. People expect downloading and playing right away, not downloading, then downloading again and only then playing. It doesn't make sense to provide game without default content.
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