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  1. I think I got it working (in Phaeton): Had to do it in 3 layers (overdraw is intense I bet) - bottom layer is reflection with Fresnel, middle layer is color/normal/spec/gloss and the upper layer is refraction. Thanks for the input Arcturus.
  2. Does water ever get "bumpy" in your example? I tried using normal map to simulate waviness/bumpiness, but it seems like it's a no-go (maybe because transparent surfaces don't get interactions).
  3. I did now, thanks I need to look into the map file. Sounds like you have several surfaces sandwiched to achieve final look, and I only have one. Hmm.. How come you use _black as diffuse, and yet water is transparent?
  4. Hmm http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/desktop?os=Windows+8.1+-+64 Judging by the number, it's gotta be 14.13 beta, since the current whql version is 14.12
  5. So I spent two evenings trying to make good water surface using whatever capacity Doom 3 has and I found it impossible How did you make it in TDM ? Did you have custom ARB shaders ? Here is what I came up with (realtime reflection is a custom shader and has artifacts on object partially submerged into water, so unless we fix that, I won't use it): Basically it's just a brush with 5 sides of nodraw and surface having my water material: textures/water/water_surface1 { translucent twoSided noShadows noSelfShadow nonsolid qer_editorimage textures/water/water_surface1_strip16_editor.tga { vertexProgram heatHaze.glsl vertexParm 0 time * .1, time * 0.08 vertexParm 1 2 fragmentProgram heatHaze.glsl fragmentMap 0 _currentRender fragmentMap 1 normalMap textures/water/water_surface1_local.tga } { blend blend map textures/water/water_surface1_d.tga alpha 0.15 scroll sinTable[time * .02] * .01, time * 0.02 shear sinTable[time * .02] * .02, cosTable[time * .02] * .02 rotate sinTable[time * .01] * .01 } { blend bumpmap map textures/water/water_surface1_local.tga scroll sinTable[time * .02] * .01, time * 0.02 shear sinTable[time * .02] * .02, cosTable[time * .02] * .02 rotate sinTable[time * .01] * .01 } { blend specularmap map textures/water/water_surface1_s.tga scroll sinTable[time * .02] * .01, time * 0.02 shear sinTable[time * .02] * .02, cosTable[time * .02] * .02 rotate sinTable[time * .01] * .01 } } If I add cubemap reflection, it looks like crap, since it just sits there, doesn't deform or anything like that, so my water looks like ice (I tested it in stock Doom 3 and it's the same story): I recall TDM having decent water, and I wonder how that was achieved. Thanks!
  6. Is it going to be 14.7 release or 14.8 beta ?
  7. Ah, good stuff then. I was already getting nervous about AMD dropping the ball on Windows 7. Why R9? Is the fix only for R9?
  8. http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/latest-catalyst-windows-beta.aspx This is hilarious - Windows 8.0 is no longer supported. So I take it that 14.7 will be only for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 o.O So Windows 7 / 8 users are out of luck, again?! Pffff... Well done AMD - "we fixed the bugs, but you can't benefit from it unless you upgrade your Windows".
  9. Yeah, I wouldn't need to do anything with brushes, except moving them. Who would be able to know more about Python API in DR to tell if prefabs can or can not be loaded (or .map files imported). The idea is to have modules saves as either prefabs or .map files, and then Python scrip would load each into each layer, properly name layer, use sorting by name to select certain pieces and then duplicate one of the modular pieces, move them to a "construction" layer, move them on the grid to match other pieces, etc.
  10. So there is no way to load prefabs, select stuff per layer and move selection around via Python in DR?
  11. Yep, but his app is a standalone app which generates .map file. I am wondering about generating level without leaving DR.
  12. I am wondering if it's possible to make a plugin using Python for DarkRadiant, that will load prefabs based on a set of rules and align them accordingly ? Thanks.
  13. Remove you fraudulent post # 355 since apparently mods haven't told you to do so.
  14. Oh, I see what kind of people I am dealing with here on TDM forums....
  15. You sure do, Mr. conspiracist. Some people don't know what Steamwork SDK requires (or publishing on Steam) and propose/ask for certain things that can't be done. I've explained why.
  16. No, someone just didn't read my posts at all. Please read #321 carefully. I have been bringing Steamworks to light because various people suggested various things that can not be implemented either due to GPL, or because it's not possible at all. And I have been simply clarifying things.
  17. I am just giving Airship Ballet his own medicine.. I wasn't rude to anyone, and yet he took it upon himself. I explained my point across several pages already.
  18. No shit Sherlock, that's what I said. Where do you see me proposing Steamworks / Workshop ?
  19. There ya go - to download FMs via Workshop you don't need anything. Just subscribe and get it via web browser or Steam client (if you do it via web, when you launcher Steam client mod/FM will download). However, to upload FM to Steam Workshop you need SDK implementation. You can not implement this part in the engine. That's where GPL conflict is. And I brought it up, yet again, when I saw post #325.
  20. Seriously, Workshop has C++ code, just like the rest of the Steamworks SDK. I don't know if you guy messing with me or can't wrap your heads around the concept :/
  21. GNU GPL license is my source. It clearly states that any code merged with GPL code has to be/become GPL. I don't have time to waste on this nonsense. You've been on board with TDM too long and you should know the limitations due to engine's GPL license. If Steamworks could be implemented with GPL code, then Steel Storm had Steamworks implemented. However, it's impossible due to the GPL license on the engine.
  22. Joking? http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html
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