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  1. Hell, i went steam-berserk and bought Portal 2 too))
  2. Maybe they incorporate Thief Series Workshop someday! Just like they did for Left for Dead2
  3. Just installed Thief Gold. it looks like it optimized allready for modern pc, no need to check core affinity issue.
  4. haven't check this out yet. just brought, still downloading. Well if it does not theres a plenty of mod-working thief in the nets.
  5. Only 5,24 fo 3 games - Thief 1, Thief 2 and Thief 3! 5,24$ a pack! Five-twentie-two Omy GoD!!! Can't really believe this! Sweet-jack-pack-taffing Jesus and Mary, i'm buying myself TWO!! P.S. It expires in 20 hours, so If you haven't bought it yet better hurry and the regular price is 20 and something $
  6. Uneven ground will improve scene's look. Like one part slightly lower that the other, maybe some depression at center. And maybe a tree?
  7. If there is a nice looking map - great! If not - well maybe story itself dictates that no map is given. So it's up to fm maker IMHO. And a shop, not every fm has a shop. And if it is - why map should be there? What if an old accociate of mine gave me this map? Too many possible options wich adds to overall story, why hardcode map in shop? Btw, is someone accually draw their own map's?))
  8. that defenetly will blow someone's cover, wich is the point of No-KO helmet use - u can't knock guy in it, and if attempted - prepare to meet it's owner) Wich reminds why the need to diffirentiate helmets better, it has to have some outstanding feature - different shape is the easiest to percept Here's some good knocking on 0:50, 1:00, and 2:56) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjEcj8KpuJw
  9. I prefer not to knock, it adds suspense when everybody walking around, not resting somewere in the dust)
  10. It's round, most of the helmets in TMD is round, thats why we need large square helmet - its easy to see it is a different type of helmet
  11. would be nice to have square helmets, so it would stand out easily: this guy in square hlemet - no KO (and no charging arrow in the face?)
  12. Can we just make face protection for the guards so when they charge, they put mask on?
  13. I love Theif 2 soundtrack for inspiration, and in part, Thief DS. Man, what an outstanding piece of work it is! I wonder what game that guy Brosius doing right now. Especially "Shipping and Receiving" piece
  14. Italy? no i have not( site has more neat arcitecture photos, would recommend to bookmark or something)
  15. try this as well http://fototelegraf.ru/?p=111114
  16. http://fototelegraf.ru/?p=114957 awesome medieval interior stuff
  17. Any luck with some thief-like ambient? It would be great to have more of them in TDM
  18. this one looks funny, espesially hammer one, like "Whoaa??.."))))
  19. they definitely look more relaxed and natural and then they burst into kungfu grip like this )) Awesome
  20. Valid poind there! I remember first Thief game EAX-trailer did come with Creative! Sound Blaster long ago (some neat Bonehoard gameplay). Sound was just fantactic. Wich reminds me, i have Xonar DXG but no EAX support. How TDM sounds on EAX-soundcards, is cellar sounds like cellar and open street like such?
  21. Also, these AAS areas are color coded, mainly purple. What white and blue areas mean?
  22. Thanks grayman, will try Binding console commands to keys is great, how to bind something else, r_showPortals f.i.? What this negative numbers in doorways mean, is it bad?
  23. UPD: repalced brush on the photo with simple brush and it's working, ai runs up and down
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