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  1. Hey guys I haven't posted in a while, but with the release of TDM 2.0 I'd finally like to start recording walkthroughs and writing reviews for the now standalone game. Having recently played through the entire training, I can honestly say that this is what I'll be spending most of time with for the foreseeable future, I think it's fantastic! This will also give me a chance to contribute and thank the developers for all their hard work. Before I begin however, I do have some quick questions regarding the fan mission list on the following page, as I normally play through these in chronological order: http://www.thedarkmod.com/missions/ Essentially, is this the list to follow in order for me not to miss any missions? And, are all the missions on that list already playable with The Dark Mod 2.0, even the oldest? With that said, I'll be posting links to whatever I record/write in Springheel's general review thread, unless you suggest starting my own dedicated thread instead. I'm currently having a blast reviewing user generated game content for other favorite PC titles, and I'm really excited to finally add TDM to that list. If you want to see an example of what I do, check out my recently compiled channel trailer below for my walkthroughs, or visit my site (themasterfoundry.com) for everything written. Thanks guys! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApffkkYb1lg
  2. Focus Mode has it's introduction via a storyline placement, early in the game, relating to 'Garrett's Eye', and yet can be disabled in the menus? isn't that a little weird?
  3. Definitely, but I'd really rather not do that. It just feels more natural to explain while i'm acting. Awesome! I'll check it out. Again, I don't know how necessary this is, but if I can povide that option, then why not. Holy crap! Actually, now that I think of it, Bandicam, the software I use might be able to do that as well!! Thank you , if meant for me.
  4. Oh wow, thanks Rich! I've never seen that before, it would certainly work, though I fear I would have to record the video twice: once with a vocal track and once as a simple run through. I'm thinking it'll be easier to just have people mute my video and watch it that way if they wish. In any case, nobody has complained about my narration so far, so I think I'll just stick to my minimal commentary and hope taffers don't hate it. Nevertheless, it's a neat feature, I'll have to find out how to implement it if the need arises.
  5. Thank you so much Bikerdude! I also enjoy the darker but colourful layout Also, it would appear, according to the poll over at http://themasterfoundry.com/, that both silent and with commentary videos are in demand. To somewhat settle this seemingly irresolvable dilemma, I decided to try and please both camps by keeping whatever commentary I do have to a minimum, eliminating most of my needless jargon. Take a look, and please leave your comments below as I'm eager to improve, remove and replace whatever is necessary. [video=youtube;2YcZzt_Cxqg]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YcZzt_Cxqg
  6. Thank you kindly I hope to see you around the site.
  7. It's a great point for sure. Maybe I'll try keeping the microphone further away from me for the next one and see how that goes.
  8. Thank you Toni, I was hoping you'd say something reassuring And I'll look out for those "p"s next time. I'm using a standard headset mic, but I'll do what I can.
  9. Decided to try my hand at recording video walkthoughs for the content I review. Here's my channel's introduction if interested. I've never done a commentary track before, so do be gentle. This one took me close to a million tries, and if I were to do a blooper reel, it would be comprised entirely of swear words. http://youtu.be/uETaP6eaWM0
  10. Loved the first sample in particular, simply awesome! Maybe It's just me, but it reminded me of Garrett himself at times. A great voice for a Thief protagonist in my opinion, maybe for The Dark Mod campaign?
  11. Thank you for sharing it Springheel. That quote is really what worries me most. Hey, would a kickstarter funded Thief sequel made by those responsible for The Dark Mod and the numerous wonderful FM artists of previous games ever be a possibility? Because I would support that in a heartbeat.
  12. Thanks Toni It was free, but it also has a "pro" version that has a brighter design and responsive layout.
  13. Small update that I thought I'd share with anyone still interested; I decided to go self-hosted to have more customization options. The new site is called themasterfoundry.com and I'm using a darker theme this time, as some have suggested. (Also, I've always wanted a darker theme). If you have a moment, please let me know what you guys think. Lots of aspects should be more user friendly now, such as image viewing and organization, special sidebars for each section (Taffin' about, Liandri Vault, etc...), archives tables much easier to use (and create), and so on. Thanks guys! Oh and thank you Toni, I try haha.
  14. Thank you so much for the feedback Toni! I agree that those at least slightly familiar with current Thief events will likely want to see that magic 1.19 number somewhere, however I don't know if entirely new players to the Thief games will even care, so long as they have the latest "update" in one nice executable, in this case TFix. In any case, I'll work on at least mentioning it somewhere in the guide. As for your second idea, it's a wonderful one, but I'm afraid I'm not always going to be that up to date on ALL current Thief events. Also, as I have never really mapped anything using the editor or compared DDfix functionality to that of the new patch, I wouldn't be able to really discuss the full list of changes or incorporate it into my guides without likely omitting important aspects by accident, and possibly sounding like an idiot (an idiot with a good intention at least ). I'd just rather not start something I know I won't likely finish right now, but depending on my free time and people's interest in the site in general, I could always add these sections later (or at least links). I hope that didn't sound too discouraging But either way, thank you again for the tips Toni, truly.
  15. Thank you! Glad to hear you approve If there's anything else, really, don't be afraid to mention it. I'll happily look into it if I can. Hello Toni! I didn't mention it on that page because it is part of the TFix update, however, maybe I should do so anyway. Do you think me adding another tip under the "Install TFix" section informing people that it is now part of the update would be enough? If not, could you please suggest something? Also, I just realized I forgot to add that list of related links for reference and additional help/troubleshooting. Will do so later today. Thank you Toni for helping out!
  16. Ok, changed it quite a bit, very proud of it. Hope you guys like.
  17. Hey Obsttorte! Yea man, I know exactly what you mean and that would be sweet to have. Sadly that's just not an option What I have now (maybe not as noticeable as I thought) is a page jump setup. So when you click on something in the beginning list, you go directly to that section. It's really the best I can do without changing hosts (wordpress to my own) from what I understand. HOWEVER, I will try to optimize the current look even further, taking into account what you and Bikerdude suggested. If I'm wrong however about those possibilities on wordpress, please let me know. I really like both your suggestions. Thank you guys!
  18. I see what you mean, ok. I think I can definitely create boundaries around the games on that essentials page but the only other color option I have for my central area is "archaic", similar to the color of my update box in the sidebar. It seems to be theme dependent unless of course I'm missing something. Either way, at this point I have too many little aspects of the site configured to suit the current central color so I think for now I'll keep it as is. Again thank you so much for the feedback!! Do you think the guide itself is easy enough to follow?
  19. Hey Bikerdude! Thank you so much for the feedback man, appreciate it! As far as separating the games go, I was kind of hoping the wide images of each game would serve as the separations. Unless you mean something else? or may those aren't enough? And the dark or black background is sadly out of my hands if you mean the website as a whole (including that page). I use wordpress.com and thus my options are sadly very limited. However, I can change the background to text tints as you saw, do you think making those darker would be better? Anyway, thank you again to everyone who checked it out!
  20. Fellow taffers, I'm in need of your help. To help out those diving into the world of Thief for the first time, I was hoping to provide a clear and thorough guide, encompassing everything they will need to get their games and FMs up and running. To that end, I've created the following "Essentials" page on my site: http://thealternativegamer.com/taffin-about-essentials/ If anyone would be so kind as to quickly glance at it and share their thoughts on it, either here or on the page itself, I would be forever greateful. Last thing I want to do is confuse people. Also, I'm aware that maybe not all the fixes and tweaks are posted up there and that's ok. I will be happy to add them as I come across them or if anyone suggests. Finally, the page as it is now is just a draft of sorts. As I get more comments on it and finalise its content (making sure it's correct) I will then of course mention the contributors. I don't want to associate anyone with incorrect material. Thank you in advance for your feedback, it's much appreciated.
  21. Awesome and I'm toying with the idea of a summary right now. Something I may or may not implement in the end as I think it somewhat defeats the purpose of writing about my experience, but at the same time I understand its appeal. Either way, thank you so much Obsttorte, I really appreciate your feedback.
  22. Hey Obsttorte, thank you for taking a look and the kind words. I'm certainly looking forward to playing and reviewing T2/TDM missions, but I've decided to go through the games in order. The difference between ghost and perfect ghost is the amount of loot collected. To achieve the perfect ghost rating, you must collect 100% of the loot, not simply the required amount which is sufficient for simply "ghosting". Thank you for bringing that up, I've added the "official ghost rules" tab in my main main, under "Taffin' About". As for the evaluation bit, I've tried separating them as you suggest, but i found that many missions simply lack certain aspects like story/impressive sound, etc... so my paragraphs were very short and the review felt too fragmented. So I really appreciate the feedback, but in this case I think I'll stick to my current format. Any thoughts on the rating system?
  23. I assume that's me, so thank you Also, I'm sorry i didn't mean to highjack someone else's thread, just thought I'd share. Oh and thank you for checking it out! If you guys have any pointers regarding what you'd like to see or what I can improve, please let me know. Can be about the website or the writing (I'm not a writer).
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