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  1. I'm so excited you are still making progress on this. Awesome!
  2. Yep, thats design by corporate committee for you. Unfortunately my graphics/game programming stopped many many years ago so I can't be much help with projects like this these days, but I think its great that its still being explored!
  3. I poked at the repo and was thrilled to see there are recent commits! How is progress on this going? Thief in VR has been one of my top wishlist items ever since I tried the CV1!
  4. That sounds like a great roadmap. If you bind the mouse+kb controls with the Steam controller it'd be quite good!
  5. I am really looking forward to this continuing. Even if progress is slow due to other commitments, thanks for working on this!
  6. Very exciting, been following you guys a long time. Wish I could have been of help but alas time was not on my side.
  7. Yes I'm interested to hear his thoughts from a fresh perspective to compare with my own now that I've been browsing the svn a bit.
  8. Thanks, will try to get setup soon. My girlfriend just graduated from college and we've been... celebrating =)
  9. Hey guys. I was actually supposed to help out with AI for the DarkMod back when it started, but my life got nuts and I ended up moving all the way across the country and had a job that didn't allow me much freedom to work on other projects but some small ones of my own. I can code just about anything or any component, (netcode, AI, GUI, etc), you can check my website here: http://www.dracsoft.com/ http://mmorpg.dracsoft.com/ Specific to FPS development I've worked with OGRE and Irrlicht. An irrlicht project I've done is called Please No More Zombies here: http://www.dracsoft.com/47.html Source is a bit ugly in that one since I did it one week when I was sick. I'm familiar with Visual Studio 6, .Net 2003/5, Visual C++ Compiler, GCC and SDL/OpenGL, etc. I run Linux on a Geforce 6800gt/Amd64 3200+/2gb machine and a Windows on a Dual-Core 3Ghz P4/2gb ram/Geforce 7600GS. If you guys need help with coding or even just testing and debugging with detailed reports from a fellow coder let me know, I've got a new job recently that's way more flexible and my life has finally settled down.
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