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  1. I just played this, it was awesome!!! Amazing work, loved the snow, blue rooms, great ambiance, well thought out story! Thank you so much for taking the time to create this gem, allowing so many others enjoy such a great game. Looking forward to playing your other missions, thanks again!
  2. THIS WAS AMAZING!! Felt like a whole game unto itself! I for one am glad it went on for quite a while.. pleasantly surprised when it did so ( why stop of great thing that is going?!) . Great plot, love the difficulty in quite a few areas... very challenging. Thank you so much for sharing your incredible talent with all of us, and also your time you put into this! M
  3. Thanks!!, apparently I did not do enough checking around................. great mission!
  4. I think I am almost there, WOW, what a great FM! tho I dont get how anyone could figure to release the crystal by doing what you need to do, I was looking for One big thing i dont like about this mission is I know it has to end!!!!!!!!! Great great job guys! really great!
  5. Just curious, any thoughts to overweight models or models that are shorter / taller than the standard? Besides seeing a difference in face for the sake of variety, a difference in stature would also be welcome: is this difficult to do? Keep up the great work!
  6. IMO, The keys should be no brighter than the clothing they are against - or whatever backdrop is against a key. To me that is more real; find my settings to be fine, I just have to look hard, after all, I am in the dark...and I have to be careful. Tho' thanks to Fidcal for offering this.
  7. I put it in my letter to Santa - his new address is ... thedarkmod.com We believe! We believe!!
  8. ZZZZZZzzzzzz..snort..ZZZzzzz..*cough!*ZZZzzzzzzzzzz Hmph? - must've been rats!.....ZZZZzzzzzz
  9. A Christmas present?................... - would be a very nice gift!
  10. I agree with Fidcal, was thinking along the same idea. This is very good work, though....is her neck just a little too long with respect to other proportions? Or do you need a long neck to easily switch heads? - boy that sounds weird!
  11. Definitely a limp would be good, from battle, small skirmish, training.... Any bandaged, or one-arm guards? variety is the spice...........
  12. Followed this from tthe begining....already a year? So much has been done, the whole thing is incredible! Thanks so much for all of the time and effort into developing this! Also thanks to the FM authors who are using it, to make some great missions! Happy Birthday TDM!
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