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  1. Also i forgot to mention, but - at least in XWayland for wine, but probably for Wayland too - you're probably going to get some reduced functionality around fullscreen (it's fake) and changing resolutions (can't currently happen, probably will be 'fake' in the future). These are problems wine has too, and they can crash badly coded games that don't fallback cfg resolutions to the desktop one before failing, or ignore the reported possible resolutions. Wayland did this, why else, security. Same reason you can't access the framebuffer of other windows and capture the total screen. Desktop
  2. I'm using wayland (the new display server instead of x11). Wayland has a 'emulation layer' for x11 apps called XWayland... which is noticeably slower. Some apps can be compiled with support for both wayland and x11 (like retroarch). But ubuntu is currently screwing up in versions of ubuntu previous to 18.10 because it doesn't ship updated wayland (this affects retroarch because it requires a larger version to build). This is aggravated because all flatpak installs are built on a (one single one) ancient version of the distro (for supposed binary compatibility) which means that wayland
  3. btw, i just found out that retroarch at least won't be able to use wayland (or rather compile on the buildbots) on ubuntu versions equal or less to 18.04 (this includes *all* flatpaks because they build on a much older version of the distro btw). It still works if you install the missing library yourself and compile it yourself, but not on buildbots because the required lib wasn't backported by canonical or debian. So maybe it's not going to be so easy to distribute a binary with wayland compatibility for you, though to be honest, the missing library in retroarch is only a compile time depen
  4. I've seen major slowdown of the kind i experience on menus on the darkmod also on retroarch and the root cause of that was using XWayland and was solved by compiling Wayland support in. The 'xeyes test' (xeyes move if the xeyes can capture the mouse over the window being focused over is not Wayland) fails, so apparently the context is not x11, but the command line says things like: ----- Initializing OpenGL ----- Setup X display connection dlopen(libGL.so.1) Initializing OpenGL display Using XFree86-VidModeExtension Version 2.2 Free86-VidModeExtension Activated at 1366x768 ... (much lat
  5. Sounds too expensive for your average trash machine. Also a bit telling that the example they choose to demonstrate their code was a parody npc that can't get into a 'wrong' position. I suspect they tried with a normal body and got something that was hilariously uncanny valley.
  6. What i'm getting from this is that the editor needs a way to mark 'checkpoints' or something like that for a budget version control because people don't just think about it. I'd say something like 'exporting' a map immediately places a copy of that map (but not assets ofc) on your editor dir. If later what gets returned to you is unacceptable and you didn't think to keep copies, at least it's right there. The roundtrip between different installations of the editor would mark the file as 'different' and the backup wouldn't be replaced. Some kind of warning about that backup dir growing too mu
  7. One simple thing you could try is to investigate why the linux version performs worse that the windows version on wine. That ain't right. Maybe it's a misconfiguration? Anyway, count me out of testing, i don't want to be bothered, but if you aren't aware of it, well, try it yourself on a old pc (mobile 2008 core 2 duo here)
  8. Some so called 'open world' engines move the entire world as a unit ingame instead of moving the pc because of 'from origin precision problems'. That is the geometry never becomes crazy because it's always 'near the origin' Crazy right? Doesn't sound so relevant to the DR error though. I think.
  9. TDM already stutters a lot in this radeonHD 4000 mobile, so please don't 'upgrade' the models more without LOD. If people want to have only the best quality models then can set no-lod on the settings (or vice versa).
  10. i've got a suggestion already just from the menu... plz implement alt+tab for linux. Downloading missions while not being able to do anything else even in windowed mode is not fun. I'm seriously going to start the wine version just to download missions. Also, please make the menu text highlightcolor something other than white. It's impossible to read, especially on the resolution listings / if you have a unfortunate resolution for your monitor as your default one. On the other hand, the dark mod started fine out of the box in this new clean install of ubuntu 14.10, no dependency errors or an
  11. Well the first thing wrong is that the updater i downloaded from the site still breaks on folders with spaces. It might be because the update needs to be incremental and it's using a old one?
  12. There may be a application using pulseaudio, which has a inbuilt mixer, and it hogging the device (assuming everything is using pulse). Hell, the same thing may occur with a ALSA application, if you removed pulse (with the additional problem that the mixer is not on by default, as the arx wiki explains in the next section about using ALSA with dmix). I'm going to try to update the linux version of DM and report back (i'm on ubuntu GNOME 14.10).
  13. Anyway, does this work again, do we have a ppa yet? If the source is autobuildable in linux, i might try to do a lame one if i can get read access to the repository. Reminder that ia32-libs is deprecated, most distros have now multi-arch support and we need a list of non-static system libraries the darkmod uses so we can suffix :i386 and play
  14. aoss is not a normal installed program, it's only there if you fucked around with installing OSS. Pulseaudio should do a 'decent' job of taking over OSS if it finds its interfaces being used, if it didn't for you, it's a bug. I didn't have problems with sound on ubuntu (when i could play the linux version anyway). Your actual problem is likely to come from something like this: https://wiki.archlin...PulseAudio#ALSA
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