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  1. Well, this is THIEF I thought to myself once or two times (or three). I finished yesterday in 4 hours and 48 sec, but I played almost two all nights (many quick saves and loads). First mission that I decided stop playing on Expert and started again on Hard level. Chapel looks and feels awesome. I really love long distance arrow shots. Now I think Reqiuem and Old Habits are my favourite fan missions. Reqiuem has a great and mysterious story. Habits in opposite has a simple story but this is good - player can enjoy almost pure continuous stealth action in really well designed interiors. Three issues that I want to mention here are: Anyway. Thanks for great mission and good time. It is so grateful to observe the way in which The Dark Mod is getting better and better. Obstttorte means Fruit Cake, yes?
  2. This is it. Now I am almost sure that in this case its because of closeness of that table. I think it is better to know about that type of things. I am replying Living Expenses now and it looks like that error dosn't appear anymore, maybe on account of upgrade to v.2.02.
  3. Hi everyone. There is a bug in two missions when AI (guards) are sitting on the back of chair or sofa instead doing it normally. Also they often interact with wall (when they are sitting) in weird way (they penetrate it with their backs). I noticed this in missions: Living Expenses and recently in Old Habits II. If you wish I can do screenshot of that situation and post it in here later. With regards ST
  4. Brilliant Last time I heard this song in Natural Born Killers movie /Mexican stand off scene/ The Downward Spiral is a title to one of the Prey levels too. Three of them the song, the movie and the game are just great in my opinion.
  5. To author of this topic I don't know if you are still interested in searching of good FPS, but: „Original Unreal: large levels, fantasy-meets-technology aspect, music from the best of the modscene” Then you can try E.y.e: Divine Cybermancy – futuristic FPS/RPG with great level design and high quality soundtrack. Also story is very good/ Philip K. Dick's style for me. The main level designer of this project was this forum's member Scacky and he did solid work at that time. I still play that game, rough diamond as some people say, and I still admire it. Demo of E.y.e is easy to grab from internet or Steam.
  6. Yes, I found that Requiem was very Amazing for me too. This mission is definitively a gem in the crown for The Dark Mod. But similar – mistycal atmosphere you can find in the Flakebridge Monastery. Builder's Influence – very challenging on the hardest level especially if you try visit this building as a ghost, additionally have a very interesting and immersive story in the background. Now I play Crystal Grave and I like this old fort but that mission is diffrent from others – a bit sophisticated I would say. Grail of Regrets – it would be my personal choice for best horror mission. (Not recommend to anyone) Alberic's Curse Like was said before: every map is worh to trying, every mission is exceptional.
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