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  1. Deathloop – what a mess of a game. I'd love to see a post-mortem on it some day. I hope Arkane is doing okay though.

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    2. Shadow


      Thanks to this thread I am currently playing Deathloop. Have to say I am enjoying it very much, but I can see where it turns people off. The bad first: Yes it's repetitive and enemies respawn, annoying to have to encounter/kill the same baddies over and over. It is a time loop game, so that part is to be expected. Perhaps the back and forth between times of day and revisiting areas once you find info or codes in other areas can be too much backtracking for some. The good: It feels just like Dishonored with a No One Lives Forever candy and bubble gum pop vibe. That's a definite plus. Mooncrash will be next to play for a real comparison.

    3. STiFU


      So, how do we turn this status discussion into a fully fledged thread now? πŸ˜„Β @DragoferΒ is this possible? πŸ™‚

    4. Dragofer


      Unfortunately I can only hide or delete this status update. Would be cool if new threads with new posts could be created.

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