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  1. I don't want it to loop, since it is already looping. I want it to play, pause, then play again in maybe ten or fifteen seconds.
  2. I am tired and possibly dumb, and the wiki has failed me. Which flag do I use on a looping ambient sound if I only want it to repeat after a certain number of time?
  3. The grills are tricky the first time you handle them, but with a little practice, you can learn how to handle them without making a racket. I think it is a proper challenge. The same goes for the ways to access your goals - they are a challenge, but not unreasonably hard by Thief standards.
  4. I really think you should reconsider that. I can only echo GUFF - you can't please all of the people all of the time without watering down your work. If some like one half of the mission but not the other, that's not bad at all. And what matters is making the missions you, personally, would like to play. Some of my own FMs received rather strong negative criticism from people whose opinion I respect, but what can I do? They are the missions I wanted to make, and the missions I am able to make. Maybe the same people will like the next one. Or maybe we are not meant to like all of each other's work. On a selfish note, I am also interested in where this decidedly odd story is going.
  5. Thanks! I have sent you a PM with the rest of the files.
  6. I, uh, don't understand half of that, but here is how an entry looks like in my material file: textures/darkmod/decals/papers/whale { surftype15 description "paper" nonsolid noshadows { blend diffusemap map textures/darkmod/decals/papers/whale alphaTest 0.5 } // TDM Ambient Method Related { if (global5 == 1) blend add map textures/darkmod/decals/papers/whale scale 1, 1 red global2 green global3 blue global4 } { if (global5 == 2) blend add program ambientEnvironment.vfp vertexParm 0 1, 1, 1, 1 // UV Scales for Diffuse and Bump vertexParm 1 1, 1, 1, 1 // (X,Y) UV Scale for specular vertexParm 2 global2, global3, global4, 1 fragmentMap 0 cubeMap env/gen1 fragmentMap 1 _flat // Bump fragmentMap 2 textures/darkmod/decals/papers/whale // Diffuse fragmentMap 3 _black // Specular } } ...and here is the .dds image (renamed as a txt so I could upload it) whale.txt
  7. How do I do that? That region is just... well... empty. There is no colour there, since I turned it into an alpha channel.
  8. I am finalising a collection of twenty new decal textures, and there is a problem with the transparency: I saved the decals as DDS images, and used the standard TDM decals as the template for the material file. In GIMP, they show up with a proper transparent background, but in the game, they have a black outline. How do I fix this?
  9. A-ha! I didn't make that connection, but it all makes sense. I was wondering how someone could come up with a mission like this on a first try. Good to know you are back, then. I also enjoyed your previous work (particularly Broken Hammers, which is brutal, and rather underrated).
  10. level, you should also post a thread about the mission on TTLG. There are some people there who don't check these forums all that often.
  11. It is here! Congratulations on the release - and everyone else, drop what you are doing and play this mission. You won't be disappointed!
  12. Newbie-ing intensifies! Is there a relatively simple way to make a patrolling AI follow another patrolling AI?
  13. Actually, I am seriously tempted to change my vote just now. There's something on the horizon that's...oh, never mind. Carry on!
  14. Voted! I was surprised how long some of my favourite TDM authors have been working - disqualifying them from the new author awards.
  15. In addition to making a few of them specifically for Penny Dreadful 3, I am working on a set of generic decals to enrich your mission with new tracts, advertisements and odd images you might find stuck on walls. For instance:
  16. Note, Dromed is not simply a subtractive level editor, it is a level editor that does both additive and subtractive geometry, and within its framework, does both rather well. However, as much as I like that feature, I have to say team efforts are better spent elsewhere. Missions and more missions - this is what TDM is about. The game is essentially complete, and with 2.04 and 2.05, it will have essentially everything to satisfy players and mission designers. Dark Radiant is a friendly and stable toolset. Like everything, it has its limits and peculiarities, but things rarely get any better in gaming.
  17. Congratulations! I will be happy to do some testing, but I can only begin on Monday. If that is agreeable, I am in.
  18. Moar questions! (Although not strictly TDM-related) What kind of simple, free software would you recommend to rip the audio track from a video file? Especially if there are multiple audio tracks.
  19. It was more like 800x1024, and it had a transparency layer behind it to round it our to 1024x1024. Won't my image get stretched, or become larger than the screen are for people playing on lower resolutions?
  20. More questioning! How large can a map_of.tga image (the in-game map thingy) be? Can I get away with something like 1280x960? More than that? Or is that going to cause problems for people?
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