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  1. Congrats! This is an excellent mission - enjoy, everyone!
  2. I think I see the problem. The "don't kill" objectives need the "Ongoing" flag set on them. The wiki says: "Important: No kill objectives need be set as "Satisfied at Game Start" and "ongoing" or they will not work!". You've got the "satisfied" checked, but not "ongoing". See if that helps.
  3. The logic in the code is: Check each objective that is visible and that applies to this difficulty level: For each of these objectives, do the following four checks: objective state is Complete objective state is Invalid objective is not Mandatory objective is Ongoing If, for a given objective, any of those four tests are true, then that objective is "done", from the point of view of completing the mission. If, for a given objective, all four of those tests are false, then the mission can't be completed. If all of the checked objectives are "done", the mission is complete. I hope this makes sense. If you want to attach your map I can take a look at the objectives section. Or just the atdm:target_addobjectives section from the map.
  4. Wild guess here. In DR, the Mission Objectives dialog, at the bottom there's an Edit Mission Success Logic button. Is there anything specified in that dialog? Anything in there overrides the "normal" mission complete logic.
  5. I just tried my most recent FM (Now and Then). On 2.09, dmap took 60 seconds. On 2.10 (dev16215-9215), it took 23 seconds. Nice! The build succeeded, and the mission seem to run fine (I played it for a few minutes). Good stuff!
  6. I'm embarrassed about how many missions I played, dragging bodies around the hard way, before I realized this...
  7. Thanks. I see the problem: I should mark that objective "complete" when you You can complete the mission without finishing that objective. Or,
  8. Here is the quickest way to get to the part of the mission that has the crash: > notarget > setviewpos -2371.72 1124.54 -910.26 4.8 7.2 0.0 You will be clipped "inside" of a small closet - don't move, just grab the painting right in front of you. > setviewpos -2461.61 1236.86 -1057.22 22.5 177.7 0.0 Frob the big lever right in front of you. A few seconds of video & audio will play > setviewpos -447.87 -95.21 -580.38 10.2 -89.8 0.0 You're at the top of some stairs. Walk down the stairs and keep walking for a few feet. The cutscene will play (it lasts a few seconds), and then you'll get a new objective. I think this is about where it crashes for @JBERT .
  9. An update, version 2, is now available: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ciesyfcqu1ct6pj/nowandthenv2.pk4?dl=1. This fixes many of the problems found by those who played version 1. Besides general clean up, the primary goal of this version is to Special thanks to Bikerdude, whose did a quick beta test of this version and whose suggestions I mostly (but not completely) implemented. Could someone please update the in-game downloader? Thanks!
  10. Can you show me where you got stuck (screen grab)? Don't feel bad about the secrets - I made some of them really hard to find. Unfair, really . The first post in this thread has some hidden spoilers, including hints for each of the secrets. Have a look at those; if you still need some more hints, let me know.
  11. Looks like this is on Linux? Maybe you could submit a bug report to the dev team. If it can be recreated every time, then perhaps with a save file (just before it happens) and instructions, they can recreate the problem in the dev environment.
  12. @JBERTSome users have seen this issue, occasionally. Try closing and opening the case. Or, close it and see if you can take the turquoisium when the door is closed.
  13. @MirceaKitsuneThanks for your comments - I'm glad you liked the mission. Next time I load it I'll take a look and see if I can see what's wrong with the Priest. As for
  14. @JBERTCan you try a "clean up" of your install? Delete the darkmod\glprogs folder, then run tdm_update. See if that fixes the problem. (Maybe delete your darkmod.cfg also).
  15. @Clumsy OafThere are hints for this in the Hints section of the OP in this thread. Repeated here: Let me know if you need more hints on this.
  16. Never mind, the update won't be ready for a few of weeks. Life Got Busy™, for several reasons.
  17. For checking if an AI is dead, I had to define a variable and cast it to the AI name. Like this: ai guard = $atdm_ai_guard_elite_1; if (guard.AI_DEAD) ... I suspect AI_AlertLevel is the same. E.g. if (guard.AI_AlertLevel > 10) ...
  18. I think it's idle_bark_interval_min and idle_bark_interval_max
  19. I’m working on an update, which may be released in the next few days. Fixes several issues that folks have found.
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