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  1. It's working well
  2. You're right, tested now on my 1050 Ti and there's no issue! It's AMD-only......
  3. SSAO parameters are @default. Here's the darkmod.cfg: https://pastebin.com/YAYx3izQ
  4. Of course you don't see it, in "Low" mode there's no issue. The issue is only with "Medium" and "High". You don't see the blocks in the SECOND screenshot? Take a look to the wall and the rooftops. Thanks for the tip about the bloom (it's unrelated to SSAO, just asking).
  5. * Why r_showFBO 5 crashes the game? * Here's the SSAO issue: 1) Low: 2) Medium/High:
  6. Pardon! Testing now!
  7. Can we have back the SSAO debug ouput? Cause there's some problems with level 2 and 3 (no issue with SSAO "low" ) : http://www.mediafire.com/file/6666sy2lstmpzo8/Thedarkmodx64_2020_05_04_13_43_08_413-1.mkv/file (MKV - H265 - 1080p) See those blocks moving around when I'm rotating......
  8. Borderless mode issue AMD only (Catalyst 20.4.2)
  9. 64 bits colour rendering is just beautiful ! It resolves the root problem of the colour banding! THANKS! With Ambient Occlusion these 2 new features are visually projecting TDM in the future! About the visual aspect, there's an old problem that maybe can now be solved (without using FBOResolution=2, it's so perfomance heavy ) Tha antialiasing transparency problem! There's NO AA applied! See the brazier iron parts aliasing No AA: AA 4x: Any possibility to see this issues gone? Multisampling AA is way more forgiving than FBOresolution=2 (supersampling/downsampling).....
  10. Water sprays texture issue (Siege Shop)
  11. Good old fashioned storm in Siege Shop too!
  12. Cause HRTF is *strictly* related to stereo setup by design! HRTF+speakers>=4 -> issues So it must be automatically OFF when a multichannel positional audio setup is detected. Or simply rename the entry to "Stereo Speakers HRTF" or "HRTF (Warning: only for Stereo Speakers setup) OpenAL Soft default linear resampler is now in good shape so no harm done
  13. I can confirm that OpenAL gets the right (=system selection) number of speakers without any additional option (like the old "s_numberofspeakers" that is no more working as you can read by typing it into the console field). Sampling Frequency seems too. But about HRTF? It would be a good thing to change the menu entry to "Stereo Speakers HRTF" and lock it to "Off" in multispeakers systems (only available if the default device is set to "Stereo" in Windows/Linux).
  14. Solved, I've edited the alsoft.ini, that's the culprit. So please, give us these options: *number of speakers (HRTF must automatically be locked to "false" if set to 4/4.1/5.1/7.1) *selection of the most common sampling frequencies (44100/48000)
  15. Some audio mess! No sounds with "default" s_device.
  16. Yes and it's SO good (temporally totally stable) You can see "Medium" level in my screenshot.
  17. Unrelated to SSAO, got this warning in A New Job:
  18. Differences between SSAO levels? (1->2->3)
  19. tdm_update check the MD5 checksum I think, so if you change an option you'll get the redownload behaviour. Problem is all about tdm_update.
  20. Ah, is it possible to modify alsoft.ini WITHOUT triggering the re-downloading of the tdm_stuff package when launching tdm_update? It's important, not only to disable the HRTF in 4/5.1/7.1 audio systems
  21. Remember to automatically set to FALSE the HRTF if using 5.1 channels. It seems that the option remains always "TRUE" in alsoft.ini nonetheless. It's a bug?
  22. Thanks for the in-depth review!
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