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  1. The lastest version(s) built from the source have the console and screen FPS space black. Totally black.
  2. Yeah.....*DEAD*line (totally black humor)
  3. Use ReVision mod And Invisible War too, with "Visible Upgrade" unofficial patch.
  4. Antivirals are pretty useless DURING the infection. AS I've said before the virus is NOT the problem (the direct cause of the death). The inflammatory response killing the lung tissue is. You can let the virus infection/replication process run until its own natural end, just don't let the inflammation destroy/flood the lungs.
  5. Well, it's isolated since Febraury......but the virus is NOT the problem. The inflammatory response killing the lung is.
  6. Last 3 days, totally in the Zone! For the curious ones: the LIVE map town by town (Lombardy only): https://www.ecodibergamo.it/stories/bergamo-citta/bergamo-maglia-nera-del-contagiola-mappa-dei-casi-in-provincia-aggiornata_1344521_11/?fbclid=IwAR3AFS4MMgKc5kg8TKcvAwmhupGVnsu8zzkJra-J-t9YsGJqJRIVxnVb9FE
  7. News? We got Coronavirus outbreak (RAMPAGE level) here in Bergamo (I'm OK and my tested father too ..... for now) so I'm eager to test!
  8. I hope when the nearest hospital is NOT congested with hundred of Covid-19 cases. Here in Bergamo this behemoth is near the saturation!
  9. "Ricoverati" = hospitalized (can get better, can get worse) "Guariti"=recovered 2220 persons in hospitals.....only here in Lombardy.
  10. Harmless? It's contagious like hell !
  11. STAY CHEEKI BREEKI ! Boris protect us!
  12. Here in Lombardy we're official in LOCKDOWN STALKER mode on!
  13. Why did Swiggy cancell all his posts here (I mean the all forum) ?
  14. "Impressive to see it given for free"
  15. Yes, but SARS-like affections work directly @alveoli level. Flu doesn't. SARS and Covid-19 can kill/debilitate more directly. Flu can kill thanks to some bacteria "help" (LOL), so you have more freedom of choice with the therapy and time to avoid death.
  16. As expected the hospital you see in the image ("Alzano Lombardo" is the town of that hospital) has the ER staff infected So you can imagine the amplification effect for days of exposition to public......
  17. The first. Classic influenza pathogens can't induce a direct pneumonia. So you can die for the complications of the infection, not straight from the starting infection. And so you got more time to avoid the bad cases. SARS and Covid-19 (SARS 2) can. Covid-19 is a lighter version, thanks the Builder But being lighter is more contagious. So it can reach for a greater number of weak people. MERS is their killer sister. This is the "critical" point.
  18. Clinically I think we must think of this as "light but direct pneumonia". For the "light" cases I can suggest kind of "self-monitoring" of the the oxygen blood level through the state of consciousness (pneumonia, altering the absorbed oxygen, alters the brain functions when the oxygen debt can't compensate) and mitigate the symptoms related to the immune system response. And wait 1 month
  19. If the risk of re-infection is high this IS a serious case. If not it's like classic influenza. We really don't know shit
  20. Vaccine avoids propagation and mitigates re-infection risks (and damage from multiple re-infections). We don't know if and how much the self-developed defenses last 'cause the virus is an newly born version of the old SARS one (not a son but a brother/cousin )
  21. If you ask me, the big problem from a medical perspective is not the - yes I must be cinical here - the death of elder people already affected by other conditions. Or the (little number of) "deaths" in general. They're inevitable "casualties of the war". Problem is that this guy has the 75% of the SARS genoma and the SARS-related research was abandoned for all those years passed since 2003! So we're left relying on the Flu model for the epidemic dynamic but we got NO clues about the follow-up of the *healed* people. 'cause maybe they're NOT healed at all.
  22. As expected it has arrived Italian: https://www.ecodibergamo.it/stories/Isola/coronavirus-nuovo-caso-a-cisano-tampone-positivo-e-un-50enne_1342745_11/ "Cisano" is 1 km away from my house (far left in the image posted before)
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