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  1. Really i dont have much experiance... but i have been meesing around with doomedit here and there and have been a long time dromed maper without any reall story line and without any clear idea of what do make a mission about i have been using the editors just to create when i am bord. you know just have nothin i think that i could do better if only i could get good theme going... mostly i have done lots of nothing... i have been messing around with this but never have a clear vision.. just maybe i try this or that and see what it looks like then format (computer gets messed up) my hard drive and loose all my work and then start all over... so i guess i have some experiance but i never really finished anything... want to with this project how do i send a sample map
  2. sorry didn't mean to offend anyone out there I don't think that a no cd being used by licence users is piracy exactly. but I am no lawyer sorry if this pissed anyone off I just have a 3 year old who likes to play our computer and changes out the disks on her own she has scratched up many of my disk lucky not doom3 yet again sorry didn't realize this would be a problem (should have thought "public posting and all" ) well still don't know if having a no cd hack is illegal if used only to make Doom 3 more "My life Friendly" its a hassle to change out disks and take chances in getting them all scratched up just to find out I am not really in the mood. sometimes I might just play for a few minutes maybe some courageous person should protest these companies who want us to insert disks for no good reason. besides; it is not a deterrent to those twisted evil software pirates. you know that they don't live by the rules and they still have the option of burning a CD_ROM... my point after all the deranged ranting is this: Pirates just make CD Copies. cd insertion while game is playing is not a deterrent from piracy, it is a deterrent from playing top end games especially if you have kids who may scratch them or hide them. ( I don't usually play for hours or long periods of time I usually get in play a few minutes and get out to my real life. I just wanted everyone to know I am no pirate and am just a guy who is finding it inconvenient to click that icon and then find out the disk isn't in the drive and then find out the disk isn't in its box and then find out that the disk is scratched up ON TOP OF MY COMPUTER fingerprint and peanut butter AHRG!!!
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