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  1. Hell, Americans speak English but they still don't get a lot of British humour.
  2. Alcohol is still used as a disinfectant in some circumstances. It is very cheap but also non-toxic, which makes it good for the sort of disinfectant you want in a first aid kit for cuts and scrapes, rather than the type you use to clean the bath. You can even use "drink" in an emergency, if you cut yourself and have only a bottle of brandy to hand. [OT: strange that my post disappeared from the forum, even after it was quoted in a reply]
  3. Doom 3 should make it easier to avoid this problem though, with its Walk IK system etc. Certainly the ticks/trites were very believable, especially when compared with the spiders in T1/T2 which were not much better than the T3 cats in animation terms.
  4. Beauty is in fact not much more than the number (1 + sqrt(5))/2 applied in various different ways to the human form (called the "golden mean"), plus a heavy dose of physical symmetry. It signifies youth and health, which are important qualities in choosing a mate since they increase the possibility of the offspring surviving. In short, men who did not like beauty would have been naturally selected out of the species a long time ago.
  5. OrbWeaver


    DDS works well for a lot of things, but for certain images it produces very nasty artifacts, particularly if you have diagonal lines or smooth gradients in the texture. With normal maps this can be particularly obvious, which is why Doom 3 in High Quality compresses diffusemaps but not normalmaps. You can see what a DDS-only game looks like if you play TDS - all of the textures are DXT1 and some of them look ghastly, particularly when light hits them at a sharp angle.
  6. The Dark Mod could not use Source even if it wanted to, since Source does not offer a proper dynamic lighting model for thief-like games.
  7. OrbWeaver


    If you precreate the DDS files, do you still need the TGAs? Perhaps a "low bandwidth" version could be made with just DDS, rather than going TGA -> JPG -> TGA -> DDS which as Fingernail points out will look atrocious. If this isn't an option, how about a downscaled version with textures 256x256 and lower?
  8. I don't think it is leather. It looks more like PVC or similar.
  9. It is the same in my company - the department that produces software actually "licenses" its software internally for other accounts to use, at considerable cost. This never makes sense to me since "licensing" is just granting somebody a defense against what would normally be copyright infringement, and a company cannot infringe its own copyright.
  10. OrbWeaver


    56k users are more or less out of the game as far as downloading modern graphics content is concerned, unless you stick to 32x32 textures and 100-poly models.
  11. It is more than likely that there is absolutely no communication or coordination between Sony BMG and Sony Electronics (or whatever it's called). If you think how disorganised even a single large company can be, this is nothing compared to two essentially separate companies that are linked only by name and overall ownership.
  12. OrbWeaver


    Is that compressed on uncompressed? With all my "mini-Darkmod" custom content my base folder is already about 200 megs uncompressed, although there is quite a lot of crap in there that I haven't yet got round to deleting. I will be very impressed in the final Dark Mod can fit on a CD, especially if there are a lot of 1024x1024 TGA normal maps.
  13. OrbWeaver


    It depends on the number of developers and the amount of time spent on the project. There is nothing "inherently" slow about OSS development; if a project is slow it is because not enough time is being put into it, perhaps because few people are interested in it. Projects like Blender, FireFox and Linux move very quickly. It was only a few years ago that there was no decent web browser available for Linux (most of them had problems with rendering in some way), and fonts looked absolutely crap. Now I use Firefox on all my computers and fonts in Gnome look way better than Windows.
  14. I only use Windows for games. Everthing else (with the exception of looking things up on D3W, iddevnet etc) is done in Linux. Malware problem solved.
  15. The fallout will be beneficial to anti-DRM efforts though, since "copy-protected CD" will become synonymous with "contains that software that damages you computer like Sony tried to use" in the minds of many buyers.
  16. OrbWeaver


    Chicken and egg problems do get solved, it just take time. OSS use is increasing, and more and more companies will take advantage of it as the market becomes viable. There is certainly a place for projects like ReactOS, but I would see them more as a stopgap measure rather than a permanent solution.
  17. With a modern OS it would (you'd probably need over twice that just to load the terminal/command window), but in the days of DOS 3.3 where such games were common, you could get by quite comfortably with 640 k.
  18. If a DOS-based text adventure requires 12 megs of RAM, the programmer deserves a slap.
  19. I've heard that Sony disks are not very reliable at all (quite aside from Sony being assholes, which would put me off buying any of their products).
  20. OrbWeaver


    That is playing into Microsoft's hands. As long as everybody else is slavishly copying Windows, Microsoft will always have the upper hand because their "version" of Windows is by definition the best. The way to topple Microsoft, if that is indeed the aim (and for many OSS developers it is not), is to provide equivalent or better functionality than Windows and its applications, rather than bit-for-bit binary compatibility. Once enough people are using such a system, device manufacturers will be forced to write drivers for it and cutting-edge hardware will cease to be an issue.
  21. The text commands are for interacting with the game code itself, they are not used within the context of the particular level being played. To use it as you suggest would be very difficult since there would be no easy way of separating "in-game" commands from the debugging or cheating meta-commands such as "activate God mode" or "give all weapons".
  22. OrbWeaver

    Dark Mod.

    Sparrow hawk Obscurus is the winner.
  23. I'm quite happy for id to get my money, given their support for open formats and open source (like GPL'ing their old games and making Linux builds of their existing ones). Valve on the other hand won't get another penny from me wthout a serious attitude adjustment on their part.
  24. I thought 1.3 removed the CD check, since I can now run Doom 3 without the CD in the drive (which was not possible with the original).
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