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  1. 16 hours ago, datiswous said:

    Thanksgiving is not international enough I would think. But do correct me.

    yeah, not really, but several cultures do have harvest festivals, so it can still be around that same theme. Plus I'm tickled by the idea of an FM where Corbin has to steal a frozen turkey for his family dinner because the butcher was sold out

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  2. Thanks for playing, I'm really glad you liked it! 


    As for your question, I need to go back and work on this problem. Now that I have a better understanding of just how DR works in general, I think I can make a better, more reliable solution. There are also a handful of other bugs I gotta go back and fix too.

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  3. 13 minutes ago, marbleman said:

    I can't believe I missed that. 😑


    Eh, don't feel too bad about this particular spot. This was a troublesome area when it came to beta testing that's been tweaked and retweaked a few times, but since this was a contest mission with a deadline, there is only so much you can do

  4. Hey, thank you very much for the kind words :) I'm happy you enjoyed the mission. I am a bit busy with RL things this summer and haven't been nearly as responsive on the forums as I should be, lol, but I am hoping to start work on another FM after that. As for the glitch, I'm not sure I have experienced that. I'll take a look this weekend and see what's what.

    Also, Dragofer, Biker and I worked on a newly released FM for the recent contest called "Written in Stone" so feel free to give that a whirl if you want

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  5. 11 hours ago, JBERT said:

    I have found this note but I don't understand where I have to go to find this key. Help will be welcome.



    this puzzle gives new meaning to the phrase "on his person" lol. Check him out with the xray specs


    9 hours ago, Azaran said:

    The crystal sword and arcane rod?


    I'm glad you like it! Ink and Dust was a pretty heavy inspiration for sure. As for your question:


    the rod is used to disable the camgoyles via the pedestal. and take the crystal sword back to the teleporter in the mage tower


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