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  1. does this happen when you cross through a visportal? I had a weird glitch similar to this when I was making my FM. It caused a lot of weird black squares and I was apparently in the void when crossing through that visportal because all the visportals on the map opened up/were yellow. I fixed it by removing the visportal and making a new one elsewhere

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  2. 1 hour ago, Jehauri said:

    It's really weird-

    Whoa, that is really weird. I don't have the slightest clue as to what could be causing that. Are you playing 2.07 or 2.08?? And yeah, not sure why peeking works for some and not others but I attached a picture of what it looks like. Pretty useful for spotting guards on the other side.

    And as far as the secret goes...

    Its pretty darn tricky to spot, but look around the desk


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  3. Hey, thanks for playing!

    As far as the Builder, this might actually be my fault. When he's alerted he goes to an alert path node in the room, but I don't know if he calms down. I should maybe give him a patrol outside of the room to give the player some breathing room. Will fix in the next update. (Keep in mind, getting to the holy water is not mandatory to complete the mission)

    And for the water station, the welder is not your way forward

  4. 2 minutes ago, STRUNK said:

    I got them to break the game. When one explodes they get very angry!


    Doing the lord's work. These should make bodies of water a lot more interesting. Thanks Vanished, can't wait to try this out myself

  5. 5 minutes ago, STRUNK said:

    Baking some sausages in hot oil:


    Changed the .mtr file for cave_water_muddy to have it look like hot oily baking stuff : )

      Reveal hidden contents

    //Author: Dram // Changed by STRUNK to be hot baking oil
        qer_editorimage textures/darkmod/sfx/water_surf_001_ed
             description "slightly dark  rippling water with surface dirt"

            vertexProgram HeatHazeWithMaskAndDepth.vfp
            vertexParm 0 0.1 * sintable [ ( time / 20 ) * ((( parm5 + 0.1) - (( parm5 || 0) * 0.1)) * 3)], 0.15 * sintable [ ( time / 24 ) * ((( parm5 + 0.1) - (( parm5 || 0) * 0.1)) * 1.5)]
            vertexParm 1 (( parm6 + 3) - (( parm6 || 0) * 1.5))
            fragmentProgram HeatHazeWithMaskAndDepth.vfp
            fragmentMap 0 _currentRender
            fragmentMap 1 textures/sfx/vp1
            fragmentMap 2 textures/water_source/vp_water
            fragmentMap 3 _currentDepth
            scale 4,4
            blend modulate
            map textures/darkmod/sfx/water_surf_001
            translate 20 * sintable [ time * ((( parm5 + 0.1) - (( parm5 || 0) * 0.1)) * 3)], 0.075 * sintable [ time * ((( parm5 + 0.1) - (( parm5 || 0) * 0.1)) * 1.5)]
            blend modulate
            map textures/darkmod/sfx/water_surf_001
            translate 24 * sintable [ time * ((( parm5 + 0.1) - (( parm5 || 0) * 0.1)) * 3)], 0.0375 * sintable [ time * ((( parm5 + 0.1) - (( parm5 || 0) * 0.1)) * 1.5)]
            red 1
            green 0.6
            blue 0


    Heh, almost looks like the spaghetti sauce you'd get at Steak & Shake ;)

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  6. Thank you for the kind words Tarhiel! It is my first mission, but this was made on the back of several authors before me and hundreds upon hundreds of hours building maps, scrapping maps, learning things, relearning things, making mistakes, haha. This has been a long time coming. But I'm glad you enjoyed it! And I definitely plan on continuing this story as well

    You're the first one to mention the doll! That's a good idea. Originally i just put it in there cause I thought it would be a fun little quirk to find, but you're right, that would be good to toss in there. I will keep that in mind for when I make an update soon. Also gotta figure out this reflection bug...

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  7. I mean, I'm fine with just calling it the Quarantine Contest, I don't think there needs to be a fancy name or anything. Also, I'm pretty sure we can't use "Garrett" as that would infringe on some copyright we don't want to even go near. Our dude's name is Corbin :). And since this is a contest that will presumably last only a few months, I don't think it's at all realistic to expect giant FMs. If we can keep the the guidelines relatively loose and the expectations relatively small, we might see more submissions. I personally would be down to make something, but it won't be anything giant or super fancy

  8. Hey @Spooks, than you very much for the kind words and feedback; its no small compliment coming from an atmospheric master such as yourself! I never thought to introduce the openable crates cause I certainly didn't invent that prefab i used, but I can probably put one in an easy to find location just to set the precedent for players. Out of curiosity, 

    How many secrets did you find?

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