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  1. I'm just computer-literate enough to get mods running and use the typical office-stuff. And I sadly have not yet won the lottery - so I don't have the time to learn making missions myself. But like Outlooker I fantasize about what I would do, and I too have some ideas I'd like to share. Mini-Campaign - From Rags to Riches First mission: You're still a child, living on the streets. I imagine the mission taking place in a rather small part of the city, the central hub would be a market place. Your objectives would be stuff like stealing food, playing pranks on the merchants (e.g. freeing cattle from their cage, watching the stampede), you could work as a messenger - delivering love letters for a Romeo and Juliet-style couple, helping the local beggars and so on. If it is possible, it would be cool if you were smaller than the regular PC character - it would be an interesting change in perspective, since you were smaller you wouldn't be able to reach everything an adult could, but on the other hand you would be able to fit into tighter spaces, opening routes that weren't available to a taller/bigger character. Second mission: You're a teenager now. I imagine the mission as an initiation mission into the local thieves guild. That would open the way for some interesting but rather artificial design choices that would seem out of place in a "normal" mission. I imagine it somewhat similar to the training mission, testing your thieving abilites. Maybe there are other initiates that you compete against. They try to sabotage you - or vice versa. Third mission: Finally, you're a grown-up, a fully-fledged thief. This would be a heist mission with a twist - you're taking revenge on your old enemy from the thieves guild (the one trying to sabotage you in mission two), maybe trying to frame him/her. So that's about it for now. Hope it was something new and interesting.
  2. So, after having played the series, I have to say the Knighton Manor is my favorite mission. I just love manor (bank, museum, whatever) heists - and this one is done exceptionally well. What I liked best (hope I get the spoiler tag thingie right - in case not, please stop reading now):
  3. I first discovered TDM when it was still a mod for doom3 - since I didn't have doom I went on playing Thief again instead. I then re-discovered it through an article on Rock Paper Shotgun. And I'm really glad I did...
  4. Ah well, I have no earlier version, so I'll try to be patient. Luckily there are still a lot of other missions I haven't played yet. Thanks anyway.
  5. So, I'd love to play this mission - sounds fantastic - but everytime I try to load it, I get an error message. I can make my choice in the objectives and then the mission seems to load normally, but right before it should start, I get the following message: IDmoveable ┬┤sheet_paper6┬┤: cannot load collision model models/mapobjects/filler/paperwad1.lwo Any idea what I could do? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi everybody! Just wanted to say thank you so much everyone who made the dark mod possible and everyone who's creating fan missions. I read about the mod some time ago but never got around downloading it. And when I heard it's now a standalone ... well, let's just say I can hardly wait for the end of my workday Up until now I've only played the trainer and st. lucia (which was great btw) and now I'm delving into the Thomas Porter series (only played the first two yet, but I was really enjoying them and look forward to the rest).
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