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  1. Seems my brain isn't quite at full capacity today: how do I trigger mission failure if a certain AI dies?
  2. Thanks! Okay, In St. Lucia, a fake key was bound to a vase, then a stim/response used to delete the fake key and put the real key in the players inventory when the vase was frobbed. Not quite the effect I wanted, but it could be useful.
  3. I tried to add a custom collider to a pot so you could, for example, hide a key in it that would fall out if the player tipped the pot upside down. This doesn't seem possible - any collider that isn't a single solid polygon gives me an error on map start. For example, something like this doesn't work: Is this just a limitation of the engine or is there a way to do it? It's not super important, I just thought it would be cool to do.
  4. I'm looking for the decal often used on the floor in front of secret doors. I've searched though textures/darkmod/decals and many other locations, but can't find it. Does anyone know where it's located or can post the texture? Thanks.
  5. Unfortunately it's still an issue on the latest dev build as well (dev16818-10434)
  6. darn, I just noticed this - I thought I had notifications turned on. I'll check out the dev build after the weekend. Thanks!
  7. here's an example with grass and cobblestones with vertex blending. Seems like a bug to me.
  8. The diffuse maps blend as expected, but the bump maps just appear over the entire model regardless of the vertex colour. This looks terrible, especially when blending between dissimilar surfaces (for example grass and a cobblestone path). You end up with cobblestone bump over the entire grass area as well as the path.
  9. The diffuse maps works as expected, but the shader just ignores vertexColor (and inverseVertexColor) for the bump maps and they still get applied across the whole model. For example: in this material, the grass bump appears everywhere so my dirt path has a grass bump pattern visible in it, which does not look good. textures/darkmod/map_specific/grass4_dirt_01_blend { qer_editorimage textures/darkmod/nature/grass/grass4_ed surftype15 description "grass" { blend diffusemap map textures/darkmod/nature/grass/grass4 vertexColor } { blend bumpmap map textures/darkmod/nature/grass/grass4_local vertexColor } { blend diffusemap map textures/darkmod/nature/dirt/dry_earth_muddy inverseVertexColor } { blend bumpmap map textures/darkmod/nature/dirt/dry_earth_muddy_local inverseVertexColor } } I've tried other textures with the same result. Note that this shader was made using the built in material editor in DR 3.8.
  10. well, I got it working on a simple test plane, subdivided and vertex painted in Blender. The shader I had was actually just fine (at least after removing the parm11 stuff). The problem was with the model's .ase file.
  11. Cool, I think this should help a lot. First off, there is an alpha channel in my vertex-blend texture, so I'll remake that without it. The "blend diffusemap" was from the DrVertexBlend tutorial, but I'll try using "blend add" instead. I had mistakenly thought the first line of the material file was referencing the vertex-blend image, so I should just be giving the material a name there? OK, I'll fix that too. Thanks!
  12. Thanks for the input, I have updated the material file based on that. It still isn't working, but it didn't make it worse anyway:)
  13. I'm not having much success with vertex blending a cobblestone path with grass. I've applied it to an .ase model imported from Blender. I followed this tutorial: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=DrVertexBlend_(tutorial)#Vertex_Painting_Each_Object In DR, my custom material file does show up in the material editor and it seems to be getting applied to the model but incorrectly - it's just a uniform green. In game, the model is greyscale - I think it's getting textured with my vertex-painting, instead of the grass and cobblestone. Here's the mtr file. Have I overlooked anything? textures/darkmod/map_specific/lawn_vertex_blend { surftype15 description "grass" qer_editorimage textures/darkmod/nature/grass/short_dry_grass_dark_ed.jpg { blend diffusemap map textures/darkmod/nature/grass/short_dry_grass_dark vertexColor } { blend bumpmap map textures/darkmod/nature/grass/short_dry_grass_local vertexColor } { if ( parm11 > 0 ) blend gl_dst_color, gl_one map _white rgb 0.40 * parm11 vertexColor } { if ( parm11 > 0 ) blend add map textures/darkmod/nature/grass/short_dry_grass_dark rgb 0.15 * parm11 vertexColor } { blend diffusemap map textures/darkmod/stone/cobblestones/cobblestones02_square_dark inverseVertexColor } { blend specularmap map textures/darkmod/stone/cobblestones/cobblestones02_square_dark_s inverseVertexColor } { blend bumpmap map textures/darkmod/stone/cobblestones/cobblestones02_square_dark_local inverseVertexColor } { if ( parm11 > 0 ) blend gl_dst_color, gl_one map _white rgb 0.40 * parm11 inverseVertexColor } { if ( parm11 > 0 ) blend add map textures/darkmod/stone/cobblestones/cobblestones02_square_dark rgb 0.15 * parm11 inverseVertexColor } } "lawn_vertex_blend" is the vertex-blended DDS image file exported from Blender and is also referenced in the .ase file.
  14. A garden shed sounds good, thanks! Now that you mention it, they could use a garden too.
  15. Thank you! Yes the yard is pretty flat overall, I'll see what I can do.
  16. definitely good to know. One question: why does the toggle reference the player? $foglight.activate($player1);
  17. That's a lot of drawcalls, this sounds like the way to go then.
  18. Is there a spawnarg or other simple way to have a fog light be turned off when the mission starts? I just want the fog to turn on when the player enters a particular area. I have a call_on_entry to trigger it, but it needs to be off to start with or I get the opposite result.
  19. Unfortunately that didn't work, she still wont follow me. It's not a big deal, I just gave the AI her own path to follow to the exit. I can put in a couple path_waitfortrigger so the player doesn't fall too far behind.
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