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  1. Is there a spawnarg or other simple way to have a fog light be turned off when the mission starts? I just want the fog to turn on when the player enters a particular area. I have a call_on_entry to trigger it, but it needs to be off to start with or I get the opposite result.
  2. Unfortunately that didn't work, she still wont follow me. It's not a big deal, I just gave the AI her own path to follow to the exit. I can put in a couple path_waitfortrigger so the player doesn't fall too far behind.
  3. interesting, I'll give that a try. Thanks!
  4. I'm having trouble getting an AI character to follow the player. I have a path_follow_actor node at the end of the AI's path and the node targets Player1. The AI follows the rest of her path normally, but stops at path_follow_actor and just stands there like an idiot no matter what I do. Am I referencing the player incorrectly?
  5. Ha! I just noticed there's an error in mine. I'm missing an AND in my enabling _objs. It should read: 1 AND 5 AND 6 AND (7 or 8 or 9) You probably just saved me a bunch of trouble shooting
  6. I assume you got the other objectives in from following the guide, which is missing that step (https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=A_-_Z_Beginner_Full_Guide_Page_6#Putting_Objectives_in_the_Mission). Here's a snip from my atdm:target_addobjectives, which shows my final objective (obj10 in my case). Looks like the line obj10_enabling_objs is the key. Hope that helps.
  7. true, I didn't need to set objective_ent on a vial I used for another objective; maybe it's just needed for AI?
  8. I had tried the separate brush by itself, but it didn't work. Oddly enough, I was able to complete the objective if I knocked her out first and dropped her in the escape zone!
  9. that did it! objective_ent wasn't set on lucia and I added the separate brush.
  10. thanks, yes it's correct. I just checked it again. lucia -all lower case.
  11. I'm having trouble getting the AI to complete an objective. It is set to complete when the AI named "lucia" goes to a certain location "EscZone". The AI path corner is in the middle of the location, but nothing happens when she goes there. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. EscZone is a big clip brush converted to info_tdm_objective_location. It is the same one I'm using for Mission Complete and it works when the player goes there, so I know it's functioning.
  12. It's there in v3.8.0 in my Windows version. I've been fighting with it all morning.
  13. I tried The Dark Mod VR with the new TDM 2.11, but unfortunately is was a no go.
  14. Thank you, that was a magical mission, which I thought was pretty cool. It took a good amount of exploring to complete all objectives on hard and it was enjoyable the whole time.
  15. I figured it out! I had deleted a previous desk in that location, but left behind the drawer collision boxes. I had the collision filter on, so I didn't see them (and also they didn't get selected for the test map I exported). Even though the boxes don't overlap with the position of the key, it was still interfering some how. Anyway, I deleted those and now I can frob the key.
  16. and now I just saw your post and tried your upload. That works too of course.
  17. I just tried the test map I sent you and now the key frobs for me as well.
  18. g1_office.mapg1_office.darkradiant Here it is!
  19. I'm having an odd issue placing a key in DR. If I place it on a desk, the character can't frob it, but I can put it on top of a cupboard or on the floor and it works fine. I'm not sure what's going on with the desk. I tried two different ones from the prefabs (desk1 and desk 2b) and I still run into the same problem. Strangely, there is a candlestick on the prefab desk and I can pick that up just fine, but not the key.
  20. haha, I was also concerned about about my sanity. Thanks, I never thought to try a different texture.
  21. OK, after some more experimenting, it appears the texture scale is not the same. In DR my building wall is 25.5 bricks high, but in DarkMod, the wall texture is 34.5 bricks tall.
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