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  1. Another attempt. I selected all the brushes at once and reapplied the texture, went to the surface inspector, adjusted the scale, hit Natural, adjusted the vertical shift till it looked good in the preview window. Again, it is not aligned the same way in darkmod as it is in the DR preview. (texture is blocks_large_sandstone)
  2. I spent the morning aligning my windows inside and out with the wall brick textures, but after saving and dmap, it still looks off in-game. It's quite bizarre. I tried deleting the .cm and .proc, and running dmap again (several times) but it didn't help. I don't have any dmap errors either. Any ideas what is going on? additional info: rather than adjusting the textures I edited the brushes, grabbed all the relevant vertices and adjusted the height of the window recesses. On the outside of the house I moved the window facades. Everything is appears to be aligned perfectly in DR, but is way off when I run the game.
  3. After completing nearly every TDM mission, I'm finally working on one of my own. It won't be terribly long, but something manageable for my first fm. It starts out in a small wooded area, then ends up at a modest manor. Things are going pretty well so far. The environment and basic architecture are done, it just needs to be prettied up. After fixing many leaks, I also have all the Visportals working now. Challenges: I managed to successfully export an asset from Blender and texture it for tdm. I think this is the most difficult thing I've ever done. DarkRadiant didn't like the file generated from the Blender ASE exporter I'm using. I was able to correct the output by comparing the file to one from another fm and also figured out how to get the textures in there. It took me a couple days, but at least now I know the process. Currently adding furniture and AI.
  4. Thanks Jack, yes it was brushwork. It's all good now! (I updated my post)
  5. I ran into an odd issue today. I have a wall which appears in the editor window, but in the game it's invisible (or missing). What would cause that? I'm not getting any dmap errors. (edit) I fixed it. I had used the "Hollow" button instead of "Make Room" on the brush. I just moved the vertices around so there is no overlap and now it's working fine.
  6. Greetings, after completing nearly all the FMs, I finally started building my own. Fidcal's mapping tutorials and others have been really useful (thank you), but I have my first question (probably of many). I have a some bushes that I don't want the player to be able to climb on top of. I added the property "is_mantleable 0", but this made no difference. I also tried "allowStep 0", but no dice. I guess I could put a clip brush around it, just wondering if there was another way.
  7. Thanks, that was a fine mission (played on Thief). 10 years old and holding up well.
  8. I finally played the Penny Dreadful series this past week, somehow overlooking it before. It's very impressive, I especially like the complex mapping of PD3 with all the verticality and interconnections. I've completed the main objectives, but here I am Christmas day trying to Can someone help me out? The grail beckons me. Cheers!
  9. That was a very ambitious fm! Many steps to complete, but also some helpful read-ables and maps to guide you though. Lots of new looking assets, like those lamps That also led to a different play style than usual. I enjoyed knocking out dozens of Hammerites for a change - I love to hate those guys. No major bugs, but I managed to get outside the map in a couple places. One was where I climbed some rocks and got over the gate the back of the farm (I was able to get back in though). One small issue was I think if the Objective page was updated to say "after all other objectives have been completed, bring the cure to the Hospice" it would be a bit clearer. One question: Anyway, thanks for the mission, it was time well spent!
  10. Thanks! Yes, sorry I thought I had quoted someone else's question about the safe.
  11. That was a different and fun mission. I liked navigating through the crowds - I hadn't seen that in other fm's. It was quite challenging at times, especially during the "follow" section. It was VERY challenging trying to get back home after completing the objectives. I did notice an issue with guards seeing bodies that were stowed in the dark though - I had to make sure to put them in an area that no one ever ventured into ( ).
  12. Thank you! The game is looking beautiful in VR, especially with 2.10. I have played though several 2.10 missions and it is mostly working flawlessly. Good enough that I don't play in flatscreen anymore. There's just a couple bugs if you return from your HL2 endeavors. I eventually get this crash error when playing with shadow maps enabled (tested on a Vive pro, Pimax 5k+, and Reverb G2): Quicksave_0 Quicksave_1 Quicksave_0 --------- Game Map Shutdown ---------- ModelGenerator memory: 315 LOD entries with 0 users using 5040 bytes. WARNING:idClipModel::FreeTraceModel: tried to free uncached trace model (index=0) --------- Game Map Shutdown done ----- ERROR:Could not unlock DX texture -------------------------------------- Xr: Acquiring swapchain that was not released ERROR:Could not unlock DX texture -------------------------------------- Xr: Acquiring swapchain that was not released ERROR:Could not unlock DX texture -------------------------------------- Xr: Acquiring swapchain that was not released ERROR:Could not unlock DX texture -------------------------------------- Xr: Acquiring swapchain that was not released ERROR:Could not unlock DX texture -------------------------------------- Xr: Acquiring swapchain that was not released ERROR:Could not unlock DX texture -------------------------------------- Shutting down sound hardware idRenderSystem::Shutdown() Shutting down OpenGL subsystem ...wglMakeCurrent( NULL, NULL ): success ...deleting GL context: success ...releasing DC: success ...destroying window ...shutting down QGL I18NLocal: Shutdown. ------------ Game Shutdown ----------- ModelGenerator memory: No LOD entries. Shutdown event system -------------------------------------- Could not unlock DX texture the game will be running fine up to that point then starts to stutter badly shortly before crashing. Fortunately the work-around is just to set the shadow implementation to "stencil" and it runs just fine (but isn't as pretty of course). On the Reverb G2 (WMR), there is a problem with walking though sunbeam effects (on 2.10 maps). The sunbeam sticks to your right eye and remains in your vision until you restart the game. This does not affect the steamvr headsets fortunately. Aside from that, everything is very playable. I don't have a Quest2 to test it on though. [My system: Win10, i5-10600KF, 16GB, RTX 2080Ti] Cheers!
  13. Thanks, that was a good one and a nice change of scenery. I played through on hard and the difficulty level seemed about right for that.
  14. Wow I just completed the mission, but it looks like I need to go back in and look around some more. So many streets and paths and open windows - this map is a thief's dream
  15. Superb mission. I liked the lighting that 2.10 brings as well as the new looting animations. Great job for the voice actors and the female protagonist was a nice change and well done.
  16. Thanks! I thought that was him - I even checked him twice, but still managed to miss the key. Mission Complete!
  17. Enjoyable mission so far, nice expansive and varied map. I'm stuck finding
  18. Thank you, that was a superb mission (played through on hard). I was able to complete the objectives, although there was one locked area I couldn't get into:
  19. Thanks for the fun mission and the first NSFW one I've seen. It was pretty amusing and I thought the singing priest was well done also. It probably took me a fair bit longer than it should have though,
  20. Thanks for another great mission. I was chuffed to complete all the objectives, but as usual, humbled to find I missed over 800 in loot and most of the secrets. was a really nice touch.
  21. Nice mansion heist, my favourite mission type and I liked the twist at the end The manor rooms were quite large, but the guards always managed to get under my feet anyway, so it was well balanced. It took careful stealth and good timing to complete all objectives (played on hard).
  22. Another great Mission, thanks Jack. Amusing recordings too, especially the "spinning in his grave" line
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