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  1. I'm from germany and living in Berlin today. I studied the last years in M√ľnster - famous for this: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:MuensterPrinzipalmarkt09.JPG In my hometown 'Aurich' in 'Ostfriesland' people speak 'plattdeutsch' which contains some english words: he, her ...
  2. just in case it happens to you: If you add a caulk texture to something and it disappears, and you dont know why. If you try a few times and with other textures and you search in the wiki and the forum for a fix - then: Disable your filter->caulk and have a coffee.
  3. I made some maps for HL1 with Hammer and startet using DarkRadiant a few weeks ago. I think your knowledge will help you a lot. I startet this http://wiki.thedarkm...ide_Start_Here! and didn't need to finish the tutorial. Just start from the beginning and do exactly what's written, you'll find all important information on the first pages. Then I stopped the tutorial and looked up things when I stuck. For Example: I searched for a way to link to the textures as you have to in Hammer (if I remember right) but you dont need to do it in DarkRadiant.
  4. Your script should work for me fine with these loops (more via PM the next days). I printet it out to read it en route. Maybe I got time for a testmap today. I'll be thankful for every scripting help as I last coded simple things with a dos-software about 100 years ago...
  5. Great! When I have time to spare I'll try to understand everything and make my own tests! (I paused writing the plot for my FM 'cause I need to know how much controlling of the AI is possible)
  6. I made a small test. A AI walking around with path_corners and 1 path_wait. When I trigger the script, the moveToPosition-waypoint is added before the next path_corner: AI is on way from A -> B. When script is triggered AI first moves to the script-waypoint and then immediately to B. When the script is triggered while path_wait is active the AI moves in the direction of the script-waypoint but when the path_wait ends it forgets the script-waypoint and continues the path. void geh() { $frau.moveToPosition($player1.getOrigin()); }
  7. What I wanna do is a waiting queue for a map with kind of open-world-feel. My first goal: Send each incoming AI to another path_corner. I tried it this way. AI walks to path_corner and while on the way it walks over a trigger on the way. This trigger changes the target of the path_corner. But it doesn't change the route of the AI. Then I placed a trigger_wait (wait 0) between them and changed its target, because I thought maybe the AI already 'knows' the target of the next node. But it doesn't change anything. Is the whole path fix when the map is loaded? EDIT: HEY! When I can't change the target of an AI - I fear I can forget my idea... (AI go to work, after some time have a break, go back to work, talk to someone... all controlled via script)
  8. Hi, what I want: On the way to the last path_corner of a path-chain the AI moves through a trigger which leads into a script. This script should check some variables and give the AI a new target. It has to work for every AI which passes this way. But how do I get the name of the triggering AI into my script?
  9. this is the whole thing. Works now, thanks alot! void befugt() { $wache1.setEntityRelation($player1,1); $wache1.setAlertLevel(0); $wache2.setEntityRelation($player1,1); $wache2.setAlertLevel(0); sys.println("befugt"); } void unbefugt() { $wache1.setEntityRelation($player1,-1); $wache2.setEntityRelation($player1,-1); sys.println("unbefugt"); } void folgehelfer() { boolean eingreifen; float abstand; abstand = $player1.distanceTo($helfer1); sys.println(abstand); eingreifen = abstand > 128; if (eingreifen) { unbefugt (); } else { befugt (); } }
  10. if (eingreifen == true) -> type mismatch for '=='
  11. and one guy told it to me 2 hours ago... thank u
  12. but this doesnt work. if (eingreifen = true) { call unbefugt(); } it works without the 'call' (no, script doesnt work.. they are attacking the player right from the start... but im new to this and im on it )
  13. Thanks! I didn't notice it...
  14. Hi, what i want is to compare two floats. It's about checking the distance between the player and an AI and start a script if the distance is bigger than 128. I wrote: void folgehelfer() { boolean eingreifen; string abstand; abstand = $player1.distanceTo($helfer1); sys.println(abstand); eingreifen = abstand > 128; if (eingreifen = true) { call unbefugt(); } } it doesnt work: type mismatch for '>' Does TDM / D3 know '>' and '<'? What is wrong?
  15. I started my first fanmission (it will take some time) and you'll find some stuff like that in it... @Kyyrma: Looking forward for more stuff by you. I had a lot of fun playing this small mission. Well done! edit: Played it 2 times - on easy and difficult.
  16. You are right: I used Valves Worldcraft (later called Hammer). I had to select the texture-packs and saw them in a texture-browser when I did everything allright. I expected the same feedback in DarkRadiant and did want to start the tutorial after I got everything set up. Solution: Just follow the great tutorials and relax. You'll find all the textures in "media" (press 'm') and all used ones in the map at "textures" (press 't').
  17. Hey, finally TDM is for free (i got no Doom3) and i played it a bit now and can't wait to get my own mission startet... I created a few things for Half-Life so i tried it the same way - read tutorials and get things started. I mainly read these http://wiki.thedarkm...uide_Start_Here! http://forums.thedar...ngs-for-tdm-20/ - but I can't get DarkRadiant settings the right way. I got no textures and no entities. Here is where it is: E:\darkmod // it's TDM 2.00 C:\Program Files\DarkRadiant // the newest version - i got it today. Settings: Select a Game [Doom3] Engine Path [E:/] - ? Mod [darkmod] - ? Mod Base - ? I tried a lot of different things here but nothing worked... Can someone help?
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