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  1. I'm from germany and living in Berlin today. I studied the last years in M√ľnster - famous for this: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:MuensterPrinzipalmarkt09.JPG In my hometown 'Aurich' in 'Ostfriesland' people speak 'plattdeutsch' which contains some english words: he, her ...
  2. just in case it happens to you: If you add a caulk texture to something and it disappears, and you dont know why. If you try a few times and with other textures and you search in the wiki and the forum for a fix - then: Disable your filter->caulk and have a coffee.
  3. I made some maps for HL1 with Hammer and startet using DarkRadiant a few weeks ago. I think your knowledge will help you a lot. I startet this http://wiki.thedarkm...ide_Start_Here! and didn't need to finish the tutorial. Just start from the beginning and do exactly what's written, you'll find all important information on the first pages. Then I stopped the tutorial and looked up things when I stuck. For Example: I searched for a way to link to the textures as you have to in Hammer (if I remember right) but you dont need to do it in DarkRadiant.
  4. Your script should work for me fine with these loops (more via PM the next days). I printet it out to read it en route. Maybe I got time for a testmap today. I'll be thankful for every scripting help as I last coded simple things with a dos-software about 100 years ago...
  5. Great! When I have time to spare I'll try to understand everything and make my own tests! (I paused writing the plot for my FM 'cause I need to know how much controlling of the AI is possible)
  6. I made a small test. A AI walking around with path_corners and 1 path_wait. When I trigger the script, the moveToPosition-waypoint is added before the next path_corner: AI is on way from A -> B. When script is triggered AI first moves to the script-waypoint and then immediately to B. When the script is triggered while path_wait is active the AI moves in the direction of the script-waypoint but when the path_wait ends it forgets the script-waypoint and continues the path. void geh() { $frau.moveToPosition($player1.getOrigin()); }
  7. What I wanna do is a waiting queue for a map with kind of open-world-feel. My first goal: Send each incoming AI to another path_corner. I tried it this way. AI walks to path_corner and while on the way it walks over a trigger on the way. This trigger changes the target of the path_corner. But it doesn't change the route of the AI. Then I placed a trigger_wait (wait 0) between them and changed its target, because I thought maybe the AI already 'knows' the target of the next node. But it doesn't change anything. Is the whole path fix when the map is loaded? EDIT: HEY! When I can't change the target of an AI - I fear I can forget my idea... (AI go to work, after some time have a break, go back to work, talk to someone... all controlled via script)
  8. Hi, what I want: On the way to the last path_corner of a path-chain the AI moves through a trigger which leads into a script. This script should check some variables and give the AI a new target. It has to work for every AI which passes this way. But how do I get the name of the triggering AI into my script?
  9. this is the whole thing. Works now, thanks alot! void befugt() { $wache1.setEntityRelation($player1,1); $wache1.setAlertLevel(0); $wache2.setEntityRelation($player1,1); $wache2.setAlertLevel(0); sys.println("befugt"); } void unbefugt() { $wache1.setEntityRelation($player1,-1); $wache2.setEntityRelation($player1,-1); sys.println("unbefugt"); } void folgehelfer() { boolean eingreifen; float abstand; abstand = $player1.distanceTo($helfer1); sys.println(abstand); eingreifen = abstand > 128; if (eingreifen) { unbefugt (); } else { befugt (); } }
  10. if (eingreifen == true) -> type mismatch for '=='
  11. and one guy told it to me 2 hours ago... thank u
  12. but this doesnt work. if (eingreifen = true) { call unbefugt(); } it works without the 'call' (no, script doesnt work.. they are attacking the player right from the start... but im new to this and im on it )
  13. Thanks! I didn't notice it...
  14. Hi, what i want is to compare two floats. It's about checking the distance between the player and an AI and start a script if the distance is bigger than 128. I wrote: void folgehelfer() { boolean eingreifen; string abstand; abstand = $player1.distanceTo($helfer1); sys.println(abstand); eingreifen = abstand > 128; if (eingreifen = true) { call unbefugt(); } } it doesnt work: type mismatch for '>' Does TDM / D3 know '>' and '<'? What is wrong?
  15. I started my first fanmission (it will take some time) and you'll find some stuff like that in it... @Kyyrma: Looking forward for more stuff by you. I had a lot of fun playing this small mission. Well done! edit: Played it 2 times - on easy and difficult.
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