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  1. It was a nice mission. I really liked the readables, well they did not tell much about anything else but what is happening in the mansion but i think thats ok too. I was short on 100 loot. Well the most things I dont like are already mentioned, only that the well.... its not quite my thing. The playing time was quite nice and i loved the mushrooms ^^ As you have seen on my map, I am quite picky with the textures and there are many not made fit. The most are not really bad but the lock texture on the cell door is really bad halfcut. One of the standing lamps was with the upper part inside of the wood of the window. Overall the map was good playable and had a nice feeling. Congratz on the first map!
  2. Haha, that sounds like you had fun. Thanks for you feedback, the basement was planned to be the only way out, leading to the sewers and to a small piece of the city, where you have to find your house and there should be creepy music too. To bad outside areas are still to hard for me now, so i would have need like one month more to build that. btw, what is Scratches? Sounds like a horror-or splattermovie.
  3. The only good thing I can remember is the easy way to create AI paths, a few clicks and finished. But thats it. I loved thief 3 but the editor... I would say I started as noob and left as noob.
  4. I think the waterarrow is ok the way it is now.
  5. XD thats for sure. I can remember the "blast" i had on playing it the first time. Did i ever say thanks?
  6. afaik, its not finished or released yet
  7. Heart race sounds promising, this week sounds good too. I am already excited
  8. I would need a few female Ai too... I want to build a city and a convent.... but I think you are still low on female voices right?
  9. So, how many christmas FMs are still in the works? Melan is working on one and Bikerdude right? Any others? I just thought, for the time DM 1.0 is out, there are quite a nice amount of FMs ready. What would you say how many there will be in like... a year? After the christmas contest, the counter will slow down, we have now 10, if SL and TD1 getting updated - 12. So i think it will be around 25-28 @ 2011 (well i hope that it will be more ).
  10. I may ask you as soon as i need it but for now there are many other things to do. edit: *ask you how to do it or where the tot. is
  11. um... sorry I did not get that. Did it sound like I expect something from you? I know that you have more than enough work.
  12. yeah, to bad i could not find a 100% way to get it working after the map was build to 95%, I did think of making two lamps, one with light texture and one without. Making a mover_slider out of both and set the move time to 0,1 so they change place. but I did not have the time to check it out.
  13. assuming that I want to build a really big map, is there a limit? Maybe a limit how much can be pre-loaded? Would it be better to wait til loading in the mission is suportet?
  14. Hi Melan, I am really excited and hope i can play your map soon!
  15. Hi GameDevGoro, how is the map progress? I hope you can finish it!
  16. "4. " No there is nothing up there, but good guess, i did think of placing some loot there but in the end i did not. "I noticed the guards with swords can throw a bottle or the like at you if they cannot reach you. I saw how one of the two alerted guards threw a bottle at the obstacle that was too close to them and hit another guard. As the result they started fighting each other. The duel was quite spectacular... After some fencing the guards who lose started running away But eventually he was caught and executed." Haha, nice! "This is a general TDM issue that has already been discussed a couple of times. I actually reported this myself once. I guess this will be dealt with in the next update of TDM." I can't wait for the next update
  17. Thanks Ladro but that light in the nursery was like that, the credits should go to the creator of the lamp. (sadly i dont know who it is) Glad you liked it
  18. hahaha, yes i love them. Thanks guys for you kind words, that really gives me the confidence to start another map.
  19. well I think the FMs should just be stickie d or the other topics moved. Seriously, why is a topic like "Sunbelt firewall i causing FM not to load" in the fanmissions page? I still think it would be the best way to make a page like "I need help" or something like that, why using the search functionality if you can find it right away too?
  20. hahaha, yeah it should be like that. You never know what foreigh creators can do Well i am a huge fan of Myst and the old Tomb Raider series so you will always see things like that in my maps. Maybe even bigger in the next map? lets see " Just about playable on my old machine with FX5900 and low settings but fps dropped at worst to about 6fps. No wait, I had one big lag for a second or two in that " Sorry i thought: Its good playable on my old geforce 7600gs so it should be playable for everyone else too. I will consider this for my next map. btw, i would never think that my master would steal something from my map "@Sonosuke: is this a grand xmas contest entry? " yes it is "Dang I never found the player lantern. I meant to mention that was another thing that mildly spoilt it for me - I keep reaching for my lantern and it wasn't there. Redo and re-issue this FM at once!!!!!!!! " did you even take a look in the shack? " (Poor old Tels is still in beta testing mode and can't break out of it. He's never been the same since Saint Lucia. )"
  21. in that room was actually loot, after rethinking i placed funny things like firearrows in it. While beta testing i was changed back to loot. Well you cant satisfy everyone.... yeah the objective was broken for sure^^ but you could try again searching at the
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