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  1. The ticking things though.. The names? ("Do the names have something to do with the ticking frequenzy?")
  2. RIGHT! Err, ok. Me and Schatten and Gildoran were talking on IRC the other day, and Schatten raised some questions regarding the structure of the ambients (oh no, not again! ) And all this was because he is planning on releasing "kits" with all the little bits and pieces of his longer tracks (something Gildoran requested) and we started thinking about how to organize it all so they will be easy to find for mappers. Anyway, Schatten had a good suggestion (better if he posts it himself) but it requires "nested" soundshaders, which, tragically isn't possible it seems. I'll let the others fill the (let's face it, huge) gaps, I'm off to eat!
  3. Right! frob_piano - Nothing to add here, they're perfectly fine. I'll upload em to CVS next time I do that clocktick - Sounds good as well. Question: Do the names have something to do with the ticking frequenzy? rainloop - Yeah, sounds like something tropical almost Woodsie/forest thing. haunt_version2 - Waht, no bass? Heh, anyway, nice work here too. Nothing for me to whine about tense - Ah, nice! Saxmeister strikes again! Fits well with the trippystrings. creepy_voices - Finally! Someone did the creepy voices! I think I'm gonna do one of these myself someday.. It's sooo funny
  4. Yes, the material_wood_destroyed sounds are meant for wooden objects like crates, doors etc etc. (This also goes for the material_wood_impact sounds) We don't have a broadhead break sound yet. I'll check what it sounded like in Thief and see if I can do something similar.
  5. I realise other people might not really get what I'm on about here.. I'm off to bed right now though, but I'll post more tomorrow unless Schatten or Gildoran beats me to it.
  6. Schatten, to bring you up to speed, Gildoran didn't manage to nest soundshaders in the editor. So I'm not sure what we're gonna do about this.
  7. Downloading em right now. I'll get back to you
  8. I updated the design doc to reflect the reorg. Suggestions on other ambients we need are welcome. I'm not sure about the tracking of the ambience files, but what I did now is just an approximation, so we can see in what area we might want to concentrate. It's not a rule though, so you don't have to stop submitting mansion themed songs or anything.
  9. Ah, I thought it was the bass thingy that was sampled. The vocals.. Not so easy to replicate then, heh. Well, could you upload a version without the vocals anyway? A sort of related question: How did you do the vocals on your other tracks? I'm curious since they're always so great. Do you use samples? Some VST plugin or what? Or do you just keep a children's choir in your basement? Don't think you should change your style (it's perfect as it is) but if you want to try a more traditional Thief-sound don't let me stop you
  10. Well can't we do it so that all the objects uses the variable, but you can override it in the material file if you want to?
  11. Yeah, that's what I meant. If it's possible. Variabelize not the whole code bit, but the brightness value, so it can be changed easily.
  12. Is it possible to use a global variable/function for the highlighting instead of typing it for every single texture?
  13. Hey! Nice to see you again! Looking forward to the samples!
  14. I've been naggin about this for ages. Hooray for someone finally agreeing with me
  15. Serenity: In space no one can hear you scream cause this movie is actually scientifically correct (ok not really) Also known as Serenity: One Captain. One Psychic. One Assasin. One Doctor. One Shepherd. Another Assasin, but different from the first. One Mechanic. One Companion, which is like a geisha or a courtesan, I guess sort of. One... um... did I do Mechanic? Which movie is this? Aand my favourite: Serenity: If you loved Katerina Witt in 'Carmen on Ice', you'll love this
  16. I like em all. How hard would it be to "recreate" the sample you got from Alien? (Could you maybe upload the sample, I'm not really sure what it is you used) Also, if you don't want to, you don't need to upload the old ambients again since they're all on CVS by now. (Although it would be nice to have them uploaded when you browse old threads, and click the links etc) Damn I should update the ambient designdoc and the cvs thread someday..
  17. I think Renz will love this thread Happy new year people!
  18. Hum, I thought we decided to use the lwo format since there was some problem with the ase files? We did convert all them ase models into lwo objects didn't we? I might be wrong about this, I don't really remember...
  19. Yes that's true, but you don't always have to be about the practical side of everything either. Of course a lot of our customs don't make any real sense anymore, but I still celebrate Midsummer and dance around a huge flower penis every year. Edit - I think I misread your post Spar, so don't bother about my first sentance.
  20. Marriage is a tradtition, wouldn't call that worthless. Almost every culture has had some form of marriage ceremony. For instance, Africa is probably home to the largest amount of religions and cultures on earth. They've got tons of different wedding traditions, but one thing that is important in many of them is the complete merging of the two families (or tribes) into one. That's pretty cool if you ask me.
  21. You should convert it to lwo before uploading to CVS! (Looks nice btw)
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