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  1. I'm not sure. I made a thread about it here Would it work for you if I just wrote these shaders: - tdm_sfx_game - tdm_sfx_movement (the one with the footsteps, among other things) - tdm_sfx_tools - tdm_sfx_world Or do you need a special shader file just for the footsteps? Oh, another thing, am I right in saying that tdm_player.sndshd is no longer needed when we add this code?
  2. Yeah, I guess both would do. Probably better to go with man-made since it's not a, er, don't know what it's called in english.. a word that contradicts something. How about artificial?
  3. Does anyone know a good word for things "opposite of nature"? Things made by man, like machines, clocks, chains etc. - nature - non-nature - music/background/loops (non-real sounds) Could work?
  4. Oops, nevermind that. I searched through the Journal board and found out all the missing info.
  5. Damn, this is incredibly hard. But I have made a nature folder anyway, which has all the animals, water and weather sounds. I'm thinking of doing a "hums" folder and place a lot of the short background loops there. Question is where to put the long, more busy "themes". Should we have a "themes" folder? I have also written a soundshader for the nature file now, complete with a note of who made the sound. Unfortunately there are a few sounds which I don't know who made, since they were made before the CVS thread and I was unable to find anything on the forum.
  6. I think every surface we decided on has got soundfiles on CVS. They can be seen in this thread (Can't you guys just bookmark that one or something.. hehe )
  7. .. And maybe the footsteps? (sorry Ish!) Oh, oh, and the water sounds!
  8. Maybe that should be done for the new beta-mappers release?
  9. Yeah, what I mean is that the mapper shouldn't need to define a sound for every loot item he places. That would be stupid. But then, who has defined the default setting, and where do we do that?
  10. Oh, that's good then. Then the default should be set to the correct sound.
  11. Wouldn't it be a lot better if things worked like other games/editors where objects has predefined settings and such. Like all loot objects are of the "loot-class" which shares properties. (Like when you frob them they are added to the lootcount, the proper sound is played etc etc) And all things you can pickup (arrows, potions, scrolls) will also need to share some properties, like when you frob them they should go to the inventory, and play a sound etc.
  12. Isn't this something the coders need to add?
  13. Hm, I thought we had one on CVS.. I'll check it out Edit - Yes, it's there. I'm not sure if the code has been changed to reflect this but the sound is: sound\sfx\world\frob_loot.ogg You can always check these things for yourself in THIS THREAD. That's a list of all the sounds on CVS and so on. When the sound is added to the game, please tell me so and I'll mark it as such on that list.
  14. You can ask me these sort of things. I'm usually around more often than modetwo. Send me a PM and we'll fix it. (You're not banned, and a reset of the password should do the trick)
  15. Here you go Dram: What, you really didn't know? anyways, thanks NH, Ish, Hewer, Darkness_Falls
  16. Ours is more of a *DUUN* but I like it anyways Strictly technically speaking, our sounds are of a greater quality than the ones from Thief 1/2, but that's to be expected - a lot of years has passed. We are following in Thief's footsteps when it comes to the attention we pay to the soundpart of the mod. Once we release this thing, it's gonna be good people.
  17. Sounds like good news. Er, mostly. Can't say I know who Kwame Kilpatrick is..
  18. Sorry! That wasn't directed at you Spar! I was simply mentioning it because Sax and DarknessFalls included some sfx in their layouts. But yes, the reason I'm not happy with the current layout is that you just can't sort some sounds into a "theme".
  19. Just to explain the difference between SFX and Ambient (again.. hehe): Soundeffects are the "pre-coded" sounds. Things like if I drop this bucket here it will make this sound. Or if that Haunt walks over the marble floor it will make that sound. Or when you open a metal door it sounds like this or that etc. Ambients are things the mapper includes to add atmosphere. Like the sound of rain, or the ocean. Or humming background music or machine buzz etc. Yes, this is how I feel as well. Few folders with good names. SFX has three or four subfolders, which is fine. I hope it will be possible to sort the ambients in about that many folders as well.
  20. I should have mentioned this probably... We have three folders in "sound": Ambient, SFX and Voices. These will remain, since both SFX and Voices have good structures. So this topic is about what folders we want inside "Ambient". DarknessFalls may be onto something there.
  21. Heh, yes, this time I actually managed to enter the correct birthdate as opposed to last year. And yes, SHOCKING TRUTH REVEALED: I'm 19! (That might not come as a shock if you were around last year but hey) So anyway, Thanks guys! Appreciate it.
  22. I just noticed that the soundshaders use the prefix "tdm" instead of "darkmod". I guess this should be changed. No point in using different prefixes everywhere.
  23. Seems like most are still around. Well sorta. Still haven't heard from: Muze (has been gone for a long time though) and mrD (who officially resigned, actually, so no surprise there either) Oh, it would be nice if you guys could chip in on the "Reorganize the ambients" thread as well. Still not sure what to do about that.
  24. You can check the soundeditor by typing editSounds in the console. There's a dropdown list where you can see all the shaders.
  25. Well, we have to look at it from the level designer's point of view. When you fire up the sound editor, it lists all the shaders available, which means all the ai shaders etc. On top of that, all the standard Doom 3 shaders are listed as well (though if you remove the correct pk4 file from base, that's taken care of). The more shaders we have, the more confusing it's gonna be. And the problem is I don't think you can't "nest" the shaders so that one shader lies within another. That would have been perfect otherwise. So if we go for a new set of folders, then there should be very few of them, like with the sfx. Three or so.
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