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  1. I used Sonar (2 I think) a few years back, but later switched to Cubase. I'm guessing nowadays all these apps are pretty similar. Does anyone uses VST instruments? Maybe we could start sharing cool plugins and things like that.
  2. Ach, late again! Happy birthday mate
  3. No I got that, but how would you save a game? Normally you type a name into a "save slot" and click save. Now there aren't any save slots, only loading slots..?
  4. I still think the clock thing is the way to go. I'll post some samples later. Don't we need two screens for load/save? I mean you can both load a game and save a game while playing. I don't get how you're supposed to do that with your screen.
  5. Whops, reminds me of the things I was supposed to fix
  6. One long list is how it's usually done (Thief1/2/3 most other games) but I kinda like how Doom 3 did it. It's more clicks, but it's easier to find the keybind you're looking for. I don't have a problem with having a sub-submenu. We don't even know if it's possible to have one long list. When we do we could ask people what they would prefer. Also, I got a great idea for arrow art. The clock handles! Oddity modeled them after an image you can find easily on google. I'm playing around with it now, and I think it could turn out great. One of those handles would also make a great mouse cursor if we ever figure out how to replace it.
  7. Oh, those weren't "real" concepts. I just copied the text to show off more fonts.. (I hope you didn't think that was how I intended it to look!) As for having all controls on one page, that was in response to your comment about the submenus getting crowded. If we want to have all the commands on one page we should mend the list, not have three different ones on the same page. That would be stupid. I only wanted to know if it's even possible. I'm not too fond of those fonts either, the best one is, in my opinion, the one featured on the last image and which the title ("Settings") is written with. Edit - I edited my previous post (the one with the images) for clarity
  8. Is it possible not to break up the controls? ------------------------- And on a totally unrelated topic: () Here's a picture with 6 different handwriting fonts: Also had an idea about how not to box stuff in, but still have the scrollarrows. You'll have to excuse the rather weird graphics I used.. was all I could find on my harddrive. (Yet another font is used here) You get the idea though, have a line in the middle which both separates the columns and holds the arrows. Another thing crossed my mind, now that we have the clock model Odd made (at least I think we have) maybe put it behind the title, ticking? (Otherwise a still image?) I haven't checked how this looks, so it might be crap.
  9. That's not an official sound. Someone added it for a testmap. It's taken from Thief or some other game.
  10. If you'll get accepted you can do music as well of course It's just I'm looking for SFX people at the moment, since we have a lot of music-only members. Heh, just looked back on this thread and you actually answered this question already. Sorry this thread got kinda lost somehow. I'll set you up as a contributor and you can have a crack at doing some SFX or ambients
  11. I like Carleton too. As you said, it IS Thief. I don't think it fits the parchment theme as well as it fitted the Thief games mechanical theme though. Thief used J.D for parchments, and it's nice, but a little too cute for my taste
  12. What do you mean by "impressive looking" text? You mean like using images instead of fonts or something?
  13. I'd like to get some cooler looking font in as well, something handwritten, but I know it IS slightly harder to read that stuff. Personally I don't suffer from this, and I have always thought old handwritten letters most enjoyable to read. If you've played Benoit Sokal's games (Amerzone, Syberia 1 & 2) you've seen games who are not afraid of using unreadable but stylish fonts, heh.. I've got a few ones I'll post later
  14. Do you mean we can't change to font of the text that displays the Action/Key?
  15. I'm still not convinced we need a box. Here's a copy of the very first concept image: There are some non-related problems with this image (colors, images etc), since it's old, but regarding the layout, I think it works without any containers or such.
  16. I do. I'm pretty sure they're in the latest PSD. It would be cool if we could find a good blotchy, stainy, "ink on parchment" kinda font.. I haven't really been looking, but I'm sure there are some good free ones out there.
  17. Do you even need the box-background? It looks kinda out of place (very computerish/high-tech) with a transparent box on top of the parchment. I like the little arrows and whatever it is you've got on the left side.. Quite stylish.
  18. I noticed you said you didn't want to do any SFX, but I didn't fully understand the reason.. Can you do them? We have quite a lot of music-only people, so if you can do SFX as well, that's a huge bonus.
  19. Never noticed this thread either, sorry. I'll take a look at this over the weekend, promise!
  20. Yeah, sorry, I've been busy for the last week. Things will ease up in a few days or so, I'll get back to it by then. I was trying to make the image look good on different kinds of monitors.
  21. I liked the idea of some traditional emperial guard ceremony outfit or something. It does look very nice.
  22. Hey, I found an offset effect (y-axis) in Goldwave, but since I can't figure out exactly how much I need to offset, I don't see how this is of any help..? Haven't got Buzz up and running on this machine yet, these are all done in Cubase. I'll see if there's an offset option there as well.
  23. Sorry about that, had been up waay to long when I posted the thread. Anyway, I'm back where I've got my sound apps, so I will fix the loops as soon as possible. Thanks for the explanation Schatt, I had noticed the thing with the baseline, but didn't understand why it was a problem.
  24. Totally off-topic but hey, this is the off-topic forum, RIGHT? Anyway, anyone notice our newest member? After a full minute of intensive Google research, I have come to the conclusion that OKE OLUSEGUN OBASANJO is none other than the president of Nigeria! And he's a Dark Mod fan!
  25. Checked them out at my other monitor today.. I can see we have a problem.. I see what you mean now Gildoran, the circle around the clock is very very dark. Actually, the whole thing is just way too much contrast heavy. I'll try to come up with some kind of compromise, I guess. @SD: Interesting points. The first one is a good catch, I never even thought about it. I'll fix it. The second question was kinda answered in the original thread. Basically, we searched around but couldn't really find anything that fitted, and the current one looked good aesthetically, even if it didn't stick to the original thematic idea. However, there's still the city vs nature, or hammerites vs pagans (the building on the right is a cathedral/clock tower) so it works pretty good nonetheless.
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