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  1. There is a sound for torches. Check the sticky threads on the sound board: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?showtopic=2698 (I starting to wonder how many times I'm gonna have to repeat this.. ) Edit: okey, once more, for claritys sake. If you want to know if a certain sound exists/uploaded to cvs/whatever, Check The Sticky Design Documents!)
  2. This is the new CVS thread. This first post will contain a list of all sounds currently on CVS, and the creator. Every time I upload new sounds to CVS I will make a new post with these sounds, and also update the main list. ambient/ambience alien01_loop - Muze alien02 - Muze alien03_loop - Muze alien04_loop - Muze alien05 - Muze alien06 - Muze alien_birds_loop - Muze basement01_loop - Schatten church01a - mrDischarged church01b - mrDischarged church_defiled - Schatten church_kyrie01 - Schatten church_kyrie02 - Schatten city_night01_loop - Schatten city_night02_loop - Schatten city_night03_loop - Schatten city_night04_loop - Schatten city_night05_loop - Schatten city_silentnight - UNKNOWN city_sleeping_loop - schatt city_streets01_loop - drewb50 city_streets02_loop - drewb50 darkmod_teaser - Tyrot darknessfalls - Darkness_Falls desolation_loop - Schatten deviginti01_loop - drewb50 deviginti02 - drewb50 factory01 - drewb50 factory01_loop - drewb50 factory_clockwork_loop - Schatten factory_distant - mrDischarged forest01a - drewb50 forest01b - drewb50 forest_children - Schatten forest_darkwood - Schatten forest_darkwood_loop - Schatten forest_outside_loop - drewb50 gregorian01a - Muze gregorian01b - Muze gregorian01c - Muze gregorian02a - Saxmeister gregorian02b - Saxmeister gregorian02c - Saxmeister gregorian03 - drewb50 gregorian03_loop - drewb50 haunted_cemetary - Schatten haunted_eerie_loop - Schatten haunted_revenants01a - Saxmeister haunted_revenants01b - Saxmeister haunted_spectral_loop - Schatten haunted_voices01a - drewb50 haunted_voices01b_loop - drewb50 haunted_voices02_loop - Schatten haunted_voices03 - Saxmeister haunted_voices04_loop - Schatten hit_high01 - Schatten hit_high02 - Schatten hit_high03 - Schatten hit_low01 - Schatten hit_low02 - Schatten hit_low03 - Schatten hit_low04 - Schatten hit_low05 - Schatten hit_low06 - Schatten hum_intense01_loop - Muze hum_intense02_loop - Muze hum_intense03_loop - Muze hum_intense04_loop - Muze hum_intense05_loop - Muze hum_medium01_loop - Muze hum_medium02_loop - Muze hum_medium03_loop - Muze hum_medium04_loop - Muze hum_subtle01_loop - Schatten hum_subtle02_loop - Muze hum_subtle03_loop - Muze hum_subtle04_loop - Muze hum_subtle05_loop - Muze hum_subtle06_loop - Schatten mansion_outside - mrDischarged mansion_piano01 - mrDischarged mansion_piano01_scratched - mrDischarged mansion_piano02a - Muze mansion_piano02b - Muze mansion_tense01a - Muze mansion_tense01b - Muze mansion_tense02 - Saxmeister musicbox01a - Muze musicbox01b - Muze nocturne01a_loop - Schatten nocturne01b - Schatten shadow_loop - Schatten solitary_theme01 - Darkness Falls solitary_theme02 - Darkness Falls solitude_loop - Schatten ticktack_loop - Schatten trippystring01 - Saxmeister trippystring02 - Saxmeister twins01_loop - Schatten twins02_loop - Schatten twins03_full - Schatten underground_buried_loop - Schatten underground_caves01a - Saxmeister underground_caves01b - Saxmeister underground_caves02a - Darkness_Falls underground_caves02b - Darkness_Falls underground_caves03_loop - Darkness_Falls underground_crypts_loop - Schatten underground_darkness_loop - Schatten underground_forelone_loop - Schatten underground_horns01a_loop - Saxmeister underground_horns01b_loop - Saxmeister underground_labyrinth01a - pakmannen underground_labyrinth01b - pakmannen underground_tunnel_loop - Schatten underwater - Theo ambient/environmental animal_bats01 - drewb50 animal_bats02 - drewb50/pakmannen animal_crickets01_loop - LiquidBronze animal_crickets02_loop - LiquidBronze animal_crickets03 - drewb50 animal_dog01 - mrDischarged animal_dog02 - mrDischarged animal_frog01 - drewb50 animal_frog02 - drewb50 animal_grasshopper01_loop - LiquidBronze animal_grasshopper02_loop - LiquidBronze animal_wolf01_loop - Saxmeister chains01 - Saxmeister chains02 - Saxmeister chains03 - Saxmeister churchbell01 - Saxmeister churchbell02 - Saxmeister clock_tick01_loop - Saxmeister clock_tick02_loop - Saxmeister machine_distant01_loop - mrDischarged machine_distant02_loop - mrDischarged machine_distant03_loop - Saxmeister machine_furnace01_loop - mrDischarged machine_gears01_loop - mrDischarged machine_hum01_loop - mrDischarged machine_hum02_loop - mrDischarged machine_hum03_loop - mrDischarged machine_hum04_loop - Darkness_Falls machine_hum05_loop - Darkness_Falls machine_hum06_loop - Darkness_Falls machine_hum07_loop - Darkness_Falls machine_noise01_loop - mrDischarged machine_noise02_loop - mrDischarged machine_noise03_loop - mrDischarged machine_noise04_loop - mrDischarged machine_noise05_loop - mrDischarged machine_noise06_loop - drewb50 machine_noise07_loop - drewb50 machine_noise08_loop - drewb50 machine_noise09_loop - drewb50 machine_noise10_loop - drewb50 machine_noise11_loop - LiquidBronze machine_noise12_loop - mrDischarged machine_noise13_loop - Saxmeister machine_start03 - Saxmeister machine_steam01 - mrDischarged machine_steam02 - mrDischarged machine_steam03 - drewb50 machine_stop01 - mrDischarged machine_stop02 - mrDischarged/pakmannen machine_stop03 - Saxmeister power_high01_loop - mrDischarged/pakmannen power_high02_loop - mrDischarged/pakmannen power_high03_loop - Muze power_low01_loop - mrDischarged rockslide_large - Darkness Falls rockslide_medium - Darkness Falls rockslide_small01 - Darkness Falls rockslide_small02 - Darkness Falls rockslide_small03 - Darkness Falls rockslide_small04 - Darkness Falls water_docks01_loop - mrDischarged water_docks02_loop - mrDischarged water_docks03_loop - drewb50 water_drips01 - Saxmeister water_drips02 - Saxmeister water_ocean01_loop - LiquidBronze water_ocean02_loop - LiquidBronze water_ocean03_loop - drewb50 water_ocean04_distant - Darkness_Falls water_stream01_loop - drewb50 weather_rain01_loop - pakmannen weather_rain02_loop - mrDischarged weather_rain03_loop - mrDischarged weather_rain04_loop - mrDischarged weather_rain05_loop - Saxmeister weather_thunder01 - pakmannen weather_thunder02 - pakmannen weather_thunder03 - pakmannen weather_wind01 - pakmannen weather_wind02 - pakmannen weather_wind03_loop - mrDischarged weather_wind04_loop - mrDischarged weather_wind05_loop - mrDischarged weather_wind06a_loop - mrDischarged weather_wind06b_loop - mrDischarged weather_wind07a - Saxmeister weather_wind07b - Saxmeister sfx/game mission_complete - Saxmeister mission_failed - Saxmeister mission_objective - Schatten mission_start - Schatten sfx/movement human_carpet01-04 - Theo human_grass01-04 - Theo human_gravel01-04 - Theo human_metal01-04 - Theo human_snow01-04 - Theo human_stone01-04 - Theo human_tile01-04 - Theo human_wood01-04 - Theo movement_ladder01-04 - Theo movement_water01-04 - Theo
  3. It's not meant to be a "launch" sound, but an "arrow swooshing by" sound. A different one than the standard arrow_swoosh. (Hence the name nosearrow_flight) Edit: heh, nosearrow..
  4. Just wanna say I'm still around. Gonna check your stuff now DF, process the other things I have from Sax and Schatten and upload to CVS. Ish: if you wonder what i did with the tools shader, well, I was going to change the name of a file you uploaded, then realized there was no point, then proceeded to rearrange all the entries in alphabetical order
  5. So it isn't possible to separate the leaning animation from the walking animation with "channels" or whatever it was that you talked about earlier? Maybe I understood it wrong but wouldn't that mean that we could easily do all combinations of walking/creeping/crouching + leaning?
  6. I do think they made movement possible while leaning on purpose. Leaning would be very annoying if you couldn't move at the same time, to peak around corners, like me and spar said above.
  7. We should at least allow strafing while leaning. I use that all the time. Otherwise you'd have to lean, lean back, adjust feet position, lean again etc etc.. That's just annoying.
  8. I thought the animation and what you actually see will be different anyway? That they wouldn't be linked like in T3? Then why not simply use Sz's code? It would probably work for all cases, walk-lean, crouch-lean creep-lean creep-crouch-lean etc etc.
  9. I don't know about D3ed but earlier versions of GTKRadiant had a "scale" key you could use on entities. Haven't tested it with D3 so I wouldn't know if it works. Oddity, I thought you would be a fan of the metric system, seeing how vastly superior it is.
  10. Can't you people swich to the metric system already? I don't understand this thread
  11. Yeah, I kinda figured. The whirring noise could probably be used for a number of different things.
  12. Alright. You know, I just thought of something, would it be a good idea to record SFX "placeholder" sounds like NH did with the voices? Would that make it easier for you to test? (Just a voice saying "broadhead wood" etc) If nothing else it would be hilarious
  13. That reminds me, I should probably update this thread with the new folderstructure. I'll do that.. eventually. @Ish: Did you add it to the soundshader as well?
  14. Fer Chrissakes, even more machine sounds! On a more serious note: um, nothing to complain about, all sounds good. I should get your latest batch uploaded soon. Question for the more aware members: Is CVS fine now? Can I sync up? There was some kind of organizing going on with the models, but that's finished now or what?
  15. pakmannen


    Not sure how common knowledge this is, but I just learned about Project Offset. That's some impressive stuff, considering they've mostly been developing it on their own, without any funding. (Check out the videos) Edit - And don't miss this little video, heh.
  16. WHAT? You've never even listened to our stuff!? Anyway, winamp will play ogg files, no need for a plugin. (If you're not running winamp 2 that is) And for the record, I thought it was pretty funny, heh We should put it on the next soundtrack, as a "bonus" track.
  17. Different types of drawers, different types of loot Well, personally I know I would look for frob_loot among the other frob sounds, but let's hear what others have to say about it then. Edit - Also, it doesn't really matter, since FM-authors don't really have to bother about it anyway do they? The sfx will be coded in by us.
  18. First of all, sparhawk, for the last time, CHECK THE STICKY! I don't know how many times I've said it now. It explains all your questions. Argh! Anyway, game is meant for menu sfx (button clicks) etc etc, and yes, also info like objectives/player start blah blah. Why is frob_loot located in world? Again, check the design doc. EVERY frob sound is located there, so it's only logical to put loot there as well. After all, a loot item is an object like everything else, a drawer, an apple, a door, which each has a different frob sound. Also, remember that you all agreed to this layout a long time ago (which was drawn out by me and new horizon when we started the mod). And now that we where doing the big reorg a few weeks ago I even asked all of you to go through the design docs and see if there was anything you wanted to change. If no one says anything, I have to assume you are alright with it. Argh!
  19. Shouldn't he be moving his head? Looking right.. left.. right.. etc? (Looks good otherwise)
  20. I see that too. Looks weird yes.
  21. I just have this horrible picture in my head where for every single animation there is going to be a 3 page topic with things like "gosh, don't you think his right elbow moves just a tad slower than it ought to? *winkwink*". Hope I'm wrong
  22. Well, what is the reason for letting people drop starting gear anyway? Does it really fill a function? Imagine you start out a mission with a certain item you need to deliver to a person. Yeah it would be stupid to drop it before you start the mission, but why bother allowing it in the first place? Isn't it just unnecessary gui coding?
  23. I sure hope you wont argue like this over every single one of the hundreds of animations we're gonna have to create.. Wouldn't it be better just to churn out the anims, so we can get them ingame, you can always fine tune these things later right?
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