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  1. Embarrassing - hadn't played in so long I was still on 2.02, sheesh. All good now, thank you. AJ
  2. Hmmm, can't get the mission to start, keep getting an error, as follows... "cannot load collision model" models/blah/blah/ teacup01_cm.lwo Suggestions? Cheers, AJ
  3. Yay, I finished it, and apart from that small glitch I had, this was simply awesome fun to play. Congrats Moonbo. Cheers, AJ
  4. Moonbo, restarted, and completed the North Wing mystery without problems - now, onto the rest... Cheers, AJ
  5. Moonbo, can't upload a save to here because of the size restriction (my save is almost 5mb) but it's no biggie - this is such fun to play that I'll do a restart and make the north wing my first mystery to solve instead of my 3rd, lol. I'll let you know if that problem occurs again. Cheers, AJ
  6. Moonbo, have been all over that room and I suspect the problem is that Cheers, AJ
  7. Well, I gotta admit, this North Wing mystery has me stymied. I think I'm gonna need a major hint here, guys - I've been pullin my hair out and I don't have that much left to play with, heh.
  8. Oldjim - thanks for the hint - I've walked through the chapel a few times but never looked too closely. Moonbo - got some house renovations on the go so I'm limited to how much I can play at the moment but I hope to get lost for a few hours later today. Cheers, AJ
  9. Thanks, Moonbo, I've got the key you mentioned and have unlocked all the doors it can unlock, bar one. It's on an internal semi-circular marble-looking balcony and I suspect that it might be , so I'm not too fussed about getting in there for now - - I'll keep looking around for a while to see if I've missed anything else although I'm still not sure what to do with Cheers, AJ PS - loving this mission, btw, great job.
  10. Thanks, Moonbo, but still nothing, I'm afraid. I have a crown that I suppose I should put somewhere and there's a door on the landing next to the south wing that I can't pick nor open with any of my keys. I think that hint is gonna need to be a bigger one, lol. Cheers, AJ
  11. Wow, what a great mission this is. I'm stuck on one of the mysteries though; the one in the North Wing. I went into the Bad Man world first time, came back out, and now I can't get back in using either of the statues on that floor? I can't find anything in the attic and there's a note about putting a draft in James' drink but the pouch is not frobbable? I'm obviously missing something here so could someone give me a hint, just a teeny one? Cheers, AJ
  12. Thanks, Oldjim, but I have been over that room a dozen times (even with no_clip) and the book is nowhere to be found so I'm thinking I've come up against a glitch of some kind. AJ
  13. Oh well, it appears I have a glitch of some kind then, Noordung. nor could I find it anywhere else in the room (under a seat or something) - I even tried no_clip just to see if it had gotten nudged somewhere but still no luck. I'm not overly concerned since for all intents and purposes I have completed all the rest of the objectives - it's just that, short of starting it all over again, it's now going to be the only mission that doesn't have that lovely green tick (check mark) against it in the menu mission list. Thanks for the help though - it was still a terrific mission to play. AJ
  14. Well, I've almost finished this challenging mission, with the exception of one objective - I simply can't find the Book of Rogues - I've frobbed every book I've come across but this one is not ticking off for me. Hints, ideas, anyone? Cheers, AJ
  15. Aha! I was wondering what the fake skull in my inventory was for... I'll go and try that. :-)
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