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  1. Obsessively. Harkens back to arena shooters of yore, and I'm hooked. Team Fortress and MOBAs have always irritated me because you have to have a good team to win, and people nowadays find it quite literally impossible to cooperate in any way, shape or form. Something about the introduction of competitive leagues with games like CSGO has brought out the worst in everyone's internet ego, to the point where they can't even help but flame their own team if it's in a competitive environment. With Overwatch--if you're flexible enough--you can carry entirely on your own by changing characters as the situation requires. 'course people will still have shitty attitudes, but at least you're having fun.

  2. Excellent. Looking forward to you pumping out another in two weeks time!

    Hah! That's only counting days spent working on it. I actually started it 5 months ago, then worked on it for a fortnight, then didn't touch it for nearly half a year. I just jump around a lot between all my vaguely productive hobbies to avoid burn-out on any one thing, but never really found myself in the mood for finishing this specific mission until last night. I'm awful, I know.

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