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  1. 43 minutes ago, Wellingtoncrab said:

    Are you considering doing Bridgeport and all its wards as well? That would be quite interesting.

    Seconded! The map of this corner of the world is great; I wanna get out of the city and do some big secluded forts and esoteric wizard's towers in the wastes at some point, but it'd be cool to see all the locations within the city marked on a cutaway too. 

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  2. 27 minutes ago, Marbrien said:

    OK, in my haste to get started I didn't spot on the Objectives screen that's there's a total of 1K of rewards to be had from three optional tasks, all of which I have done. But presumably you have to "purchase" them, even though they don't cost anything, in order to receive the rewards.

    I know at least one of them won't spawn an objective item if you don't opt into the objective in the shop. (That is, unless you noclip past the triggers that delete them).

    But yes, the reason I did it that way is because the objectives are mandatory once you agree to them, no backsies!  

    44 minutes ago, Dahenjo said:

    I made a playthrough with all loot on Expert, may help track it down:

    Lovely, thanks! Very comprehensive, way to notice everything 😄

  3. Yeah, I should say I've left everything stereo, but there are definitely lines in there that just totally prevent anything from playing in-game if you don't follow them. I haven't taken the time to see which is which, just done everything it says there but left it stereo.

  4. Quote

    The Dark Mod is using the following standards:

    • SFX: Ogg, 44100Hz, 96kbps, mono
    • Ambient: Ogg, 44100Hz, 160kbps, stereo OR Ogg, 44100Hz, 96kbps, mono. (Does the sound really benefit from stereo format?)

    Doom 3 supports 1 or 2 channel, 16 bit OGG or WAV files at 11025, 22050 or 44100 Hz.

    If making your own recordings use some lossless format like FLAC and only then convert them to OGG. Converting them first (with probably bad compression options, too) to MP3, then recompressing to OGG will introduce unnec. compression artefacts.


  5. 9 hours ago, tapewolf said:

    Again, don't take this the wrong way, I love that you've updated it, I'm just giving feedback on why I prefer the original.

    Not at all! Like I said in the OP, I'll attach the old pk4 when I replace it on the downloader. 

    All the puzzles and whatnot are coming back: the missions will get exponentially bigger, complicated and rewarding, just starting smaller than I did initially so that I don't write myself into a corner!

    Thanks for playing, past and present! 💗

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