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  1. Well here's the first FM I created. There were a few setbacks but all in all it was a joy to work with Dark Radiant. If anyone is still doubting, please don't, it's quite easy when you get used to it. About: A mansion mission. This is the first part of my campaign. Find out what happened to a fellow member of the guild and learn more about Lord Nelson, the owner of the mansion. Build time: I don't know exactly. I played around a lot to figure everything out. Best guess is about a month effectively, before beta testing. Thanks: Thanks to the TDM team for this awesome mod. Special thanks to everyone who assisted me on the forums. Super special Thanks: My beta-testers 7upMan and lostbuthappy. Known issues: Lamps look lit when switched off. Ambient music of two zones start playing at the same time after quickloading. Tried a work around so it's very likely you won't notice/have it. Challenge: Play without switching off lights, otherwise it might be a bit easy. Here's the link: http://www.mediafire.com/?m4ywobjodm0 I hope you all enjoy it and please vote
  2. Okay thanks for the quick reply, I'll try to do a work around, which would cause the problem to happen less often and then release it.
  3. The thing is that it really doesn't matter where I am. It happens in every zone I have. So not just two in particular. After the quickloading in the new zone, the sound of the previous zone I was in starts playing as well, but only the one I was previously in. So after moving through three zones and then quicksaving and loading, the ambient music of the last and second zone will start playing, but not the first one. I checked for holes but I couldn't find any. Does it matter which side the visportal side is facing with ambient music and if I have them sticking a tiny bit through the wall, floor, ceiling? Could this cause the same issue I'm having?
  4. I have this weird sound issue with my current FM. I use location settings to play various ambient sounds. When I go from one location zone to another it switches to the correct sound and I can't hear the other sound of the previous zone anymore. Now when I quicksave in this new zone and then quickload after that it starts playing the sounds of both zones, even though I'm in this new zone. If I then walk to a new zone it playes the correct sound again. What could cause this issue? The FM is finished and ready to be released but the sound issue breaks the atmosphere.
  5. I really liked the way you built this mission. It wasn't really difficult to ghost it but the atmosphere was tense. I really had the feeling I was a prisoner and had to get back my stuff and escape and not just a lousy burglar that robs some equipment. I found a few graphical errors but that wasn't a really big deal. A few more guards would have made it a bit more difficult, but maybe that would have caused more errors as well, because it's very small in there. There was a lot of debris and that really gave me the feeling that I was in a secret hideout. There weren't a lot of readables around but you solved that by telling it a bit more in a graphical way, in my opinion. I completed it within half an hour and missed about 100 loot. All in all a great addition to the rest of the FMs
  6. Well the problem with the frobbing is solved. I did use a clip texture in the first place, but I forgot the immune_to_target and most importantly I think, I also forgot to trigger on close. Thanks for the assistance once again.
  7. Cheers everyone. I've got enough beta testers now.
  8. Yeah I did make a brush and textured it with a player clip and added that entity you mentioned. Edit: You've to right click on the brush and create the entity right? That's what I did
  9. It's not really a demanding issue, but I have a weird problem with player clips attached to secrets. I have an entity attached to a player clip to ensure that the player can't frob through it. When I open it once with a secret lever/switch the goodies inside are frobable, but when I close and open it again they aren't. Just like the player clip doesn't moves anymore. Can this be fixed or should I just remove the player clips?
  10. Yeah no problem mate. It's my first ever FM, so I know it won't be flawless. I love to hear ideas as well. If you see something you think might be better in a different way I love to here what you suggest. I'll be going on a backpacking trip in about a month, so I can't promise that everything will be implemented, but I'll certainly do my best. I'll send you a pm with the link now.
  11. I had a few set backs, but my mission is ready for beta-testing. 7upman already wants to beta-test it, I'll send you a pm with a link asap, thanks. Fidcal I'll just wait and see if there are a few other testers first, because you said you were quite busy with your own FM. If someone wants to beta test my FM, please leave a reply and I'll send a PM with a link asap.
  12. Just did a test on my mission and it works!!
  13. I don't know if it makes any difference, but as far as I know this is the first time I loaded a mission without a shop. Could it be that because you skip the shop sequence it causes an error? I don't know a lot about this stuff, but just trying think what is different in my map compared to the others I played. Edit: Hahaha two souls, one thought
  14. As far as I know there aren't any conflicting paths. I've got my pk4 in the fms folder and my orginal map in the maps folder. I don't have a pk4 in that one. I deleted the folder in the maps folder and tried again, but that didn't make any difference. I also have a few back ups on a different drive, with pk4's in them. My folder structure is: maps, guis, xdata, startingmap, darkmod, readme, install_splash.tga. In the maps folder are 4 files; cm, proc, aas32 and map. In the guis I have assets and map. In assets I have a tga file and I have a gui file in the map folder. In xdata I have two .xd files. I don't know where to find the file where all the entities are in, so I just typed it in the "addobjectives" in Dark Radiant and changed your objective number with ones that matched my objective order. Maybe it's an idea to send you a dload link with my map, so you can look at it?
  15. Fidcal and Sonosuke, just wanted to let you know that your suggestions and help with the objectives worked. Thanks for that. Now I do have another issue. I installed my mission and loaded it. When it's loaded and I press esc it doesn't go to the main menu but to the difficulty screen and you can choose your objectives again. If you then select a different difficulty, go to the main menu and to the objectives screen, the difficulty is changed to the one you choose the second time. After that it works correctly though and you can't change difficulty again. This issue only occurs in the beginning. Any idea why and how I can fix it?
  16. Yeah I thought about that as well. Maybe add that person to team 4 that has to be killed? Would I have to add the following line to the don't kill anyone objective: objx_1_spec1 - ai_team 2 3
  17. Thanks Fidcal, I'll test it out asap and will let you know how the ghosting objective works. I think it is too difficult to complete a mission without switching off the lights and extinguishing torches, so I think I'll leave that as it is. But if I change my mind, to understand what you said earlier the following line means that the AI will be alerted when a torch is put out: "diff_2_arg_0" "1" Or will they only notice it and their alert status wouldn't change? Regarding the doors, I'll only use it on doors that are locked and the AI won't go to those rooms, so that solves the problem that the AI would be alerted when they open the doors themselves. About the kill objective. If I have a don't kill anyone objective and a kill a certain person objective in the same mission. Will the don't kill anyone objective not fail if I kill that certain person?
  18. Thanks Fidcal. Could you also explain how to let the AI notice that the lights and torches are off/on and that the doors are open. I see that how I typed it in my first post, one couldn't see that I also needed that info. Sorry about that. Edit: Is it also possible to include an objective like 'don't get caught'. So you'll fail if the AI see you or find a body, anything that gives away your presence?
  19. 1. I would like to have the AI react to switching of electric lights, extinguishing torches and certain doors that are open but shouldn't. I only want them to do so on the highest difficulty. I read a bit about it on the wiki but can't really figure out how to do it. Could someone explain it to me step by step? 2. Is it possible to have an objective that you want a certain person killed but only this person and no one else besides that? I guess it is but could someone explain this to me as well? Thanks in advance
  20. Very nice mission. Finished it in about 30 minutes, without being seen or noticed, which made it more difficult. Almost found all the loot, missed 60, probably because I couldn't find one of the secrets that opened after activating a switch. I liked the way you hid stuff, which wasn't frustrating. The story could have been a bit more in depth, but I know I can't expect that from a mission that was build in about two weeks. Good job!
  21. With all the FM's I'm having trouble to finish my own . Will test it and leave some feedback asap. Also found a dload link on southquarter by the way. http://www.southquarter.com/downloads/
  22. Nice review, SneakyJack. I totally agree with the things you noticed and mentioned. The lights being so bright but not lit is a TDM thing. If I recall correctly this will be 'fixed' in a future release? Correct me if I'm wrong.
  23. Very enjoyable little mission. I tried ghosting it on difficult but failed, but it is possible. Got about 1200 loot. This being your first fm, I'm looking forward to your next. The various areas had some nice atmosphere in them. A few more light sources in the beginning would have been nice, but that's my opinion. I liked the guard with the torch, which made it necessary to look ahead. I also liked the way you could climb on the boxes and avoid some guards by doing this. The story was okayish, but maybe I'm already spoiled by other FM's, that took a lot more time to built of course. I'm hoping the future FM's have similar quality, nice work mate. Edit: Was a little bit harse on my voting for the story. Played it again and paid more attention to the story. I edited my vote, because it was tolerable.
  24. The first time I was in the warehouse I ran straight to the door where the murderer was (which I didn't know), keeping to the right wall. The door swung open and it scared the crap out of me, but the murderer didn't see me. He waited and when I slowly backed away to the shadows he started his walk to the room with the coffin. I don't know if this was intended. I was playing on easy that time. I didn't try the same thing on expert.
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