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  1. this map is a mixed bag for me, right now i hate it been playing this for 2+hours and cannot for the life me complete it. objective find clue where the orb is?????
  2. okay i hear ya As a fan of thief, i am content to play and i hope the best for tdm.
  3. look i am not sure what your position is in the dev circle but i am just a simple user/ gamer and like things to be as nailed down as possible. can we hope to expect support for xp, fixing crashes and what not? if the answer is no, you have no argument for keeping it listed, and for the record it crashes on more than just 2 maps. its closer to half a dozen, could be more. its quite simple, either try and continue to support it in future updates to TDM code or just drop the support for xp already and let it be know. currently the only form of support i see is from the enthusiasts or in the wiki which is all well and good for a mod but lets face it, none of which solve the crashing. i find this on the fence approach to be no good for anyone.
  4. Just waiting on a capable video card to get the i7 machine loaded with win7
  5. under that logic atari should be listed. %98? where f did you come up with that fact is XP does not meet the memory requirements to load maps properly. while it does run, its not being actively supported, therefore, (wait for it) remove it
  6. ok then, that is pretty much what i expected and thanks for chiming in. the wiki should be changed as to remove XP from supported operating systems due to memory requirements for maps to load properly. i saw XP listed here http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=FAQ#Supported_Operating_Systems please remove it
  7. i only just found out about this mod so im still very much new to this game but not the thief game in general. i have the same problem and a similar system Windows XP SP3 32bit Intel Q9450 quad core 2.66mhz 4GB Gskills Ripjaws RAM (only 3.25 used by the system) ATI Radeon HD 6950 2GB i always get malloc error on some newer maps Requiem and Lords & Legacy included. The suggested fixes and posted cvars from the the darkmod.cfg did not fix it. Also noticed in the tdm wiki Windows XP is included in the list of compatible systems, why is that since this does not appear to be the case?
  8. how do you get this to work with TDM 2.0? from what i can tell its completely broken, so why is it even in the available downloads.
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