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  1. Wow, I can't believe this is a "first" mission. Thank you so much for the perfect balance between difficulty, aesthetics and everything else. This one joins my list of favorites! I'm sorry I had to kill someone instead of bringing him to justice. Twice, in fact: once by throwing the guy off a balcony, a second time by shooting him because it seems that wasn't enough Incidentally, why not implement a feature in the darkmod that lets you surrender instead of being systematically killed? (yes, I don't like death)
  2. What a mission ! It's been years I had so much fun with a darkmod FM. You guys rock. I just wish I could one day have the time and skills to thank the community with one of my own.
  3. Thank you for this masterpiece. Everything I want in a thief/darkmod mission is there. I think this one belongs to the top of the darkmod FM-list, or at least the top 3 but I can't think of a better one right now. This mod has gone so mature. Thank you for yout skills and time spent. For those who want to know if this mission contains undead :
  4. I can't believe this is your first mission. It's so aesthetic and full of new assets. Thanks a lot man !
  5. This is a top quality first mission. It's really dense, and was happily surprized. As I proudly finished the mission I realized I was still 12% of the loot short ! Thank you very much
  6. Wow, thank you joebarnin, I had never used nor seen this gameplay mechanic before, so I never would have guessed. Thanks and congratulations again !
  7. Every 6 month I check for new TDM missions and that one has been my favorite for the last 2 years I think. I found a true Thief spirit : a regular stealing start, surprises and loads of secrets, and above all the ... you know ... whatever . A big thank you to you joebarnin, and all of those who made available one of the best free stealth game available on PC. Could anyone tell me what the
  8. Thanks Goldwell. Very nice little mission, with cool new features. The rain effect of windows are just amazing. Beginning is really well done. Enjoyed playing it.
  9. Appreciated: This mission is an aesthetical and mechanical masterpiece, that brings puzzles (a part of Thief's success) to the Darkmod at last. The possibilities exploited here give a new space for creativity. Didn't like: linearity, feeling of emptyness and lack of story. Puzzles: I found hard to randomly find what was need for puzzle #1, the mirror puzzle was quick to solve with pen and paper. Bug: the mission finishes with a silent black screen. A big thanks Bikerdude, Goldchocobo and the team for this completely original surprise!
  10. Try loading small and big missions. If big fail, then it's a RAM problem. I think.
  11. Would everybody agree on "XP partially supported" expression ? Cause every mission will work IF you can acccept blurry maps and low-res textures.
  12. Maybe SOME missions should be flagged "not XP compatible". Anyway I just switched to Win 7 and I must say it's really another experience, although I DID have a malloc crash once. Even loading times are far better. And for programming experts, I carefully watched the RAM usage and in goes up to 2GB almost (if I remember correctly) during first loading of a mission, then goes down back to 700Mo, so it could be fixed, but again, it's so cool under Win 7 I'm not sure it's worth it. So there IS a trick to bypass the 2GB problem with XP? never read anything about it before!
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