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  1. For anyone else reading this who doesn't know - the tut.txt extension was originally .pk4.
  2. Uh, I think I've made a SNAFU in DR... Perhaps it's a bug. Either way, unless there's a simple fix for a SNAFU, it looks like a clean deinstall/reinstall of DR to fix what might be a bug. I changed an entity, to test, to one of the entity classes that is a damage def - at the bottom of the list - "damage_triggerhurt_25". Doing this removed the brush from appearing in TDM. No damage. OK, np, I kinda knew these didn't work but thought I'd try them anyway. Changing back to "trigger_hurt" - it appears and causes damage to the player as it did before. So decided to try changing the entity to "atdm:damage_moveable" to see if it worked or not. Doing this also removed the brush from appearing in TDM. No damage. After this - if I create a new brush, it is impossible to change it from worldspawn to ANY entity class at all. However - I am able to change the entity class of any existing object in DR. Selecting the brush, clicking the classname in the entity info panel under camera view and then using the "choose entity class" button to bring up the menu, I get the list - but selecting any class and then clicking "add" does nothing. Even if I select the brush and then type in the name of the entity, eg "trigger_multiple", under classname - it will not store any change, clicking the tick or pressing enter on the keyboard. This persists after (both software and computer) restart, in other maps and in any new map I create. I am able to change the entity class of any existing object by either of these "usual" methods otherwise. The only way I am able to change a new worldspawn brush into an entity is to select the brush and then right-click and select, "create entity" to bring up the same list from which to select, eg "trigger_mulitple" as I would by clicking the button in the entity info panel. Once the entity is created this way - it is then possible to change it using the entity info panel method or by typing in the entity class into the classname box, as usual. (it is often faster to type [/paste] "func_static" into the classname box than navigate to "func_static" by creating an entity from worldspawn using the "choose entity class" button or right-click "create entity") Furthermore, it appears as if some filters have been activated by choosing these entity classes - meaning that it looks as if deselecting a clip or nodraw texture is deleting the worldspawn brush / func_static. The filters it did activate are "clip textures", "func_static entities" (even though they are evidently displayed with any other texture but clip or nodraw...), "nodraw", "visportals" and "world geometry". These are filters that I have had selected several instances of DR ago, but since have deactivated all filters... The recent files are correctly displayed. Once again deactivating all the filters - it is still impossible to create an entity by any other method than right-clicking it, instead of simply typing in the worldclass box or accessing the entity class directory through the entity info panel button. Bit strange.
  3. Perhaps there's a way to check if the player is in water by using the sound of the player entering and exiting the water as the start and end checks, rather than constantly checking for position..? Or activating and terminating the script using a pair of trigger_multiples over the water, lower one calling the script to raise the player speed as you want, "in water current" and the uppermost to revert it to "out of water current". (IF the speed > default).
  4. Destined - would it be possible to have a spoilered copy of text content of your .map file so I can take a look at how you got the damage thing working in DR? Also, the entity classes at the end of the list, such as "damage_triggerhurt_25" do not work - they remove the brush from TDM. // and for some reason stop me from being able to copy the map from my DR maps folders to darkmod/maps while both are open - have to close TDM in order to copy due to win permission error. However, the list of those "damage" classes provides a short list of the damage defs available to use, without having to dig into the TDM/damage.def file to find all the types of damage: Without being able to get the damage S/R working - I can't test using something such as "atdm:damage_moveable/moverCrush" on the player, which would be a simple way of making a mover cause damage based upon its velocity/instadeath on getting crushed under an elevator) The spoilered list (the content of damage.def) would be a useful page to create and link from the S/R page for available "damage defs". But, until it's possible to get the S/R damage working - there's no way to test them all to see if they all work as described. Do you even exploding barrel and gib in TDM, m8? Have a feeling only those prefixed by "atdm:" will work, but want to try them out anyway... // wondering if a trigger multiple can be placed over the thing to cause damage and it trigger the "damage_moveable" or "damage_triggerhurt_n" // for some reason - after setting entity class as one of the "damage" entities - on creating a new brush, it's impossible to create an entity from ANY worldspawn brush at all, even after restart... oh dear... what have I done here..? // For some reason - choosing to create one of these damage entities has activated a bunch of filters, so it appears that no draw and clip entities or worldspawn brushes are being deleted when I deselect them...
  5. You can use a func_forcefield with the impulse arg for making a player move faster while underwater, call a trigger, ERH+ http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Func_Forcefields // Although... tbh... I haven't used one for a few versions, so idk if they still work. Hopefully they do!
  6. Didn't see that one yet, nor the thread - looks really nice.
  7. A good way to find a texture in is to either do a search of the ../darkmod/tdm_textures_whatever.pk4, or opening a mission where you've seen the texture, selecting that brush and then re-opening your map - it will stay in the media browser. As with painting, sometimes it's good to create a collection of brushes for your map, your "palette" of textures used where each face contains one of the textures, so you can quickly select one and apply it without having to browse for it again. Similar to keeping a reference of colour swatches and how you achieved that colour by mixing 1:1:1:10, red:green:blue:white for a flesh tone.
  8. Wonder what I was doing wrong - I'll follow your instructions and see if it works for me too. Cheers mate, I'll make sure to look at it before Sunday. I mean like linking the words to the relevant articles. Shooter, Trigger, AI, Teleport, etc...
  9. Thanks for the pointers, Judith. Destined - nice one with the list and explanation - I will look at it over the weekend (snowed in, anyway...) Does this mean that you and Stumpy have figured out the damage stim thing? I used the same method - a func_static that was surrounding the brushwork, yet it refused to work. If it's because the damage only works with invisible entities, then that might explain a lot about why it was failing. Also... the damage entities in the list (eg, 25, 50, 75) etc... I was under the impression that these were depreciated doom3 assets and didn't work. Wonder what the problem is with "use bounds", but - if the damage is ramped by proximity to the nodraw/invisble func_static, then perhaps it's not required... or fighting with some other arg and that's the issue? Thanks for the assist - the intro and list look comprehensive (also clarifying about the trigger stim needing an actual trigger to trigger... :/ ) and the examples are very useful by elaborating on specific details in context. If you don't mind, I'll remove the didactic language and rejig some grammar so the examples are simplified without losing your instruction. There might be a lot of pages needed to expand on some of the S/R terms...
  10. Didn't Arcturus come up with a fancy way of making realistic, animated water surface textures that could be adapted to have specular and bump and stuff? Think there was some talk as Orbweaver confirmed in that it's killer render to do this, but the accurately moving water round a bend kinda trumped the need for it to reflect as a mirror, since the effect was awe-inspiring enough. I can't find it now, but the water in the animated grass test maps from a while before still looks really nice: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/12985-animated-grass-test-map/ 2nd & 3rd screenshots. The water in this map has good reflections. The scenery is great. The light cast upon it works well, there is enough detail surrounding to not make it the main feature. Increasing the detail of the objects that are being reflected - giving an impressionist feel to the reflections... it's really effective. The pool has so much going on in it, it doesn't need to be an accurate mirror - it's a good example of good scene design that means no matter where your eye rests, the scene looks full. Also, water doesn't reflect shadows... it reflects only reflects light. This could easily be simulated by pointing spotlights onto the surfaces that the light from the water would reflect (eg, under a bridge over a canal, light is seen in the water from a streetlight, along with objects adjacent to the water body - the light from the source and the lighted objects is seen in the water reflection by default, but - the light bounces from the surface of the water, fake-reflected by use of a spotlight that has a watery light pointed up into the archway, casts shadows). Don't see why that wouldn't work without having to mess with shaders or mirrors or grinding render to 0.1fps. It's good, effective level design. Fake it til you make it (or, more likely, someone else does and you steal it). Sometimes mechanical illusion is as good coding magic, imo.
  11. Yeah, I don't get why it's not working either... // I've even changed the numbers of the args it places, in case they were incorrectly ordered, like "srclass 9000" etc... Have you tried another damage def? I've tried suicide for insta-death but that doesn't work using the instructed stim/response set-up either. Not tried fire or anything.
  12. Don't need nurbs for movers that at least move in a straight line:p Gonna guess that $safebolt is the bar entity and $safebolt_pos_1 is the no-draw entity that is used to snag the origin for $safebolt to slide on over to? Named worldspawn or must be entity, eg, func_static? That's a nice, simple script to do the same thing.
  13. I can be your test subject for the S/R page, Destined. Need to learn faster to keep up with things and figure easier solutions in TDM level design, rather than bitch about things changing faster - testing wiki pages would be a good method to accomplish this. I'll have time to help update documentation after a shadowbreak. Appears that an upcoming unity project has fallen to pieces before it's past concept. The rest is my own stuff, ad hoc. Maybe after a camping trek round the SWCP for a month or so to get the legs and lungs working again after sitting down so long, drinking cold tea and eating cigarettes. Need direction, or at least a method to figure (or a way people can flag) which pages need a check/redirect to update. In my 20's, as a break from MCSE/CCNA, some reason decided to qualify under Chapterhouse in proof-reading and copy-editing and was a member of the SfEP - have worked on games engine and database software documentation before. Might have a bit of ring-rust, but pretty sure checking wiki articles/tuts isn't much different from BVT. Here's a reference.
  14. Hello Nocturnal, 1) Creating a briefing for your mission is covered in your new best friend, the A-Z Beginner's guide on the TDM wiki (also contains links to another and video tutorials at the top of the first page): http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php/A_-_Z_Beginner_Full_Guide_Start_Here!#Story.2C_Briefing // ps, don't forget to follow the highlighted link to Briefing: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Briefing 2) It might be that the buggy shadow triangle thingy is what is referred to as "z-fighting", in that there are two brushes that are overlapping and both assigned textures are fighting to be displayed at once - a screenshot would be useful if you want to attach a screenshot using the "more reply options" button (500kb max).
  15. You kinda hit the point right there, Stumpy - from the miles of letters in that post (medal for reading it, btw) - there are a lot places in the wiki that are in desperate need of some updating. ---- A system that is used at a place I volunteer, to ensure accuracy and validity of information/data entered into archive/documentation: One person submits the information (author). It is then checked by two people, who comment/discuss on the information (triage). Editor then determines final, based upon their competency, taking triage under advisement (updated/published). While it's not exactly de rigour for an author to also be editor or triage, due to bias, such things do happen. However, this is a subjective field in psychopharmacology and not a precise topic such as one particular computer game's wiki. I trust a wiki article written by someone like Grayman: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Security_Camera <--- it's very complete. I know kung fu. But idk about something more "free" such as this: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Stim/Response_Editor <--- that is a few lines on a more complicated thing. First is thorough and helpful, well documented for a single module - I understand how to use it and will anticipate it in design (eg, remove my own versions of a security camera, because this is 10,000x better. Maybe change the model...). Second is nothing useful, poorly documented, to understand how to do many more things with your own lego bricks (eg, understand how to use the stim/response editor to cause damage to stuff cos the examples don't work). If I knew how to say "damage to the security camera using stim/response, triggers this script that removes it from the gameworld and replaces it with a broken camera model and turns off the camera, with a chance of setting an alarm state, etc..." - perhaps I could destroy it with a fire arrow as well as turn it off or KO the guard watching or sneak under it or whatever... ---- I can't update what I don't fully understand myself, in order to help others understand by giving them a link to the wiki where it can be explained more than in the forum.
  16. http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/9082-newbie-darkradiant-questions/page-323 // the discussion is sliding way out of newbie questions, so figured it'd be good to make a new thread regarding this. This first stuff is not really related - a preamble. Modular design with assets and perhaps explanation to help learn, allowing increase in creativity and mission diversity or achieving vision. or Here, catch. or Go figure it out. First is more work, but helps people a lot. Second is less work, simply provide a solution. Third is no work, ship without a rudder. In short, it'd be really nice to get more hands on deck with updating the wiki. As and when required/prompted by newbie questions, so it's easier for people to find and understand the answers to the questions they need to ask and take the time to go figure it out: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Special:RecentChanges No-one's born a brain surgeon, but everyone can pick someone's brains. People CAN learn to be a brain surgeon, if they have access to the edu-material on how to become one, know where to search and find - and can understand it. ---- I've included a case study, using the current documentation, trying to discard as much pre-existing knowledge of DR and rely solely on the wiki and forum for answers - not asking any questions. A simple challenge for the player: Entering a corridor, the door slams shut behind. A series of scythes swing across the path to safety, as an ornate door slowly opens to reveal a zombie shambler. There is no way back - the player is under pressure to run from the zombie (potentially lethal damage if caught), while timing their sprints along the corridor between the scythe traps (potentially lethal damage, increasing in speed/damage given). Ultimately, to escape, they must leap across a dangerously deep pit (potentially lethal fall damage - fake, safe drop into water, where there is some hidden loot and escape via ladder). The player is placed into peril and must react - if they fail the traps or get caught by zombie, damage or death. If they fail the jump - believe might die, but actually safe and can grab hidden reward. Succeed the jump - zombie is held up by scythes (and clip), so has time to notice ladder and perhaps explore the pit if they're uber-cool and pass the challenge 100%. The only danger is "inside" the trap. Once past - there's uncertain safety. Except I've revealed it now, so it's not uncertain, heh. So - Here's a route I might take to go about achieving this, knowing nothing about DR and relying purely on existing documentation. Hopefully it will remind the veterans just how much there is to figure out in order to something basic such as this, and greens just how difficult it can be to realise a simple gameplay concept. Big challenge for new mapper: So this leads to the case study of how I would have to go about figuring something out, using the available documentation to me on Dark Radiant and in the forum, and just how frustrating and warren-like it can be to use, in its current state..: This makes it very difficult to simply walk into Mordor and figure out what is not working and why. But... that's an example of the run-around behind being able to figure out how to do something only one simple thing from a simple scenario, without having to nag about it and hope someone tosses a ball that contains the solution without an explanation. If it was painful to read - that's good. Because it was painful having to go through the whole process to find out, "that'll have to do, 'cos can't figure how to do it 'cos there's some missing reading available atm for tdm". Also having to type it all... ouch.
  17. Gotta admit - the idea of having the combination lock as a prefab that can be scripted for [multiple] target would be really nice. Not only can be used in safes, but also similar to T2:shipping&receiving - for doors or key holders and would allow for more exploration and observation or investigative based alternatives to "find the key" for progression. The fact it's only 3 digit combination means it wouldn't take long to brute-force either, if anyone was really stuck. Difficulty could be ramped by adding two combination locks. --- Quickly testing out ANJ - renaming the mission, inserting the "fixed" script (rem barthing) that stops people's use of the safe in other missions causing a crash - saving the mission in DR, minus ai, and calling the "fixed" script over base, dmap and play - it works fine, 'cept the bar won't move. Didn't notice a crash without // closebar($thatthing) line. TBH it might be that the combination lock is more wanted than the safe itself - allowing custom safe designs, but providing the more complex mechanism (eg, disable tools while using combination lock, scroll wheel - rather than change combination with buttons and movers). Plus it negates the need for obstortte to provide the function or the game to include in base for that one particular thing with the bar. With a bit of a reshuffle - the closebar function might simply be a mover / nurbs glued to the door that's timed after the wheel turns... It's possible to bolt an open door. While it might leave the vis. open and cause some ai issues if they're to close the door (eternal, huh, close door), it's kinda neat to put a barrel bolt on a door with a catch on the frame than use the old piece of wood barring the way. A combination bolt is security rated 4/10. Chain of key hunts is boredom rated 8/10. Allowing people to use the NJ safe function (ie, the combination lock) without it being tailored for that one particular safe (with closebar) does appear to be a good solution that mightn't affect anything other than expanding a mission author's toolkit and creative freedom.
  18. That solution is why I asked the questions I did. I'm glad someone came up with add function to base, script the mission and allow others to more easily use the combo-safe as module/design asset without problems as backwards FM compatibilty. Had said it - it would have likely been dismissed unless it was someone else's solution to an issue raised by another. oh wait... it was.
  19. Without it, in NewJob, the locking bar of the safe does not slide back into place when the door is closed and the safe locked by changing the combination. (console, 123 incorrect combination, locked, nothing else to do, or something - I can't remember the script's output. You or grayman wrote that, icr the //comments).
  20. Grayman - if abusimplea keeps talking to in the manner they do - there's going to be a problem. Don't believe any of us have time for that. Not contributing anything constructive doesn't lead to anything constructive nor help anyone. I understand they're young and into minecraft, but that is no excuse to continually goad me at every interaction.
  21. There we go, thanks Dragofer - not only have you clearly and directly given a hint as to what to look at doing in an instance such as this, you've also highlighted why it's not always the most ingenious solution to the issue 'cos it can cause problems in the future. From what you've said, it can be understood that - yes, the script you place (that isn't called customscript.script) into your scripts folder will be used in place of the one named within tdmbase01.pk4, if it has the same name as the script it's going to replace. Furthermore, elaborated that other parts of TDM base might be altered in the same way. That's a decent answer to the question as to why it works and how. /* I've updated the wiki with an example, alarm script - it's not mentioned anywhere else - as well as clear up the .dds not being a bitmap issue with fonts. Not mentioned GUIs, defs or anything. http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Mission_Filestructure#script */
  22. Oi, clever clogs - Allow me to highlight that tdmbase01.pk4 is one of the game files, not the mission file... How do I go about updating and altering scripts inside of the base TDM .pk4's with my mission.pk4 script, rather than have to fix base tdmbase01.pk4 if I'd like to use this..? // Did anyone test to see if changing tdmbase01.pk4 script means that A New Job still works? (yes it does). Sarcasm and trying to be a smartarse doesn't really help anyone, right? An explanation as to help people understand how they can use this ingenious and extremely common method of including a fix for TDM base file FUBARS would probably be more useful, I'd reckon. Where in the solution does it say, "oh you can just use your custom script to fix the fact that there's a call for a missing routine that causes the crash, by scripting a change to the base01 script?". Also the folder isn't "../scripts" - it's "../script". Try. Writing. After. Thinking.
  23. Believe "faulty" = "bespoke". How do you propose to get everyone to change their tdm.pk4s in order to play a mission with that safe..? Does the original mission still work with the changes you have made..? If yes, perhaps chuck it in the bugtracker, as it's a minor fix and would allow others to use the asset without requiring players to mess around with their game files. If it breaks the original mission - then it's not a great work-around, as it means anyone to play your mission is going to have to mess around with their game files and then revert when bored, which is probably a more likely outcome than changing anything in A New Job.
  24. None of the free samples are royalty free without credit, which means typing a whole extra line into readme.txt, that no-one readsme... The only royalty free samples that might be remotely suited to TDM would be the reverse sound effects. Idk how well Youtube 360 Noscope dubstep music fits into TDM, but at least I've filled a few Gb with .wav files... Reckon there's need to isolate and advertise to the correct target market. But if ever I sell the real kit for making electronic music and fall back to using the same samples in a tracker and software emu. that everyone else has heard a billion times - I wouldn't pay for this. The fine print was probably the most exciting thing I found at the site. Just can't imagine sneaking around to this string of free samples, beaded together like the shit that comes out of a goldfish's arse. Joins, posts minutes later, leaves, gone like the wind (actually, if you had fart sound effects, that might at least be useful for a computer game). If you come back you can tell me why your samples are awesome and why they're so good for TDM and why they're not the bunch of generic, useless shite that I think they are. (I'm selling these fine leather jackets).
  25. Not knowing what I'm talking about, I've really no idea how to set about accomplishing what you are trying to achieve. Might be more confusing than anything... Maybe someone who knows what they're talking about can help more..?
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