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  1. It's been fun, but I am no longer able to dedicate time to DR. Thanks to everyone for all your help over the past few years and to the team for keeping alive what I call, "the golden age" of stealth play. After much consideration, I am quitting the games industry. This includes all indie projects.

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    2. grayman


      Best of luck!

    3. AluminumHaste


      Good luck!

      Maybe just make a port in the I want to help thread with a link to your repository.

    4. Petike the Taffer

      Petike the Taffer

      Best of luck, teh_saccade.

  2. Is there a simple way to make the armoured guiards vulnerable to arrows, or make an arrow ignore the armour? Was wanting to try out a few bodkins in addition to broadheads. If it's messing with CVAR's, i'd rather not. Would prefer to keep it simple, but didn't spot anything yet that would allow it in an easy way.
  3. I'd say this is what distraction items are for - throwing bottles, shooting a broadhead into a wall (noisemakers are duff - their sound dampens through visportals - practically useless). Idk why to step into the light to cross an area when you know AI are looking... If you didn't spot the AI then respond, don't reload - run, hide, distract, escape. Not sure why "don't change playstyle, change game" is the solution. Additionally, if you get spotted - why is this cause for a reload? If the mission has a "don't be spotted" objective, it's a good idea to open it up in DR and make that option, beacuse it's just dumb - all those flashbombs, health potions, hiding places and secretive, dark areas that FM makers plan in for the player to "escape" are there for a reason. I would recommend not playing with the light-gem and turning up the AI difficulty a bit. Especially lockpicking - that can lead to some very tense situations, especially if the door is in a noisy area with a few patrols. Each to their own I guess. // also, you're using some older maps from previous versions - there's always a few changes and there are also always a few map bugs. There's one FM where there's a tiny gap in a wall and the AI can hear through it perfectly. Also - who plays on "nearly blind"..?
  4. Take another look at : http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Objectives_Editor You'll have to split the KO and Kill part into different objectives and also note the part about the NOT checkbox, and "satisfied at start", which is critical for it to function (then you can make these objectives AND / or), but - if you look at how other missions have set up their objectives similar to yours - you might find that they are two separate objectives, not a single one. It might be more fun to have them invisible, but mention it in the briefing to, "avoid any unwanted attention or casualties), so they do not even appear in the list to complete the mission if the player picks up the hint in the briefing, but is informed that they have "failed" if they KO or kill. To set it to an area location - you can have those objectives be cancelled on a trigger when entering the location, and then call them again (or new ones, if you want to keep the old score) on leaving - this might require some player pathing down some funnel to achieve, but for "proximity/opportunity" objectives - you can have these triggered by something such as opening the compound gate or from a script that has something like "scriptEvent float distanceTo(entity)" or "GetObjectiveComp" or something to reinstate/"pause", where the entity is the location. The rest of that script, though - probably have to ask Obs or someone - it's over my head. I'd go with a few triggeronce and make entry and exit points one-way. Also, thanks VanishedOne - I will take a look at the bug report, I think Greyman or Springheel told me that the way portalsky worked had changed with 2.06 and this was why things were not working for me in the same way. I'll figure something out, or find another way to achieve something similar.
  5. It's what gives a mission its replay value, most of the time - I also do stuff like try to jump and mantle from the top of that tower. What's another good game is to stack all the boxes and furniture in a place where you think the FM maker didn't think anyone might get - then do the super-leap to mantle on the box and climb up onto the level and walk along the edges of brushes around the top and find a way to complete the mission by escaping the bounds. Chairs, boxes and a certain candlestick model are my best friends in TDM - who needs tools and keys when you have a chair and candlestick..? I made a lot of very critical videos of Thief and TDM FMs... <--- I think he fixed this after spotting this.https://youtu.be/Lm-gW_eYFGM?t=560 <--- why it's a good idea to player clip around keyhunt gates, when there's moveable stuff that means climbing things and cutting out 30 mins of gameplay (it even worked on the main compound). Also to bind speakers to the instruments that play them, and have them stop playing when the musician is messed with. Plus objective logic. https://youtu.be/ndricpE4o4M?t=737 <--- I hate "no kill" objectives that aren't optional. Got stuck (need restart) within 50 seconds of starting this one. KO'd everyone instead, thanks to a table. (very nice maps in this FM - it's a good mission). I think it's stuff like this is why I never get asked to beta test any mission ;p // i forgot I used to play with the lightgem - it looks so weird...
  6. I guess there's no way to have a mirror reflect a mirror, nor a camera display its own "monitor", then..? I've tried using 2 cameras and the result is a black display on the 2nd camera's "monitor", when it is "filming" the 1st camera's "monitor". Since the way skybox/portalsky has changed - I'm still unable to re-create some visual trickery that was present in 2.05 (and working fine until everything went and changed again).
  7. An objective is a single thing. It isn't made of parts (although parts of an objective might have to be satisified for it to be a success). You will have to make those parts of your objectives as individual pieces to the "ultimate" objective. Successes 1 AND 2 / 1 or 2 (lowercase "or"). Then, trigger [whatever]. Make it [invisible] optional/not mandatory and have its fail/success [cancel] logic, when your cancel conditions are met, trigger the next objective - it won't fail the mission then, only "cancel" the objective, and perhaps start a new one. If it's part of a single objective, you will have to split that objective into different parts, or - when that part is "cancelled/failed", have some new objective conditions replace it. Might have to set as satisfied and ongoing at game start, then click the boolean NOT box, so it's "not do" - without knowing what the objective is... There used to be a max number of objectives, but I am unsure if that still holds. Also, invisible/secret objectives do not need to be completed to finish the mission, if they are never revealed. Don't forget to add the delay as the objective is changed. Sometimes it helps to make a small flowchart or logic tree for your objectives (if they are more complex than, 1. get this, 2. go here [3 invisible, don't KO civilians - doesn't mean you can't kill them, which means 4. invisible don't kill civs]), so that they can be planned. // you might have to think backwards and make the failure/cancel a success - as with no kill optional objective - it might be easier.
  8. Has anyone managed to get a camera to display its own "monitor" on its display yet..? I can't seem to get it working as it would, but then... I can't get more than one mirror rendering on screen at once / reflecting a mirror either, which is supposed to be possible in 2.07. // ends up with noclip effect out of bounds or "doom effect".
  9. I think it's always a good idea to have some drawing / sketch or not only the area, but also some scenes and of the mission itself - it's easier to work from a reference than sit at DR and go, ok, I'm building another mansion. Taking photos of places for inspiration is also useful, is also good as you can nick the textures of the materials. Looks as if spooks might have learned some oil painting techniques at some point.
  10. in King of Chairs - that event happens maybe 1 in 10 times and it is one reason I call it the king of chairs - I haven't played that yet, but will see if it is happening more than before. This is another reason why it'd be good to have a repository of builds that are available, 2.04, 2.05, 2.06, etc... as well as forcing everyone to catch a new bug through a sneeze-update - idk if there can be a self-extracting package of the bare-bones made for each version - I'll archive them, if I've space, but they'll be FTP not HTTP dl.
  11. Since updating to 2.07, I've taken a break from mapping and decided to do some playing again. I am playing every mission in TDM (plus some new ones I've never seen before) and have noticed several so far have (what appear to my failing memory, at least) to be some errors that were not there before. These might range from physics, lighting, objects, textures, brushwork, other occult mysteries... I'm doing it in alphabetical order. It'll take some time... you know I like to play no light gem, no save, hardest everything, 100% complete - but I'll make a list outside of the map's threads (some of which had not been posted in for donkey's) when suitable "chuncks" are completed. Fine / Not Fine. (with alberic's curse - did you also notice the missing textures in the ceilings? I put a screenshot in the FM thread? I also noticed the other things you mentioned (plus others, such as with the ghost and some AI glitches, but they are not "bugs" - they are me breaking the game). // in case anyone cares, which they usually don't - but I have fun doing it, so who's the miserable git, now, eh..? // also - i sold an AWE32 for a few hundred quid the other day - that hardware is out of date, for sure. Keep it - it will buy a new graphics card in 20 years, when some nerd needs it to build a rig to play Quake II
  12. Vanished one - I will find my notes on causing damage with stuff like that - hopefully it will help you - it has a bunch of stuff about damage over velocity and that, but not quite done in the way the games s/r code is set. I'll PM you a link to my blog when I find it!
  13. You can try binding the whole thing to a no-draw entity, Dragofer, as an anchor. Why it's random though... are you sure the goat you sacrificed was a virgin last full moon? Cos some ppl have been selling non-virgin goats and there's been some issues...
  14. I think the explodingbarrel shows up (or used to in a version a few years back) as one of the leftover doom3 things? I've tried using some of the doom3 scraps, but never had any joy. --- Someone mentioned to me that mirrors were able to reflect mirrors in 2.07 - having put together a small area to test this out, it appears that only one reflection can be drawn at a time. A mirror in front of a mirror will appear black, and mirrors at other angles will give the noclip effect (using the standard mirror from textures. I think bathroom) The new camera is a better than my AI and portal sky solution. Though it has the same result with a black area when the camera views the monitor - there's no infinite feedback as there would be. Guess it might be a lot of rendering. Also if putting a mirror in the camera's view. A regular mirror, not a cubemap reflection. Am I missing something with materials with regards to 2 mirrors on the screen / mirroring mirrors / camera projecting the projection..? Idk if there's a way to limit the recursions to only a few rather than infinite, or if this is even possible in TDM?
  15. Saw this after updating to 2.07, that I've never seen before. It's the area on the other side of the mess hall, directly opposite the secret entrance from the crypt. Or exit out the bathroom where you get stuck in the baths, turn right then right again. There's a room over that empty space. // ah yeah biker quit.
  16. I was trying to get the TDM thief to try it on him - I built an area of caulk with a mirror wall and have front and side views at the same time, plus a few others, but the guy is a little small - I think it'd be better like you said to take some images from the cutscenes to... uh... cut up for the fake 3d process. The TDM thief ended up looking like a tap-dancing doll. It's pretty labour intensive to get set up, but after than the animation takes a lot less than stop-motion - it's a bit like flash or after effects, with keyframes on meshes. Only without any anchors to play with. Think trying to do something with TDM screenshots of characters will be the next project. Not quite sure what to do, so how to do it will be easier when thinking of that. If you've an idea - that would help I was thinking of a comic of the mission with creep, but I think that's a bit ambitious now I've had a taste of how the animation is done...
  17. The blood effect is, thankfully, off by default. Unless it's a boomer in Left4Dead, Bloat in Killing Floor, or some other purpose to blind the player, I hate the view being obscured with splatter. The nicest part about the patch is definitely the foliage and some of the texture replacements - especially for interiors. It fills out some of the space and in parts does a job of masking some blocky polygons. But some of the stuff that looked ok in lower resolutions has had some HD crisping up that, like Judith said, makes it look more empty than before. This really sticks out and it can seem a bit weird to have the new effects take place in a sparse area. Like putting out a torch and the smoke effect against a massive slab of, what looks like underscaled texture dressing. I don't notice much of a difference in the architecture. It looks the same as tafferpatcher to me, but I don't have a 4k screen. It still feels like Thief2, not that much has changed, and since there's only a few areas that have the nature stuff - it's T2 to me. I've gotten to the bank and it looks much bigger from the outside than I remember. Almost too big. Might be the HD stuff. Some older TDM missions feel a bit empty sometimes, as the texturing is so precise that it makes the areas feel bigger than they are, and the HD in T2 stuff leaves this impression. Will have to see how casing the joint and the others look. It's nice, but for so many Gb of stuff on my game SSD, idk if it will stay here much longer than a playthru. // I just realised the loot I forgot on the first mission - it's out the front, where you have to lure the guards inside to get past them, near the lampost. Didn't see it because of the grass...
  18. Didn't see this until just today - a 6Gb mod for Thief 2 that adds a bunch of nice effects on actions, replaces some textures, generally improves and lushes out the environments, and covers the screen in goo. Other parts, it simply renders the low poly architecture in HD, where some of the texture might seem a little under-scaled now are barely noticeable unless looking at that stuff. https://www.moddb.com/mods/thief-2-hd-texture-mod/news/thief-2-hd-mod-v10-is-out Was at ttlg a while, but I read about it at steam discussions while posting about TDM v2.07 release. It does make many of the T2 levels feel like a load of new maps, and I've been a little turned around in a few places as they are unrecognisable due to the update. After searching here, there was no mention on the forums - so here's the trailer with some comparisons and a link to the massive download. I couldn't find a torrent.
  19. That makes sense - was expecting a success/fail report on the copy operation, though. But then, idk how many people would update TDM with the game or DR open to lock those files in use. I guess 7-zip might also lock them. Wrt weapon stuck: I've never had a weapon get stuck unless I've done it on purpose. Logged it as minor design/coding. I hope it's only the sword stuck that is fixed. The floating arms are nice: http://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=5001 // the video of it is brightened to be more visible. mind eyes on the menu. Anderson's one about the sword getting stuck, sometimes having the rat in a mission seems to cause problems all over the place. Cool as it is, having aas_rat in an FM isn't healthy.
  20. Book your tickets online for TDM of the Dance 2019:

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      I guess there's need to write some material files to have more than one mirror render at a time, like the cameras - would've taken time to make a chorus line.


      Never seen Bubba Lego-Tep - a treat!


      I'll switch it to public, Petike. Still makes me chuckle, watching it again :P

    3. jaxa
    4. Petike the Taffer

      Petike the Taffer

      Done. Go to the channel and you'll find it at the end of the curios playlist. :-D

  21. The config file on update, or the bit with the weapons..? All the other weapons, when you hold fire and press escape - if you still hold fire and press escape again, you can move around the weapon (which is drawn on top of everything). But with the sword, when you let go, it doesn't complete as the others. No way out. Have to reload a save where it's not stuck. I thought people knew about that..? // also, if the updater said, "can't update because files are locked (by DR)" and not copied anything - I would've closed it and run the update without issue first time. No idea why the cfg file is causing problems instead of being rewritten.
  22. The problem was that the cfg files needed to be cleared - they persisted through updates. The game files were for 2.07, but something about the cfg made the game load as 2.06 and with dodgy display. When deleting them and booting tdm again, it runs as 2.07 and with default display. I guess because there weren't any entries for the new video features. If I copy the old cfg files back in, to restore keybinds, etc... and relaunch 2.07 - the same thing happens. The cfg isn't read-only. // Drawing back the sword, pressing escape with the button held, then returning to the game still locks up the weapons through saves.
  23. Wonder if it is related to this - the menu is kinda similar. http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/19871-207-bug-maximized-window-bug/ /* As a side note to Freyk - the first time I tried to update 2.06 to 2.07, the updater didn't mention that a bunch of the files were locked, as I had DR open. This resulted in an initialisation error when trying to run tdm.exes (for 2.06 [32&64], not 2.07 as expected). I only noticed when I deleted the contents of tdm folder and win10 reported the files could not be modified as open in dr. The dates of the files were a mix from last year and today, where some had not been updated - There wasn't a mention of this in the updater or the logs, that I could see. */
  24. I've removed everything bar the maps, scripts, textures and xd folders, which I guess could be removed also as they are in DR as well. Every time there's an update, something happens that means nuking everything and starting again... Hopefully it's only the game this time (¬¬) // Trying again with totally clear TDM folder and only tdmupdate.exe file.
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