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  1. I rather enjoyed the spider thing, I figured it out pretty early. You can dispose of tem with conventional means, that is to say the shortsword works. As for the getting in and especially out of the granary, I agree that it's hard. I wish the tree branches were positioned closer to the windows. Finishing your main objective will give you what you need to finish that secondary one.
  2. I played through it on Expert. This is a surprisingly good mission. I'm honestly astonished at the amount of gameplay relevant detail crammed in for a speedbuild! Loot placement was generous and even though there were stretches of open land the scale remained on point. Ditto for the pacing, both in the streets and within the town locations. I was going to commend the attention to detail put in a part of the skybox until I realized it was playable! I also really enjoyed Pat's place and the optional objectives. My only question what is the purpose of the ancient fertility symbol in the attic (you know the one)? It's the map's biggest mystery imo, one that I fear I might never get an answer to, but one that I will still ponder over in the little hours of the night. ?
  3. Spooks

    Merry Christmas

    Happy Holidays! Christmas, Hanukkah, what have you! Gotta pop in every now and then, and even if I don't bring any presents I hope my merry wishes bring you joy!
  4. I checked the save and not only is he stuck inside but most all of the doors don't work, so even if he wasn't stuck he wouldn't be able to open the door. Do your doorhandles also go all the way down but not up? Is there no clicking, "locked" sound when you try to open that door? That's how it is on my end and I think a dev should look into why it's like this, it's definitely a bug or perhaps a savegame corruption. If you don't want to restart the mission you can open the game console with ctrl+alt+` and type in "noclip" without quotes, it will allow you to fly through walls. You only need to lockpick one container that's in that room to get the diamond, fly back out and disable fly mode by typing "noclip" again. It's a cheat, obviously, but it really looks like save corruption to me and it's better than having to start over.
  5. He should come out of that room after a minute at most, and there shouldn't be anything he's stuck in. I don't know if the latest updates may have messed with the navfile in some way... I figure maybe he's alerted but even if so he should return to patrol sooner rather than later... I just did a test and he comes out fine, since the old man's unarmed he should run out of the room instead of pull out a sword and wait. Try to make some noise to get him out and if you can't, I don't know what the bug's about, you may just have to noclip through. Sorry for the inconvenience. ?
  6. In case you're still having trouble here on Sunday, it's
  7. What a nice mission! I can say with certainty that that it's a must-play now that I've finished it. I liked the pacing a lot, with how you can presumably just swim to the ship or work up to a logical crescendo by going through all the neighbourhood in order. I think my favorite part was how you did the broken ceilings with moonlight streaming through them, it's so evocative ?. It's that type of visual synecdoche that really essentializes the atmosphere you were going for. I also liked the custom stuff in the captain's quarters and the cramped stair/balcony interiors, those still feel in-scale unlike in some other missions. I was playing on Expert and I couldn't figure out if I was supposed to get the Secure Key from somewhere or not (suffice it to say I had to fly about to find it with noclip, curious after I'd done all my other objectives).
  8. Congratulations on the release! What an opportune time to check on the forums! I've been itching to get back to playing some TDM, I'll put a pin on this and give it a go tomorrow.
  9. https://rebeccashieh.com/o-theo Rebecca Shieh, visdev at Netflix, previous work at Pixar, Cartoon Network. Her personal project, O Theo, may be of some inspiration to you. Many art pieces within link.
  10. I can say yes to both of those, my Northdale Act 2 quicksaves load fine.
  11. Sorry for responding late, I only saw this late last night! The problem persists in the hotfix beta. I had a confusing, long and fruitless second bout of testing. My materials are a mess and I have multiple entries with the word "sandstone" in them. So okay, here's a correction. I do not have a custom "overwritte" material defined in my fm/materials folder. Instead I have a custom texture with the same name as the core texture and I assume that it is sufficient to overwrite how the material looks in-game. I assume that it's sufficient because I still remember testing the texture in-game prior to updating to 2.07 and it showing without a problem, but I don't know if I used an intermediary material and/or renaming my texture. Here is the biggest difference, my texture is a .tga and the default is a .dds (and as such, in a different folder). Converting the .tga to a .dds and placing it in the /dds/... folder makes it load fine ingame. Still, reloadImages will overwrite the default .dds to the custom FM .tga one, so what gives? Imo it's still inconsistent behavior. This makes it a non-issue for me since I plan on converting the appropriate diffuse maps into dds files when releasing anyways, but it still feels very weird and I can't shake the feeling that this is NOT how the behavior used to be prior to 2.07.
  12. Got a crash to desktop using the hotfix. I alerted some enemies and noclipped through a wall (brush). Very shortly after I popped out of the wall and into another area/visleaf the game crashed. I can't compare it to regular 2.07 because I updated my installation. However, it is reproducible, which I honestly did not expect. I have a crashdump for you here, it's from the first time I experienced the crash. It's rather large and it's available here. Hope it helps.
  13. I've never been great at paintovers, I lean on the cartooning side when it comes to art. Oh well. I'm trying to figure out some sort of look for this little environment I've greyboxed. I need to lower the scale or come up with another enviro idea but I kinda dig this one tbh, I'm not too picky.
  14. Hey I've got a question pertaining to something I've only noticed with 2.07, not sure if it's always been like this but I think it has. Usually, you can easily overwrite materials in your FM. For an example, let's say the mod has a textures/cobblestone material, you can make your own image maps and in your own myfm/materials/my_mats.mtr file you can define textures/cobblestone with an updated specular/diffuse, what have you. I have done this before without a problem. On 2.07 however I've noticed that when loading the FM, the material will still look like the default one. In my real case, to leave the example aside, I've updated a material's diffuse map and it visibly stays the default. Only when I type ReloadDecls in the console do all the surfaces in the game update to the custom diffuse map for the material. Does any dev know of something in 2.07 that might've caused this? Should I file a report? Like I said, I'm not sure but I'm fairly certain ReloadDecls was not needed in previous versions of TDM.
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