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  1. As I leave my crimbo vacation and return to my work duties I can feel that my time may be severely cut for mapping, so I may as well have you guys take a look at what I've been working on (you know, per the thread title and everything): I really wanna finish this one but RL is a bit volatile atm! Fates be kind!!!
  2. First spiral staircase I've made. It do be lookin fresh doe.
  3. double post, what is the name for the "arbitrary transformation" widget (Modify > Rotate and scale...) in the shortcut list? I had it assigned to "A" but now the aforementioned crashes have also deemed it necessary to reset my keybinds as well so "A" is back to CameraMoveUp or however that goes. I would check the non-beta version but I don't want to destroy my camera mouselook move shortcut keys again...
  4. Cheers, greebo. I come here with another report of a crash. It is scarily easy to replicate. Pressing Ctrl+C prompts DR to SAVE (even though I checked the bindings and it's clearly set to Copy) and it crashes the application in no time. Just in case here's another dumpfile, but if it's replicable on your end I figure you may not need it. I'll create a bugtracker entry in a bit. edit: created
  5. Indefinite app hang seemingly out of nowhere. I was in the process of making a foglight and probably pressed the light inspector button, L, while still focused on the entity pane rather than the orthoview. Or at least that's what I think was my last action. Here's the dumpfile.
  6. Alright, so I did some more testing and it's just a bug fix for a very old glitch that I've encountered a lot as well, I thought it was going to be an ease-of-use feature but I suppose you just do the same sky light setup you would've before without having to deal with glitching shadows.
  7. Hey, so, how does parallelSky work? I can't get a light to shine through the portal_sky texture on a fresh 2.08 installation. "parallelSky 1" with or without "parallel 1" also in the spawnarg list do nothing, I've tried it in two different FM WIPs and the result is a regular parallel light. Does it have to be sized as big as the ambient_world light (covering the entire map)? That feels very counterintuitive to what the new feature is purported to do.
  8. Nope, it's been off for the whole beta test phase. It must be something on my side then, maybe some leftover file I tested for cabalistic... Let me delete my glprogs folder and run the updater again, see what happens. Yeah, what do you know, the problem's no longer present. I completely forgot I had to put up custom shaders when we were testing the parallax corrected cubemaps/ssao. Phew.
  9. Yeah, that didn't seem to fix it.
  10. It's not specifically that water shader, I originally saw this on one of my window surfaces. It should be fragmentProgram heatHazeWithDepth.vfp, but there's no depth now. Just checked some of the windows in king of diamonds and it's the same.
  11. Hey i've not been testing, RL is too busy. I fired TDM up with the latest patch to take some screenshots and noticed a warp bug. checked the last two pages the bug tracker but I haven't seen it mentioned: It's the old "stuff rendering in front" bug, even those curved posts in the background are because of it. I don't think any of my cvars have changed in any meaningful way for this to be on my side, at any rate if someone could check for themselves I'd appreciate it, it should be easy to spot.
  12. Things are pretty hectic over here, I wasn't on the forums for a week so even that ping might've not been a saving grace if I didn't log in to divert responsibilities from other things I gotta do... Anyway, yeah! The command seems to work alright, reloading the game properly resets the materials, but reloadModels all doesn't reset material changes on brushes, aptly enough. I'm not sure that's that important, though.
  13. I had the temporary solution more in mind, in that case, but I don't mean to imply that there'd be a constant cursor update - that is to say that the texture on surfaces would change as you look around. I meant more like how r_materialoverride does it, if you want another surface under the cursor to get replaced you have to look at it and input the new command again. Just clearing that up in case there was misunderstanding. I do agree that another opinion would be valuable, how I would use it is not general enough to be extrapolated, I can see the use-case of this command being comfortabl
  14. Hey, here is a little note-to-self/funny tidbit of note. Nbohr1more alerted me earlier to the presence of r_testSpecularFix in the beta thread and I've been checking out the differences intermittently while testing for other stuff. Overall it does look a bit poorer, there's less fresnels to go around, but it's definitely better math, metal is actually shiny now more often than not. Anyway, point being I was going through some of my old WIPs for testing now and I noticed a very stupid trick that the fix broke that I thought you'd get a kick out of seeing. I was making a glass material a lo
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