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  1. So is there a way to make the AI react to other AIs fighting nearby? In Bloodlines the difference is OnHearCombat and OnHearPlayer, and there is even OnHearWorld if the player uses sound as a distraction.
  2. Regardless of team shouldn't the other AI react to audible combat nearby? The team civilians will flee I would guess...
  3. That looks stupid. Isn't there a setting to make guards alerted if they hear combat sounds or other guards nearby are alerted? Even Bloodlines has the first option as standard that can be set for any AI and can do the other using stats!
  4. I agree, they should at least turn into the direction they were hit from, that should be easy enough to implement. They could then start their usual search pattern.
  5. Basically correct, but most of the TDM missions are not on an open field, but in narrow town environments. As has been said before, the bowman could have moved or hid himself. I see that a lesser problem than them not reacting to melee attacks which must come from nearby!
  6. I would guess you would take a random swing and maybe something like this could be implemented. Like if the player hits the guard with his sword, sooner or later the guard should just hit back even if he can't see the player. I don't think we need to do anything about hitting guards from far away in the back. How should they know where the arrow came from?
  7. Yes, that would be more consistent. Snatcher and myself have been saying this again and again, but the give-me-a-split-second-advantage-when-shouldering-bodies people won out and I doubt they'll listen to yet another one not liking it...
  8. I believe that 3. and 4. should be easy to do, by setting some internal triggers for alert sounds and random animations depending on the alert state. I guess that 2. would mean a lot of work for little benefit as I guess if you fought one guard hard enough for him to flee all other guards nearby must be alerted anyway. As for 1. this must be handled very carefully, because while I agree with you on the stupid melee killing from dark corners, I really hate it in games when I fire a ranged weapon like the TDM bow at somebody from behind and they immediately know where I am. This should only happen if the guard is looking exactly into the direction of the player at the moment the bow is released! It's supposed to be dark.
  9. I agree, which is the reason why I made mission sorting in my patch like this, which is also how missions are sorted elsewhere in the web.
  10. What is this all about? To get TDM as a default into some Linux distribution?
  11. Something like this is already part of my Unofficial Patch and I guess Snatcher's Modpack too.
  12. Yes, there is at least one mission that needs lighted candles to be placed, but a fireplace is nearby and you have a flint too. Are there really any others were this could be critical? Also I only remember one mission where it is necessary to carry an apple to somebody and this was optional. In the case of consumables you won't eat them if you are at full health as well.
  13. New subtitles? For what exactly?
  14. Snatcher and myself argued for ages to make shouldering long frob, but as this was completely blocked and the issue for me at least is consistency, I now would like to have the other special actions fit to the shouldering scheme. As you said, from the new perspective of a new default, short frob should extinguish any lights and eat any food. - Bodies: short > shoulder, long > move - Lights: short > extinugish, long > move - Consumables: short > eat, long > move - Loot and items: short > take, long > multi take (this was always different to the others) This leaves all other physical items for which short frob means moving, which could also be helpful in the sense that if you short frob something and it is moved, it has no special action.
  15. No, I remembered the old system, but I also was using my patch so I suspected at first I messed something up before I remembered that the handling of bodies and lights are so counter intuitive right now. I could easily add my own patch solution to make extinguishing lights short frob again, but I would rather see a consistent version of it in the core game! To provide some background information, I had just finished both the Cyberpunk DLC and The Outer Worlds DLCs, both of which use short-use and long-use systems too so my mindset somehow was expecting something more consistent ;).
  16. I know and this is what I did, but wasn't the whole change about making it more intuitive for beginners? I think after shouldering was made short frob, we should go all the way and make the other special actions short frob too! I think there are only very few situations where you need to carry a light or a consumable around...
  17. I just played the new beta mission and wondered why I couldn't extinguish moveable lights as I had already forgotten that I need to use hold-frob in 2.12. This is completely counterintuitive to shouldering bodies and there is no global information about this, so please make it so that hold-frobing takes a moveable light and short frobing extinguishes it! This would also be more consistent to the static lights. The same should be done for consumables too: short frob eat, long frob pick up...
  18. The current indicator swaps between being compress and decompressed on the z axis at the moment. How about we make it compress and decompress on the x axis as well?
  19. I'm sure many people don't use the frob helper. I like the idea much better that the name is displayed if the body is highlighted! Snatcher, could you possibly change your current show-name-on-frob feature into this?
  20. Sorry, but this doesn't look at all like the TDM UI, I would prefer something on the sides like Snatcher suggested.
  21. Yeah, I always found this ambiguous, the same as "uninstall mission", which could imply it will be removed from your computer. This is why I changed all similar appearances in my patch from "install/installed" to "activate/activated". I believe this is better than "selected" because you first need to select a mission in the list to be "activated" or "deactivated".
  22. Maybe you can fix the font pixel issue please? Because you already know much more about it than me ;)!
  23. Would it be possible to remove the extra pixels in the fonts if somebody could point out to me where these are? When looking at dds from the fonts01 archive I only see white on transparent in Paint.NET and I can't make out anything...
  24. Speaking of fonts, the one used for the UI inventory selection in the lower right corner of the screen has a superfluos pixel in the left lower corner of the "W". Can this be removed?
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