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  1. hehe i wont i actually got a good deal on a 24 core threadripper for 196 dollars :O.
  2. well with the war in ukraine i cant even afford to have my PC on most of the day anyway so even though prices have dropped considerably it would not avail me anything good as food prices are now also at an alltime high here in denmark :S. one disaster after the other it seems ...
  3. probably wont hurt reading a good manual before diving in to SS2 you might get pretty surprised at how hard the first monster you meet hits > 2 to 3 hits and you're a statistic (as in dead) hehe. the telekinetic class sucks rather badly at lower lvl's but can become a brutal powerhouse when lvl'ed up. sadly so does the engineer so you have to get creative if playing those.
  4. aye system shock 2 was pretty good though hard as hell but many games from that era was. the engine is still updated even and runs fine on win10.
  5. slowly started upgrading my rig though i had to take a few shortcuts because of current prices. msi Z97 gaming 7 core i7 4970k 32 gb ram nzxt h710i case artic freezer 2 360 asus roq strix 1080 ti 1 tb samsung nvme. the biggets hurdle so far has been the nvme drive because the z97 chipset was one of the first intel models to support the m.2 standard it is a bit on the slow side for an nvme (about 1 gb transfer speed). this is becuse the m.2 slot only operates at pcie 1x. besides that it runs pretty well and my new gfx card has no problems with current games either.
  6. with the stupendous pricing atm. i doubt ill upgrade any time soon. hell even used hardware is now double the price :S so i dusted of my old msi z87-gd65 gaming board and it runs like oil after i mounted an artic liquid cooler II 360 im running at 4.7 ghz at 35 " idle on my old 4770k Oo. also boots a lot faster than my old asus x79 deluxe which is i have used for a media server instead. but yeah sometime in the future when things get back to normal i might get myself something a little newer :)
  7. usually the one with the most cores but not allways... depends a bit on how fast the cpu is also. compilers today use threaded build systems to have several compiler threads working on building the source code, this speeds up compile times a lot but it is also quite hard on cpu's that have subpar performance. older games were usually not multithreaded at all and only recently did this change, most modern games dont realy use the cpu for much besides some background stuff like networking / filesystem etc. most of the more intensive stuff is handled by the gpu these days, so most cpu's from around the last 10 years should handle any game just fine. creating game assets usually takes more ram than cpu power, people using cad can attest to that, a bigger cpu is also good but if you have an old geezer like my core i7 3930k or newer you shouldnt have any problems at all.
  8. newer hurts to be careful though i havent noticed any misbehaviour from this filehoster , if there are then it is blocked by my router cause every online scanner i could throw at it says it is clean. still allways a good thing to be vigilant. one small hint for those that want to try and build the source, msvc 2003 .NET does work on win10 but it has a rather odd bug where the search function does not work. this is caused by win10's high dpi scaling so disable that in compatibility settings and also disable fullscreen optimizations and set it to run as admin, this will take care of the problems this old compiler has. the source uses the older dx9 sdk dxsdk_feb2006 which does not use source annotation but if you make a small hack using a dummy sal.h like in mingw-w64 you can actually build it using the latest dx9 sdk from june2010 instead, the binaries in the source are built using the latest sdk btw :). with some more work it could be ported to built with even the latest compilers but it would probably be easiest to do that using cmake scripts to recreate the build solutions for the compiler you wish to use. might even be possible to port it to use clang or gcc but i suspect that might take a good deal of work. on the other hand it could possibly help with a few of the problems like replacing the old dsound interface with openal and other stuff that win10 does not support fully anymore.
  9. indeed, i noticed the same thing...
  10. also use a tweaked win10 myself enterprise ltsc version to be exact, officially you cannot get this unless you're corporate, unofficially you certainly can and it is a lot more stable.
  11. aye cramming a monster gpu in a small case is asking for trouble but if they have the dough for it, they are probably not to worried that it will have roasted itself in a year or two. i dont have that kinda money to throw around anymore so i tend to make sure everything is properly cooled which means big hunking cases with loads of fans and in case the gfx card does not have sufficient cooling i usually mount an artic accelero extreme if it fits (usually only fits the oem versions with blower coolers but woa! that thing is massive).
  12. well funny thing the itx standard was pretty much dead back when i built my current setup but seems to have had a resurgence lately , truth be told i only ever had one itx model, and it was a fujitsu siemens i inherited from my sister. thing actually ran pretty well with an ssd but was a bit on the noisy side and not really a gaming machine but that was due to the bios being locked to certain gfx cards. i have a micro atx gigabyte ga-h81m-ds2 with a core i5 in my sleeping room i use for streaming, its actually pretty fast though only supports pcie 2.0 so one would assume its not ment for gaming though it actually games pretty well to :). my newly aquired gtx 980 ti will probably last me for some time yet atleast im getting around 100 fps in HZD on ultra now so woa big improvement
  13. indeed sadly my old beast is anything but manageable in the size department, i dread the day i have to move again... atleast it has keept up pretty nicely for a PC from around 2013 and is still useable though it is far from the fastest out there anymore.
  14. allready have one of (if not the best) cpu cooler out there atleast on air a noctua NH-D15 dual fan, it keeps my old sandy cool even though it is overclocked quite a bit running 5.2 ghz and it newer hits 80 degrees but close sometimes. i doubt any of the newer cpu's go this high when overclocked but they most likely have it beat in anything else hehe.
  15. welp yeah that sounds like a nogo , on a sidenote after i got the 980 ti i delegated my R9 290x to an msi z87-gd65 gaming board with an i7 4770k and 16 gb ram. this is a newer cpu than my old i7 3930k and all tests say it should be faster but... ran kombustor and im getting 11 fps Oo where i get more than double that with my old i7 3930k in the dx12 benchmark huh ?!?. not really sure what gives though i know the older i7 3930k has a better multicore profile the 4770k should murder it in single core performance but that aint happening, in fact it gets utterly destroyed in both multicore and single core.
  16. looks like a new witcher game is in the making but using unreal engine 5 as well, cdproject seems to have ditched redengine due to performance problems.
  17. could just ask at the airport if uncertain though it would be the first time i heard of having to declare personal items except bombs knives or molotovs xD, you might need to pay some extra for the weight though.
  18. spoke with my sister and no there is no customs declaration nessesary, you will however have to remove the bios battery from everything which you dont take with you in the cabin as they can be a fire hazard. customs is only for resale but since you are on the plane yourself they wont question if that is the purpose. so weight declaration only :)
  19. as far as i remember if you take the parts with you in the cabin you dont need to fill in any forms, but since you are keeping the cabinet this might not be possible as it will probably fill to much to be considered hand baggage. so they will probably want to know the weight of said items. besides that it should be pretty straight forward but i can ask my sister she works for SAS so she should know for certain.
  20. it may also have some trouble with newer hardware and some of the drivers are probably not of much use unless you have these exact cards, it works pretty fine on older stuff though i tried it out on several old machines allready and no problems it can actually run in 64 bit mode to if needed but you should keep to older athlon or core2 cpu's if you want to try it.
  21. can also try menuetos, which is written in assembler it is very very fast on older machines, also has a gui that is quite nice.
  22. strangely while theres talk about the old mechanical harddrives having a shorter lifespan than current ssd's i had the exact opposite experience, i still have my old adaptec scsi controller card and 2gb seagate drives and despite being laughably small by todays standard they also still run, no bad sectors whatsoever. these are currently mounted in the aforementioned celeron 300A pc which i still use from time to time for working with dos libraries. it runs windows xp as the main OS though and can even handle win 7 32 bit though not extremely fast. the scsi drives run xp and use a multi partition system not unlike linux to get around the size problem. heh we sure had to pull out all the tricks back then to get the max out of what we had.
  23. oldest one of those i had came with win 3.11 so it is quite an achivement in itself that it still runs besides the buggers last one i had had win 98 non se and it turned up its toes around 8 years back. my desktops has had quite some more years on them before going out of commision completely, i still have my old abit driven celeron 300A overclocked to 600 and guess what it still runs xD
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