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  1. It was on private actually, I changed the name to builders If there are other issues please do let me know. PS: Great work with the channel, Petike.
  2. I understand, I shall remove it then.
  3. The name of the song is Mechanists so that's why it was put like that. I can replace the title with Builders but there is still the Mechanists word in the video. Or I can remove the video and remake it entirely if necessary
  4. All done (minus a few secrets) and it was 100% amazing. Couldn't get to sleep until i finished it cause i was so curious to see what will happen next. The part spooked me a lot and i loved all the unexpected scenes. To me this is on par with the great Thief 1/2 masterpieces and an experience i won't easily forget. Let me rephrase that: Never forget.
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