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  1. Hi again, Just wanted to know if all the map is accessible? I can't seem to find my way down to the SW section. , I just need to know if that area is accessible. If so, Im going to love finding my way down there. Thanks so much for an amazing fm. I'm still wandering around and I've gone way past 3 hours of gameplay which is positively divine!!!!! :smugbert:
  2. Are there any secrets in this mission? Edit: Forgot to mention that I haven't come across any bugs. Plays tremendously well and is amazing in all its nooks and crannies.
  3. I am having so much fun playing this fm! I absolutely love it. What a fabulous Christmas p resent. Thank you
  4. This is the best news! Your ws series so far are at the top of my list. So looking forward to the next missions. Thanks
  5. As usual Grayman your missions never fail to impress me. I really enjoyed this one. Thanks
  6. I really enjoyed this mission. Like Taquito said, I didn't even know this fm was around. Very glad I found it. Hoping to see more from you PranQster. Thanks
  7. Hi Prankster I love your fm. I hope you make more. I did notice the newer forum for this but I came to this one because I couldn't find the answer on that one. I ended up posting here.
  8. I've already tried that but it gets ticked right after again. It doesn't stay unticked. Right I downloaded a script to take ownership and I did it for the Games folder which is where I have dm and the folders/files/ I tried taking screenshots again and still they are not showing up. I've looked in the Games folder, the DM screeenies folder, the fm folder itself and no screenies of the mission anywhere. I've tried pasting it to Paint and all I get is a gray square. I know how take screenies so it's not that I'm doing it incorrectly. As I mentioned above, I've tried using F12 and PrtScr,
  9. yep, I've looked online on changing permissions and it's not very easy. I'll guess I'll skip the screenies.
  10. Bikerdude nothing on any of the folders you mentioned, SteveL I've also checked the Darkmod/screenshots folder and nothing there. However my darkmod folder is Read-only. I'll have to look and see how I can change that. Thanks very much to you both
  11. Thank goodness too. Too bad he didn't get lazy earlier on lol
  12. Hi, I have taken some screenies of some fms and I cant find them. Usually when I take screenies about other things, they show up in my Pictures folder. For DM FMs however, I don't get any at all. I have used the Prt Scr which is the key that I use successfully on other things, and I've also tried using F12, also to no avail. I have looked in the DM folder as well as the screenshots folder and they are not there. They are not under the fm name or under dm . Any help would be appreciated. Thanksv
  13. I've jumped around on the bed, beside the bed both sides, by the foot of the bed, I've tried using the telescope, I've contorted in the oddest ways trying to see if I can catch a glimpse of that bloody key. Where by the bed is it? by the head? by the foot? towards the left or the right? I'm telling you if I didn't know better I'd say I already have it because no way can it be this hard to get a key. I've tried all the keys I have on the chest and none work, so I know I don't have it. I just watched a video walkthrough to see where the key is, and it turns out that for some reason the fm
  14. I still can't find the in the bedroom, I read here that its by the bed, and unless it's , I have no way of slashing it because I don't have a sword.
  15. Thanks so much. I did not expect a solution to my problem. Who knew.
  16. oh ok. So I just copy that phrase right in thatmissions.tdm.info file?
  17. Here's what it says tdm_missioninfo 2562{} tdm_missioninfo ahouseoflockedsecrets{} tdm_missioninfo anh{} tdm_missioninfo antr{} tdm_missioninfo beleaguered_fence{"last_play_date" "2015-11-29""mission_completed_2" "1""mission_loot_collected_2" "4084"} tdm_missioninfo bh{} tdm_missioninfo breakingout{} tdm_missioninfo broads{} tdm_missioninfo builders_influence{} tdm_missioninfo crown_of_penitence{} tdm_missioninfo dufford{} tdm_missioninfo fauchard1_1{} tdm_missioninfo gatehouse1_3{} tdm_missioninfo glenham_tower{} tdm_missioninfo houseoftheo{} tdm_missioninfo innbiz{} tdm_missioninfo knight
  18. Wow finding that way was hard. I did not think to look there. Thanks VanishedOne.
  19. Hi, Yesterday I played a couple of very short fms, and when I finished the last one and went to play another one, I noticed that all the fms that I'd played that had the green tick and said last time played had all been removed. My Dark Mod now looks I've just downloaded fms and not played any. All info on played fms is gone
  20. \Hi, I've rope arrowed my way up to the roof of the covered porch of the inn, where the tables are. I see a stone slab on one corner of the roof but I dont see any switches or otherwise to open it so I can access porch. I see a key in there. If not through the roof, is there another way to access that area?
  21. Ok thank you. Really enjoying this fm. I hope you continue to make them.
  22. Just started playing. Loving it so far. Any rope arrows or no? Thanks
  23. How do I find out what the is?? I've read through the forums and I've found the answer to what the actually is, but I want to know where I find the clue that points to that . I have been in every room, found all the keys necessary. I've no idea where to look for the clue that points to figuring out
  24. I just finished playing Old Habits 2 and I enjoyed it so much, I searched to see if you'd made any other fms and here I am! Really excited to start on this one.
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