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  1. Interesting. I've never noticed that guards would react to dead rats or blood from them, but you might be right that there is some kind of game logic thing causing that. I'm glad you enjoyed the mission!
  2. I hope I'm not answering too late but here are some hints:
  3. I'm glad you enjoyed the mission, and thanks for the feedback. I think it would be a great change to make the objectives a little more legible! I'm sure there's a not-to-complicated way to make that happen (I think I've seen it in a few missions before). In missions with a lot of objectives, some of them discoverable, it could be a big quality of life upgrade. Putting that on the list for an eventual update!
  4. Sorry for the late reply. I thought this question was answered in the FAQ but now I see it's not. Peter and Paul are partners in crime, if that's not a hint enough then;
  5. Sounds like you thoroughly explored the mission! I'm glad you liked it. As for some of your comments: Pell Street is visible in the game but not explorable. There is a sign that says Pell Street by the back entrance to the mansion (not the garden but the little back alley). It's mostly there to help players get their bearings in certain readables. The hidden safe As for the sleeping guard I did notice he is awoken easily, I don't know what that's about, maybe the floor type is too loud. I'll see if I can turn down his hearing maybe. All the CoS missions (except 1, working on an update though) have challenges the player can take on. They are readables that add new objectives, and they are usually well hidden but all together. Thanks for the feedback, it sounds like you got quite some mileage out of this mission!
  6. Is it a dead rat or it's alive and glitching? Sometimes they will "spasm" around when dead if there is something lodged in the model. Unfortunately I don't know a good fix for this. There standard safes have this weird glitch sometimes. Usually it is solved by fully closing and opening it again (it might need a few tries). Hopefully those bugs are not putting a damper on your experience!
  7. Sorry you are running in to the problem. I assume you are referring to the challenge. The mission should not fail from knocking out AI. There is a known bug where if you knock someone out who is sitting by a table the body can start "vibrating" with the furniture, killing them from "fall damage" after a few seconds. In some cases this damage is attributed to the player causing the no kill objective to fail. If you try to shoulder the person right after knocking them out it should be enough to save them from dying. If that doesn't work I'm not sure what else the bug could be. Hope that solves the issue for you!
  8. I think there is a long term project of adding loot lists to the Wiki. I always add them for my missions as I release them. It's not that much work when you made the mission, and I know some people want them
  9. Somewhat hidden apartments and such is indeed a staple in this series, and how I like to map in general. I think it's fair to have a relatively high loot cap on expert, especially since in this case it's only 70% of the total loot. I feel like it should be pretty reasonable to hit without having to explore every nook and cranny to death. I tend to put only a small portion of the loot in areas that I think will be missed by most players. Well I'm glad you are enjoying the challenge!
  10. Congrats on releasing this mission! Will look forward to playing once I catch up!
  11. Hello, It was pure coincidence I went to check the forum and saw your post had just come in a few minutes before! Sorry I took longer this time.
  12. It's been a while since I played this mission so my memory is a little bit hazy but if I recall;
  13. That's weird... Hopefully it will work for you! Glad you are enjoying the mission.
  14. Sorry that you are experiencing problems loading the mission. I'm not sure what could be causing that, other than a problem with your installation. Can you try and load another mission with a manbeast? Maybe try Volta II: Cauldron of the Gods. If you get the same message I believe you may need to reinstall. You can always try and get more targeted help by making a new topic in the TDM Tech Support subforum. Hope you get it to work!
  15. Thanks for playing through the mission! Glad you found it to your liking. Unfortunately the chest bug is known to many players, even though I've never had it happen to me. I will fix this in an upcoming update!
  16. Great! I'm glad you enjoyed the mission! It seems there are a few bugs that some players are running into. I should probably fast-track an update for this mission.
  17. Great! Glad you enjoyed the series! I see your point about the secretary, but if I remember you can get in there without being spotted even without messing with any lights. We'll see if CoS4 will ever materialize. I kind of made the prequel to be done with the series but I can't rule it out. Been taking a bit of a break from mapping but hoping to get back into it soon, in that case I'll be starting something new or doing a stand alone thing.
  18. Glad you liked the mission! Some odd bugs you found there. I'm not sure what could be causing those. The black box one I've seen before in other missions, it's probably a conversation trigger. It's not supposed to show up but sometimes it does and it's usually temporary. The stuck nobleman would be a major issue though. If more people run into it I may have to change the lighting so it's possible to sneak out even if he is stuck.
  19. I'm glad you enjoyed your playthrough. I agree that having the ability to annotate the map would be most useful. I'm sure it's possible to do but not within my capabilities. I can think of a way to have the game do it for you but it would not work with multiple side missions seeing as you can't predict which mission the player will pick up first. Food for thought though.
  20. Thank you for the praise on the side and thanks for bringing this to my attention. I think it came about as I wrote the readable before I was completely done with the in-game map and naming of different rooms. I've made a note of this for an eventual update!
  21. Thanks for the detailed feedback and the thorough play through! Glad you found it on par with the rest of the series and enjoyed your playthrough.
  22. Played through this just now, great little creeper mission. Hardest difficulty and no equipment use and managed to get a stealth score of 1. But my oh my those static candles were giving me trouble throughout! The lighting is pretty punishing but not unfair. For a very small mission this still provided a lot of gameplay when played with some self-imposed restrictions. Thanks for making it!
  23. That is high praise, thanks! I'm glad you liked it. Your let's build series for the Bakery Job had no small part in giving me the courage to start mapping in the first place!
  24. Thanks for the detailed feedback! Sorry the ring eluded you for so long, I didn't provide much in the way of hints for it, but I figured most players would break in to the neighbor's place at some point and find it. There's definitely a lot of random breaking and entering that pays off in my CoS missions. This one is certainly no exception. As for the bugs/notes;
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