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  1. Are we forgetting the best video game movie there is: Metal Gear Solid 4?
  2. I have two crap monitors, and the difference between absolute black and very very very dark gray are super obvious to me. I have to turn mine up a bit, simply because when it gets too dark my entire screen just becomes a few gray blobs that kill the immersion. To counteract this, I never bring my lantern.
  3. @SteveL It also does it in windowed mode. @Bikerdude I'm using Classic
  4. When recording with OBS and the compass is being used, OBS only records the bottom right corner of the screen. My theory is that OBS's "game capture" (which is the only way that I can get it to record TDM at all) believes that the 3d compass is the game, since it's on it's own layer. OBS version 0.657b using "Game Capture" source The Dark Mod 2.03, code revision 6470
  5. I loved this map. It's absolutely fantastic. The vertical design, the lack of pickpocketing, the aesthetics, it's all amazing. With that said, I still really love this map, it's definitely my favorite so far. As promised, I'll be releasing a video soon showing all the ways I can find to mantle out of bounds (I've already found one on accident )
  6. Wow, it seems like the stealth scoring must be pretty buggy
  7. No, I just think the map should be completable naked, but just barely. I'm just fine with 100% loot requiring starting equipment, but doing it naked should require impeccable skill and finding basically every secret for the equipment it contains.
  8. It's my opinion that the bare minimum should be that you can complete Expert without buying anything at the start, with 0 knockouts, and 0 stealth score. I really would love it if every map were completable (though very hard) with 0 stealth score, 0 knockouts, 100% loot, on expert, with no starting gear but your lockpicks.
  9. I don't know anything about modding in this particular engine, but I've done work with other limiting engines and I know how much of a pain it can be to jury-rig a solution.
  10. Another level defeated by the power of mantling
  11. Figured out a way to the top of the tower with no rope arrows
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