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  1. I would only leave it as worldspawn if you need it to act like worldspawn. For example, if you have a nodrawsolid_wood brush covering a wonky wooden model and you want AI to be able to walk over it smoothly or it is to perform some sealing function. Other than that, just make a func_static so it gets filtered out in DR when you want to only look at sealing brushwork. So no harm in leaving it as worldspawn, but on the other hand you might get some benefit to making it a func_static.
  2. I've added tdm_show_viewpos and screenshot_viewpos to here: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Console_Useful_Controls I know they are already mentioned here, there isn't much of an explanation about the arguments and it's nice to have all these commands on one page.
  3. I was actually using Windows - so maybe not?
  4. Getting a bunch of warnings on map start, I think related to subtitles? It happens when I put the AI entity 'atdm:ai_townsfolk_female' in my map. WARNING:Couldn't load SRT file 'subtitles/lady02//tdm_ai_lady_alertdown_to_idle_heard08.srt' for sound 'sound/voices/lady02/tdm_ai_lady_alertdown_to_idle_heard08.ogg' according to decl 'tdm_ai_lady02' WARNING:Couldn't load SRT file 'subtitles/lady02//tdm_ai_lady_alertdown_to_idle_seen_evidence04.srt' for sound 'sound/voices/lady02/tdm_ai_lady_alertdown_to_idle_seen_evidence04.ogg' according to decl 'tdm_ai_lady02' WARNING:Couldn't load SRT file 'subtitles/lady02//tdm_ai_lady_idle09.srt' for sound 'sound/voices/lady02/tdm_ai_lady_idle09.ogg' according to decl 'tdm_ai_lady02' WARNING:Couldn't load SRT file 'subtitles/lady02//tdm_ai_lady_idle11.srt' for sound 'sound/voices/lady02/tdm_ai_lady_idle11.ogg' according to decl 'tdm_ai_lady02'
  5. What do you mean by 'transparent'? You mean filter them out? If so you can already do that from the 'Filter' menu item at the top of the screen.
  6. I don't know if it's mentioned anywhere else on the Wiki, but it's worth mentioning that the first global keywords are for sound: // Use on of the predefined surface types like: // none, metal, stone, flesh, glass, wood stone And this: //surftype15 //description "carpet This is a carpet texture." I think this is sound as well, but I also think 'description' does other stuff, for example for using with vine arrows: stone description "vine_friendly" If someone has a list (or link to code) where all this is defined for TDM so mappers are aware, that would be useful. I would also move the 'special keywords' section up so it's before the obsolete stuff - that old stuff needs to be relegated to the very bottom. I would also change the title of that section from 'No ambient and frob -stages needed' to something like 'Deprecated stages' and say it's just there for historical reference.
  7. It is confusing. The first example shouldn't have the frob highlight section in it, and a note should be added to the text saying the example is for version 2.11 and greater. The subsequent stages should be under a different heading clearly labelled as being deprecated/obsolete and they are only there for reference.
  8. yeah this is what I meant, sorry for any confusion. Daft has mentioned this several times as motivation.
  9. I was asked to help test the mantling changes and I was neutral about them, but I am supportive of any changes that might encourage new players while at the same time not ruining my own experience. Since upgrading to the 2.12 beta branch I've got used to the faster mantling and quite like it now. Same with the frobbing changes, leaning and all the other stuff that's gone in.
  10. I'm a huge fan of those games, but I'm putting off getting BG3 because I'm a bit too worried they'll be too much like the Divinity games (from Larian). Those were good, but a bit too cartoony for me and I never came close to finishing them. I just didn't feel compelled to invest the time into them. If you don't want to manage a party in Baldurs Gate games, just go solo. Your one character gets all the XP instead of it being spread out among the party members . If you feel you are missing out on companion quests, you can just take them in your party while you do their quest and then ditch them.
  11. Well, if you say so. If I remove the 'areaLock' spawnarg from the rain patches, it falls through the roof and it looks the same whether the door is open or closed. I'm just saying that opening the door doesn't seem to make the rain appear inside as you suggested above. Regardless, I'm not advocating the areaLock method, just reporting observations.
  12. yeah totally. One of the outputs of this discussion will be to update that page.
  13. I haven't personally run it so not sure how long it actually takes. @Amadeus how long did it take for WIS? @stgatilov To make runParticle part of dmap, is there a way to check if runParticle needs to be run or not first? For example, if there are no particles present with 'collisionStatic' keyword than just skip it. I wouldn't say this is big deal, but it's a manual step that the mapper could easily forget to run on release day... I meant the default weather materials - but Amadeus covered that in his question - thanks. Actually this doesn't seem to be the case. The rain seems to stay outside the visleaf if the door is open. In the example screenshot from inside the Inn in In Plain Sight, the rain patch actually extends over the roof of this building. With the door open, the rain 'stays outside'. However, you're right and still with this method you need to use individual patches and place them carefully (although I didn't have to worry about the height). It's not perfect because rain will still poke through awnings and stuff outside.
  14. I just recently became aware of this feature: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Particle_collisions_and_cutoff Unfortunately I completely missed it, as when I went to create weather effects in my FMs I just followed this (which doesn't mention it): https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=A_-_Z_Beginner_Full_Guide_Page_3#Rain_and_Snow The point of this thread is to a) make people aware of it and b) gather feedback from any mappers that have used it so we can get some mapper-focused documentation in the Wiki. The page above is great for background information about how it works, but as a mapper I really just want to know: What are the limitations of this (i.e. when should it be used and when shouldn't it be used)? Why isn't it the default behaviour? Why all this work to get it into the map? What built-in support for it exists (particle definitions, materials, etc). Do I need to create all this stuff myself? Texture layout vs. Linear layout: what's the difference in the end, pros/cons, why would I use one over the other... Why does it need a separate command (runParticle)? Can this just not be bundled in with dmap? A clear, step-by-step instruction on how to implement it in a map from beginning to end using a simple use case. Tagging some users who have relevant experience with this: @stgatilov @Goldwell @Amadeus
  15. Creating a new thread for this as it was being discussed in an old beta-testing thread starting here: https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/21822-beta-testing-high-expectations/&do=findComment&comment=490751 I suppose the main questions are: when should this spawnarg be used, if at all? why was it introduced in the first place? Can we get it documented properly on the Wiki so misuse isn't propagated? @stgatilov @Dragofer
  16. Using _black in the water material instead of textures/darkmod/sfx/black_matt fixes it in my WIP, so that will put the problem out of sight for me in the short term, but obviously doesn't address High Expectations. I could release an update for it, but it sounds like you're saying it's not a good long-term fix?
  17. In High Expectations, I used a custom water material because I wanted a water surface that was dark and not entirely transparent. It looked pretty decent and I am using it in my next FM as well. However in 2.12 the water material has a greenish tinge to it (see attached screenshots). Here is the material - it's basically 'water_stream' with a blend stage using matt black: https://github.com/FrostSalamander/fsx/blob/main/materials/fs_water_stream_dark.mtr These screenshots have the brightness and gamma cranked up to maximum, because the difference is subtle (but noticeable) on normal levels and the screenshots were way too dark without it. High Expectations: WIP FM:
  18. I've reached out to them - hopefully they can give us a straight answer. It does say 'VIDEO GAME LEVEL' in that section title, although you're right models are probably the main use case.
  19. OK but that sounds a bit like a special case where that requirement was explicitly made known up front? There is nothing in that textures.com FAQ that specifies a requirement like that. There is no way I would have assumed that myself. I think unless someone pipes up and says it's a hard no for whatever reason, I will assume it's OK. I suppose the other thing is a license for the FM itself. Is it an option to include a different one than that used for TDM?
  20. Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but what is the conclusion here? I'm particularly asking about textures.com, because in my latest FM (WIP) I've used tons of textures from there. When I first looked at it, I had concluded that it was OK to use them, but now I'm second guessing that because of this (also mentioned above): Please note that it is not allowed to release our images under Open Source licenses (even when the materials are modified). If you are working on an game that is released under an Open Source license, you need to release content that has been created using our materials under a closed source license. However, this here make me think it might be OK? From https://www.textures.com/support/faq-license#3d-model CAN I USE THE MATERIALS ON A 3D MODEL OR SCENE OR VIDEO GAME LEVEL WHICH I WILL OFFER OR SELL ON A DIGITAL MARKETPLACE? Regular textures may be bundled with 3D models, scenes or video game levels under the following conditions: you have customized the materials for the 3D model, scene or game level, all materials are actually used on the 3D model, in the scene or game level you are selling the model and materials in one package. In other words: do not use bundling as a loophole to sell a texture or material pack. Please add the following text in the documentation accompanying the model: "One or more textures bundled with this project have been created with images from Textures.com. These images may not be redistributed by default. Please visit www.textures.com for more information." IMPORTANT: the exception to this is any content in the Special Content categories: 3D Scans, 3D Scans Atlas, 3D Objects, 3D Foliage, Substance, PBR Materials, Decals, HDR Spheres, HDR Skies, Graphic Designs and 3D Ornaments. The materials in these categories may NOT be bundled with 3D models or scenes. This even applies when you modify the materials: modification does not mean you are allowed to bundle these types of materials. Again I'm specifically talking about using these are part of a fan mission, not the core game. To satisfy the conditions above, I will: customisation: all textures have been converted to different formats (.dds and .tga) or resized I won't include any textures in the .pk4 that aren't included in the mission the FM will be bundled into a single .pk4 package (and I'm obviously not selling it). I'm only using the 'regular textures', not PBR or 3D materials. I will include the text 'One ore more textures...' in the FM readme.
  21. Someone else can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think they are the same thing, just different physical save files and are also managed a bit differently. Quick saves overwrite older quick saves, but two are kept instead of just one and the game manages these for you so you don't have to think about it. Menu saves as you've noticed you need manually manage, and provide a name, etc. Forgive me if I'm stating the obvious, but most players will use the menu to create 'hard saves' throughout the game to mark progress and as a failsafe in case they screw up their quick save (e.g. quick save right before you are about to die). Then they use the quick save to fill in the gaps because it's convenient. So they have different uses, which is why they are managed differently.
  22. Maybe what you're looking for is a new feature? Something like a hotkey that loads the most recent 'menu' save? This would be separate from the quick load/quick save functionality. Is that what you are thinking of?
  23. This is really useful and should be added to the examples section on this page. I recently added the one for the burn damage, as that seems like the type of thing a new mapper might want to try and do. it took me a while to figure out how to do it and I felt quite dense, but after hearing that others didn't find it straightforward either I don't feel so bad now
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