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  1. In High Expectations one of the guards uses the urinate animation which I think involves the 'penis', but IIRC I think some message appears on the console about not being able to find the 'penis attachment' (which to be honest is better that way as it thankfully never makes an appearance). I never used the penis entity directly. Also I could reproduce the bow crash in the starting tunnel pretty easily just by partially drawing the bow and cancelling it until it crashed. Sometimes it takes a while but you shouldn't need to go up into the street and do anything crazy.
  2. HI @Shadrach. I can reproduce this and thanks for raising. Very frustrating, as this was indeed an intended way to complete the objective so I'm 99.99% sure it used to work. I think this will need some debugging. Not sure when I will ever get around to doing it though as I'm on a bit of a break from TDM. If anyone has time to debug this, it's pretty easy to reproduce quickly: Alternatively, if anyone knows what part of the codebase (i.e. the actual C++ classes to set breakpoints) to look at to debug this problem, I may try and have a look.
  3. OK, I guess I'm asking what spawnargs will be supported. From reading the Wiki entry on them I don't really understand how they work (but that's OK, I'm just starting to play with them). So if I decide to use them I don't want to use some feature/spawnarg that will be deprecated. The Wiki says: Which implies both 'parallel' and 'parallelSky' spawnargs are needed to create a 'parallel sky' light. Also, you suggest for 'local' parallel lights to use 'noshadows'. Does 'local' mean with 'parallel' and without 'parallelSky' spawnarg?. So I don't really understand what's actually being deprecated. Just the shadowcasting on local parallel lights? Sorry if I'm being dumb here. I have no view on whether or not they should be deprecated since I've never used them, but reading this thread it sounds like they have their uses and I should look at them.
  4. So what are we saying here? We're not going to deprecate them, and we should still use them but follow the guidelines you set out?
  5. Thanks for reporting. I can't really do anything about this unless I'm able to reproduce it though. If anyone has any info that they think might help, please mention it here
  6. Do you mean for the player voice lines? If I understand this correctly, I think that's the only thing I would have control over as the author.
  7. Yeah. It turned out I didn't have my 'drop inv. item' key bound, so I was pressing it and nothing was happening.
  8. it's worth trying whatever you want to try and then see what the beta testers think. Just have a plan B ready to implement in case it goes over like a lead balloon. If there is no loot goal, the first thing people are going to ask is 'where is the loot goal?', so you just need to have an explanation that makes sense and provide that in the release thread, or even in the mission briefing (e.g. don't rob innocent people or something). The only reason I make loot goals optional is to make players like myself happy, who are terrible at finding loot and don't want to spend hours searching everywhere before the mission completes.
  9. Knock it off! Down and Out on Newford Road was fantastic! (I know you're just joking around, but still...)
  10. I don't think I've ever seen TDM drop a portal without a .lin file. You sure? Support for OBJ model format was just added in TDM 2.11. You can import the model into DR (File -> Import/Convert Model...) or I think you should just be able to place the model in your FM folder (under models/) and DR should see it I think? If you have DR open you will need to use File -> Reload Models...
  11. Since you're looking already, can you tell if there is an obvious reason why it doesn't work with the player?
  12. I tried this as well and couldn't get it to work either. Same result as you. It works if it targets another AI, but not the player. Would be interested to know if anyone else got it to work.
  13. No problem . I just happened to have a day off today and was already sitting in front of the PC. Plus it's an embarrassing (and game-breaking) bug so best to get it updated ASAP.
  14. ok fixed. Version 1.3: Proton Drive: https://drive.proton.me/urls/2X9ZGQD3PR#txKKpE5GW1zq Github: https://github.com/FrostSalamander/fsx/releases/download/1.3/highex.pk4 changelog: https://github.com/FrostSalamander/fsx/releases/tag/1.3 @nbohr1more sorry to ask again - could you please update the mission DB?
  15. Yes - I know what the problem is. This is a very stupid bug on my part in 1.2. You can either wait for the fix (I will fix it now but it might take awhile to get it uploaded), or to proceed you can spawn a new key with the correct name. Open the console and type: spawn fsx:prison_cell_key name prison_cell_key inv_name fixed_prison_key It will appear as 'fixed_prison_key' in your inventory, and that one should work.
  16. which metal doors exactly? Are you sure you are actually in the prison? Can you provide a screenshot of the door?
  17. I've created a very simple tutorial on my Wiki home page on how to create a material/texture from an online source (e.g. textures.com) using GIMP. This is something I didn't know how to do and wished that it existed when I started. Yes, there are some existing Wiki pages that kind of describe how to do this, but they are wildly out of date with respect to the tools used and are full of gaps to the uninitiated. What I've pieced together mainly came from existing Wiki sources, but updated with the current version of GIMP. I obviously realise that to a lot of people here this is 101 level stuff, but for myself and other complete n00bs that want to build something, basic tutorials like this are invaluable. It's using GIMP just because it's free and does most things a n00b will want to do, especially when it comes to dealing with older file formats that TDM requires. Anyways, the point of this post is I would like to ask if anyone who DOES know what they are doing could cast their eye over the tutorial and point out any gaffes or downright incorrect/misleading information. Not so much in the proofreading sense or GIMP-specific things (although that would be welcome too), but more around the images/properties themselves. I've labelled some sections with (ADVICE NEEDED) for stuff that I really don't understand very well but the whole thing is fair game. The tutorial is very short, and if anything is glaringly wrong it should be easy to spot by knowledgeable people. The main things I don't understand are the image properties when exporting - there are a million options and I don't know what most of them do. I've looked some of them up, but I don't necessarily know what's best for TDM. All I know is that what I've written seems to work. Perhaps if this gets into a state that makes sense we can add it to the main Wiki and clean up some of the existing sections on this. Link here: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=User:Frost_Salamander#Creating_a_material_using_existing_images_(e.g._from_textures.com)_using_GIMP
  18. https://github.com/thedarkmodcommunity/scripts/blob/main/player/kill_player.script
  19. Release 1.2 now available. Mostly minor fixes, but includes one fix that will hopefully prevent the prison key from not spawning. Full changelog: https://github.com/FrostSalamander/fsx/releases/tag/1.2 Download: Proton Drive: https://drive.proton.me/urls/4YTT2D72EW#FJ9furObjD19 Github: https://github.com/FrostSalamander/fsx/releases/download/1.2/highex.pk4 @nbohr1more could you do the honours and add to mission DB please?
  20. Fair enough . Anyways thanks for taking the time to look into it, and I learned something new today!
  21. OK that makes sense. Looking at some of the other window material definitions some of them don't have that keyword. Also, if you are outside and noclip up so you are outside the window next to the other lamp (the standing copper one), you can see the lightgem light up. So I guess one workaround if you really wanted to use that material is to just make your own version and remove the 'noshadows' from it?
  22. what is 'noshadows' intended to be used for in a material definition? I see that it means 'don't cast shadows', but in practical terms does that also mean 'make the material transparent (to light)'? If so, why isn't the light shining through when the door is closed?
  23. I have no idea what's causing this. It's the oil lamp just inside that window on the upper deck of that room. Stuff like this drives me crazy. Also, while I was just sitting outside staring at it, sometimes the light bleed would just suddenly appear even when the door was closed, or it would remain visible after the door was closed and would disappear if you moved/looked around. I thought it might have been another door opening somewhere, but that doesn't appear to be the case. I can't seem to reproduce this at all. I thought it was a similar issue that I had in another section with the ambient light changing slightly, but I can't see any difference crossing between those rooms. Anyone else notice it?
  24. But is the graphics VRAM not anything to worry about? To be honest, I'm not really that concerned or anything, but was hoping this PC wouldn't be obsolete in 2 years in case I got the itch to play some new AAA thing at some point.
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