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  1. I just finished this mission. It was one surprise after another. I expected something like: get out of the mine full of zombies and then - change! Ok, wooden structure full of zombies - change again! :-) You have definitely +1 point for various environments packed seamlessly into one level. I also like the vertical design of the level and especially need to use rope arrows. Just one complain: jumping and climbing in mines was difficult as hell due to a bit wrong geometry I think. But it was very good mission and I enjoyed it, thank you!
  2. Just finished the mission and I truly enjoyed it! I like old castles and monasteries and the one in this mission is very nice. Maybe a bit too well lit for such a haunted place but still I like it. The mission took me roughly 5-6 hours on hardest difficulty without killing a single zombie .. except one spider, he saw me! :-) Thank you for wonderful few evenings :-)
  3. Just yesterday I finished this mission on Saint difficulty and I have to say: excellent job you have done here! Very good writing and I especially appreciate details and lighting in the House.
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