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  1. At the same time, maybe we should stick to what made Thief so great; it was clearly a fantasy world, but not in the same way as other ones. There were no dwarves, elves, or orcs, just humanoid beasts and undead. There was no real hope of a gang of heroes storming the corrupt baron's mansion, slaughtering his entire guard and family, and instilling a less corrupt system. It was gritty, and dark.
  2. That idiot Pai is trying to get people to go along with his plan by playing with fidget spinners and foam dart guns whilst wearing 3d glasses and babbling memes. Meanwhile, a woman came forward and revealed the FCC is using her DEAD husband's identity online to try and smear pro-net neutrality videos and posts. I hope someone takes a swing at this smug MFer's face and shatters his facial bones.
  3. I haven't gotten the chance to ask my computer whiz uncle to help me install The Dark Mod. Could you give me a descrption?
  4. It makes me wonder how the last surviving members of the family homo felt before homo sapiens sapiens took over. Sad? Did they mate and interbreed with a us to have a part in our legacy? Were they proud of us? Apathetic? Jealous? Angry? Or maybe they didn't care and just thought it was time to go. Makes me feel kind of sad.
  5. Perhaps, in our world, there were once majestic, seemingly magical things. Things we pushed away or actively destroyed with our so-called "civilized" ways. The mammoths no longer trundle about the snowy fields of the north, and woolly rhinos have all but been wiped out, the last hairy rhinos of Sumatra hunted to critical levels, beyond hope of repopulation. The Stella's Sea Cow, gentle beasts of the sea, eaten in a feeding frenzy by sailors from the frozen realm of Russia. The rainforests and jungles get smaller every year, overlumbering and poaching wiping out countless species of scintillating arthropods, colorful reptiles and amphibians, and exotic mammals. We kill and cannibalize our primate cousins, using those we kidnap as test subjects for diseases. We declare certain plants "illegal" due to their possible use as drugs, and burn down the fields of poppies and marijuana. Where forests filled with stag and doe, wolf and bear once stretched on proudly, block after block of cheap apartment complexes and belching smoke towers are. The mighty aurochs no longer stampede freely through the German plains, their cousins,the common cow, raised in tiny concrete cells,fattened up horrifically, and slaughtered at a young age to make veal and steaks for the rich, and cheap patty meat for the common man. Diseases run rampant due to a lessening of natural deterrents, the falling amphibian population allowing massive swarms of mosquitos carrying debilitating disease to plague the poorest villages. The earth's soil garments are torn open and Mother Earth itself is raped by its own children, with young children dying in cave in for blood diamonds, and those who try to sneak out some to feed their family more than slave wages are shot dead at best, tortured to make an example of at most. We have set up religions of cruel old men who demand we obey or suffer eternal torture and flames. Society was never meant to be this way, but it morphed into this over time, like a perversion of a butterfly metamorphosis. The whales, gentle behemoths of the sea, those singing and frolicking leviathans, are dragged barely breathing onto whaling ships, then butchered alive for meat and, until a few hundred years ago, oil, which would quickly be rendered obsolete. We travel in machines that belch out a toxic gas that burns a hole in our ozone, and slowly makes it so that this planet's getting hotter. The ice melts, and more poor die of sunstroke and exposure. Petty tyrants rule their distant kingdoms, ruling by rape and hate and blood, while those with the goods are content to hide like cowards. The sea is being emptied of fish and shellfish, the great elephants and mighty rhinos of Africa are slaughtered en masse by poachers for bogus PENIS GROWTH POWDER, and the beaches are choked with garbage. A floating continent made of garbage is forming in the Sargasso Sea, choking and strangling turtles. Jellyfish populations and algae blooms are swarming, the seas own mosquitos and mold. The threat of nuclear annihilation hangs in the hands of two politically opposed groups of countries, a green poisonous cloud of radiation that could end all life on Earth, forever. The age of beauty and youth is dying, while an age of darkness seems to grow.
  6. I was thinking if writing a story about the fate of the Manbeasts between the original Thief Trilogy and Thief 2014. I know any reference to that makes people RAEG, but I feel it should be stated. The Primal Mutants in Thief 2014 are called Manbeasts in a newspaper article, so,knowledge that they existed or still exist somewhere is still common knowledge. They aren't present in game, and the only other magical creature present is a few Burrick corpses which were presumably mauled by Primal Mutants, and some mounted Burrick heads. I wanted to write a story about the fate of each Manbeasts species, as the Baron Northcrest family, post-Thief 3, decided to crack down on magic. The outlawing of the Hammerite faith and the bloody clashes that must have followed, the Pagans being pushed out of the city in bloody pogroms, the diaspora of beastmen out into the far wilderness and underground, etc. The Kurshok in their wet caves and their cannibalistic fights with the ratbeasts, who consume their eggs. The Apebeasts, losing hope and wandering off to live as hermits in the deep woods. The craybeasts return to the sea, to live in lonesome small communities off coast. Perhaps some Pagans still hold out hope for the Trickster's return, as references are made of moss expert tribesmen in the swamps outside The Eternal City. The Bugbeasts most likely went deep underground, to live in isolated hives. The frogbeasts seemed nonsapient, so they probably still infest the swamps as vermin. A lot can change in a couple hundred years. The undead probably were wiped out in a concentrated effort, and mages outlawed and executed or exiled. I feel that is why Thief 2014 is not as good, to me. The world is an emptier place, the fantastic inhabitants gone off to greener pastures to long dead. What's worse, is that the inhabitants of the world of Thief probably are happy to forget them.
  7. Not the kind that regenerate like hell from a scrap of flesh, but European mythological ones, nonsapient creatures that have big noses like a howler monkey and turn to stone in sunlight. Would they fit in, or are they too "high fantasy" for the "low fantasy" TDM universe?
  8. This is awesome. Hey, there's a reference to Trolls there, probably because trolls were an actual common medieval monster in stories. We're there any references to trolls in the original trilogy, like in scrolls?
  9. Imagine a game like Pathfinder or Dungeons and Dragons, set in the universe of the original Thief trilogy! Who else would like that?
  10. It would basically be a melon in the garden of a wealthy manor, you could use your blackjack to smack it open and eat the chunks to regain health. Maybe makes a little noise when you do it, but is offset by being pick-upable so you could move the melon somewhere isolated to break it open and feast.
  11. Been playing Dishonored series. Good games. I hope we get a game where we go on a safari to Pandyssia, and see the Albino natives which are used as slaves by the empire of the isles, and the herds of blood-ox, the gazelles, the jungles and deserts, and the sea of monsters between the isles and pandyssia!
  12. The idea is that these things are in sewers, and if you step on them, they burst with a disgusting crapping/farting sound and leave a foul smelling waste behind. They'd be slugs that, whether through natural evolution or magical tampering, have evolved to mimic a piece of shit. Maybe they could be captured and sold to alchemists for ingredients, I don't know. The idea came to me when I was trying to come up with an animal that would count as "fantasy" in our world, but isn't too unbelievable as actually existing. Their main purpose is as an organic part of the natural world that could attract hostiles. Civilians and guards would have all sorts of nasty insulting names for them. What do you think?
  13. Look, I'm just sayin that when it comes to genocide and racism, the government needs to take a firm hand against it.
  14. They can be after they do something as reprehensible as the Holocaust. I'd rather kill an aspiring neonazi about to take power as a state official than just "try to ignore him".
  15. They can be after they do something as reprehensible as the Holocaust. I'd rather kill an aspiring neonazi about to take power as a state official than just "try to ignore him".
  16. I call hogshit on hate speech being okay to be legal. If I were to call for a genocide or the reduction of rights for everyone who came from the British Isles, it would be blatantly seen as what it is: immoral and stupid. Same goes for all the cunts calling for anyone who is nonwhite who wishes to enter the US or Europe to be sterilized.
  17. No. Sorry if I offended you. Maybe "a shit pie" is a better insult for him, since it sounds like his name and is a reference to that one movie where the black maid gets back at her racist ex employer by feeding her a pie with her shit in it.
  18. Okay, for loot ideas, what about the Orbs from Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage? Or the golden prosthetic penis of a dead foreign madman you have to get from the morgue, as a nod to Goldmember from the Austin Powers movie of the same name?
  19. Yeah, uh, telling a guy to get over his grief for his dead wife and child and get to work on a video game for you is a but of a cuntish move there. Putting up a smiley face just makes it worse.
  20. If it's not coming out on Steam, I guess I'll ask my uncle to help me install everything. He's a computer whiz.
  21. Son of a bitch Pai says he's going to try and rush the bill, callin pro-net neutrality people "desperate". Cocksucker.
  22. Well, I can slightly agree that having to manually reinstall for every major update and enemy is a pain in the shitter. That's why I'm waiting for the Steam Release, so it will automatically update.
  23. If bet neytrality goes, the freedom of the Internet goes with it. We need to do EVERYTHING in our power to show Ajit Pai that he better stop this nonsense, and if he doesn't, then we'll make sure the rest of his pathetic life is miserable and suffers from eggings, dogshit being smeared on his car windows, keyscratched car, prank calls delivering 50 pizzas to him, etc...
  24. I have no idea how to delete a double post. Crap.
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