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  1. And don't get me wrong, the 2014 Thief game was good, even if it was crap in comparison to the original series. But to take a crap on a series that kickstarted the stealth genre, was well-loved in its heyday, and make fun of an honest mistake by the guys making a movie out of your own company's game? The fact that the bastard abruptly cancelled Hitman, their current best sEllington series, makes me suspicious. What if he's planning on running the company into the dirt, then taking the insurance money and running?
  2. That fucking shithead. If he could have learned from the mistakes of the 2014 Thief game, that would have been forgivable. But the cocksucker has the gall to be a smug prick about no sequel, despite fans of the series excitement. Fucking cunt.
  3. Are there any players from Europe with European accents that could provide voices?
  4. Kurshok


    So, folks, how did you first learn about Thief: The Dark Project, and when? I first learned about it back around 2001 (I'm 22) as a young boy scouring Wikipedia. I had been looking up information on fantasy, as I had seen the old animaged "Lord of the Rings" movie, and that got me into fantasy. On that rainy afternoon at Mt grandparents' house, I first learned about Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000, and, last but not least, the game "Thief: The Dark Project". I forgot the game ever existed after a while, due to not having a PC, and didn't even realize Thief 2014 was based on it until I looked up information on Thief 2014 online. When I read "The Dark Project", I felt a niggling little scritching in my brain, like a memory trying to crawl out of my cortex. Then when I searched up The Dark Project, it hit me like a ton of bricks: I had actually known about this year's before!
  5. Who else would like to see the "The Dark Mod" engine used to make a System Shock style game?
  6. The reason I ask is I was mulling over a simple mission idea where you steal a freshly baked pizza right out of a pizzeria that the Nobles frequent, maybe snag some gold via pickpocketing, too. MAMA MIA!
  7. If pizza in the real world is from Italy, and Rome is in Italy, and Civitas is the equivalent of Rome in The Dark Mod universe, are there Civitas Pizzerias in Bridgeport?
  8. I hope they have the Maw of Chaos.
  9. Who else here has read "The Dark Pond"? It's a story about a native American boy in the modern day, who discovers a monster from native American mythology is preying on the wildlife of the forest near his school, and gets visions in his dreams from a female fox spirit animal. I ask because I wonder of it could be adapted to the Dark Mod, in an adventure set in the New World.
  10. Okay. Does anyone else have any ideas for the New World? Maybe lake serpents like Ogopogo, or Sasquatch instead of Ape Beasts?
  11. If this is true, then my penis grows vast, for the Fanboy-Boner has arisen! A Thief movie AND new game!? NYEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!
  12. I also don't have a PC. I'm typing on an Amdroid phone.
  13. Oh, I don't know how to model. I'm just sharing ideas to inspire those who can.
  14. What sort of ideas for treasures do you have for the land across the sea? Mayaincatec golden idols and amulets? Ancient relics? Massive jewels found in blood-drenched altars where the natives worship a flying snake covered in feathers? And that's just the southern area. Further north, dark forests where tribes survive the harsh winters in heavily fortified caves, while special fast zombies called Wendigos lurk outside the walls, or bein hired by a mages guild to steal a medicine man's magical trinkets so they can be studied. Maybe stealing a crate of valuable furs from trappers in a Menoan frontier fishing village on the coast.
  15. Anyone have any ideas based on the Universal Studios Classics like Frankenstein, Dracula, the Wolfman, etc.? Maybe stealing a brain from the morgue for a necromancer to make a flesh golem, or stealing a vampire's amassed wealth hoard from its lair? Maybe taking advantage of a string of werewolf attack to steal from the local silversmith, whose business has been booming due to nobles requesting arms from him?
  16. I recently found a man on deviantart who draws good Norse type stuff called "ThaneBobo". I told him he should consider drawing some pictures for the Dark Mod, to be made into paintings for Pagan areas. You know, warriors charging, battlemaidens, portraits of jarls, thanes, and battlemaidens. Typical of the Asatru Pagans irl in actual northern Europe during ancient times. So, what I mean to ask is, does anyone else here know anyone who could help supply portrait art for locations we're burglarizing in the game? Maybe tasteful nudes of noblewomen, stern face shots of the upper crust, maybe schematics for Inventor's Guild Steambeasts.
  17. Maybe a Skyrim Nordic-esque City in one of the Pagan Far Northern Countries would make a good map.
  18. Kurshok

    Filthy Frank

    Imagine a cross between Age of Sigmar and it's Realms concept, Doctor Who, and a lot of tetrahydrocannibanol, with all the memery and cancerous shit the comments section on any given website can produce shat all over it. It is a mirror into the collective id of society.
  19. Kurshok

    Filthy Frank

    He has a disclaimer on his page that Filthy Frank, the character, is meant to be everything a person SHOULDN'T be; rude, crude, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, etc. But the character has evolved from just an allegory of shitty people using the Internet to espoused their vile views, into a surreal science fiction/ fantasy acid trip involving alternate universes, sub-dimensions, units of time and space in the form of "chromosomes" being used as currency, deities and interdimensional aliens clashing over said chromosomes in "epic" battles, and a fatalistic background: the omnivore is slowly falling apart, and only whimsical, stupid bullshit nonsense like Frank produces can stop it from disappearing into Darkness. It's implied that many dimensions are abandoned or were reduced to lifeless wastelands because they simply "ran out of time"... literally!
  20. We have giant spiders, fire elementals, and belchers. What else lurks in the wilds away from civilization in The Dark Mod?
  21. Kurshok

    Filthy Frank

    Who else here is a fan of Papa Franku?
  22. Does anybody have any idea what the diets of people in the Dark Mod universe is like? If there are magical creatures like Belchers and Giant Spiders, do they routinely cook with their flesh? Or magical meat taboo? What about food common to middle ages europe, or wines and beers and ales? Do the Pagans of the north make Mead? If the empire is basically Rome lasting a couple centuries longer, does that mean the upper class still eat weird shit like quails eyeballs and cheesified pig heads?
  23. Anybody else hoping "Project Wight" is released soon?
  24. In the original Thief, there was reference to Nyalahotep, an obvious reference to Nyarlathotep, and the Kurshok, who are similar to Deep Ones. Since Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, and the Deep Ones are the most overused Lovecraftian beings in media, what other entities would you like to see in a potential Dark Mod mission based on Lovecraftian horror? Personally, I'd like to see a mission where you have to journey into the ruins of an ancient monastery and steal a relic from the lair of Y'golonac.
  25. Kurshok


    I am thinking about buying the games Dishonored and Dishonored 2, because the setting, I have been told, is similar the Thief. Can anyone else here vouch for this game?
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