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  1. 59 minutes ago, NeonsStyle said:

    Yes. Here's that prefab for the window. Just change the window texture, and the appropriate window projection in the light inspector. This is from Briarwood Manor. 


    Caulking is still debated in TDM. Some say it's important, some say not. I come from the Quake days where it was important, and it seems
    me to still make sense since there doesn't seem to be any firm conclusion on whether to use it or not. So I err to the side of caution on it
    and Caulk all brushwork the player will never see. :)



    Rad, thanks for that!

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  2. Hello Neon,


    Ah, that's how to create light reflections through windows on the floor. I saw it last time in AGN, found it cool, checked the map and found nothing that I had expected (some sort of decal on the floor or something similar). I am very delighted to find out how it works as I gradually thought Amadeus to use some unique wizard mapping technique I'd be never ever able to mimic.  Thank you for that!:)

    As for the caulking: you sure that makes sense if the walls in question are exposed to the void? After all, if one considers the void as a visleaf it would be perfectly sealed from the in game area and thus the code should not consider any calculations?

    I vaguely recall that someone (maybe Sotha) once did testings and found no performance differences between caulked/non-caulked walls exposed to the void. 

    However, if not part of essential in-game setups,  I usually use caulck to identify leaks.



  3. @nbohr1more


    You guys were right, after updating to 2.08 it looks like...

    1.  ...crashes during WIP loading have vanished and

    2. ...in game crashes in WIP area with fire elementals have vanished as well!

    Thank you, after adding final voice lines in the next days I will start beta/optimizing!


    P.S. ....love the new swimming system, although I think I will have to add a few more breath potions as the lake is very, very deep! :)

    P.P.S. ...and I have the feeling, that everything runs much faster now!



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  4. Bought this one back in 1993 (or 1994?) but learned about the Leonard Cohen orignal from 1985 (or was it 1984?) only two years later when I bought the respective album from LC.



  5. 11 minutes ago, Arcturus said:

    Each DeusEx game had very different style too. First one was pretty believable in it's depiction of the future couple of decades from now. Invisible war on the other hand was set farther into the future and looked more like Star Trek.

    Human Revolution was way out there with it's "neo-renaissance" fashion and completely unrealistic Hengsha city:

    And it was supposed to be set in 2027 :)


    Star Trek is a good example for the same problem:

    One of the newer interpretations called "Discovery" is set ca. 100 years before ST:TNG...but the "old" technology used therein seems much more advanced. :)

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