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  1. Yes, see OP and the readme.txt file within the pk4 file.
  2. @STRUNK I am not sure, but isn't that the problem that shows up if something went wrong with the Roaming folder? @A_2 I made no good experiences with sloped brushes for cave floors; the player could not move properly on them. I am with Orbweaver on this; use patches for ceiling, floors and walls. Place Monsterclip below the floor patches for AI pathfinding.
  3. Yes, I recall that darksilence set this excellent db up. Back then, I contacted him and he changed the mission type descriptions for the first three games to something more fitting. However, it's difficult to describe certain missions with the existing keywords (for example: the mission type definitions do not includes appropriate terms for industrial buildings, underground facilities, underwater stations, etc.). @nbohr1more: Please add spiders to the monster list for hhta
  4. Only technical changes - see OP for more information. I have to admit, I never looked into this list before and I just see that the type descriptions for each of my missions are partly till totally incorrect.
  5. Search in this area for a heartbeat:
  6. Oh, yes, you are right! There are definitely similarities...but I am pretty sure they were not intended by Andros! "The Suffering" - with "Area 51" and "PsiOps" three great action adventure games published by Midway around 2005.
  7. Considering your massive work load, I am not really surprised. Thus, an XXL thank you for your hard work and don't let this stuff frustrate you!
  8. Thank you for the praise, but @AndrosTheOxen, @New Horizonand Malasdair are the real heroes when it comes to this aspect. They are very talented voice actors and without their support, this would have not been possible. Btw, it was New Horizon's idea to let his character sound boozed after a while!
  9. I am not sure if I understand completely, but I could imagine, that the following should work: Possibility #1: 1. Place the ai waitfortrigger above, where the ai stands once it arrives at the relevant corner. Make sure that the ai cannot touch the waitfortrigger now 2. Create an invislbe translate door mover (without sound, noclipmodel and not froabable) at the same height as the waitfortrigger entity. Give it a translate value so that it touches the below standing ai when it is triggered. Bind these two entities together 3. Let the player's tirggeronce entity target the invisible translate door mover Possibility #2: The "objective" is completed, as soon as two conditions occur: a. Player has triggered something b. AI hast triggered something Conclusion: you could control it via a trigger count:
  10. Search this area for a heartbeat, it will guide you to fuse #3:
  11. I would like to erase these games for a new experience: Portal - Portal 2 - The Talos Principles ....and I wished I could forget that I ever started (or even worse: finished) the following games: Alone in the Dark 5 - Thief 2014 - Enter The Matrix
  12. Update: In case you have problems with low fps and crashes at map start, please download version 2 from the op. The upload of version 2 to the mirros will be carried out in ca. one week. Please note: version 2 does NOT fix the problem with crashes during certain events when having stuff equipped. See the relevant post from stgatilov in this thread for further information.
  13. I will send you a PM in a few minutes.
  14. Guys, I cannot follow your rapid posts anymore. You still need help?
  15. NYC, 1987: My brother was there and went into a cinema to watch the first "Predator" with Arnie. There were fathers carrying their little ones on their shoulders to watch the movie... Not sure, if they still do so in the states. However, with that in mind, I think: yes, it is a cultural thing depending on regions...ergo: a cultural-regional thing.
  16. You feel like you're in a time warp from which you can't escape. Once or twice a year, the same topics come up (Why aren't you on Steam? When is the campaign coming? Can I use your stuff for my commercial project? Why aren't you doing a remake of Thief Gold?) I also wonder why the OP doesn't think of something newer and more manageable like UE first. Felizitas recently demonstrated what can be done with it. No offense, man, but I think we've already had something like that here at least twice. If my recollection is correct, we never heard from these posters again, and the reason for that is quite simple: It is a hell of a lot of work to implement such an RPG infrastructure on top of the source program without deep knowledge. Apart from that, programming, animating and creating 3D models - that's the main work on such a game. The OP seems to think that we have here contributors in abundance. We all know, that's not the case. Thus, the chances are quite low that people can be recruited here. At the moment we don't even have someone who can add missing animations to existing characters. Thus, it would not be well received if someone from here would agreee to get "contracted" (what does that even mean?) for creating animations....
  17. Search this room for the next hearbeat:
  18. You are right, I scanned the map for particle effects that do not show up. I have found one and removed it. I also removed the other particle effect above the trees for additional improvement. Version 2 will include the changes. Thank you.
  19. Then,. my friend, as soon as the Corona thing has vanished, I invite you to my little Bavarian village and I will introduce to you lots of great movies and tv shows...with beer, barbecue and original Bavarian witch hunting! You will like it!
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