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  1. Restarting completely helped, thanks. Though previously i loaded save and it was from the start anyway.
  2. Great job, compass is back, sky is back to normal. Haven't seen this issue here yet.. I now have invisible weapons. Can blackjack ppl, but dont see it. Can shoot arrows and can see arrows, but the bow is invisible. Tried to delet cfg file, tried to delete base_***.p4k file It happens in Willam Steele 2 Tried "A new job" - weapons are visible again.
  3. Just wanted to say how awesome the feel of the game is with soft shadows. Think it has a perfect thief atmosphere now, as all this is so much about lights and shadows.
  4. The mission is pure awesomness: lots to explore, lots of little secrets, getting up and down, up and down and then suddenly to the bottom of things ;-) The only thing I'd change
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